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What do YOU want to play? Renewal or Pre-Renewal?
What if there's no need to choose between, but instead You can play what you feel like at a moments notice?
What if you still want to keep in touch in-game with your friends / guild while playing either of the two?


The project will be released on the 9th of February. That'll be the time when the Pre-Renewal side will be launched.

The Renewal is based on 16.1
The Pre-Renewal is based on 13.2

The idea was to give players a much wider choice of things they can do, without limiting what can actually be done.

So how does an actual swap between Renewal and Pre-Renewal would actually look like?

Why is there a level-up angel when you swapped?
Basically the client does not really like that all the data it had on your character is completly different prior to the warp, so client gets updated with the new information which basically looks like you're leveling up - but you don't.

- Inventory, Storage, Guild Storage, Cart, roDEX, Pets, Homunculus
- Achievement, Quests, 
- Characters, Zeny, Bank, Venders, Buyingstores

- Guilds & Guild Chat, Party & Party Chat [ Messages are shown / sent no matter where the player is ]
- #support, #global [ #Support adds an extra PRE or RE tag to the Name ]
- Whispers, Friends


You have a 175/60 Ranger named Shiro in Renewal, with 150 items in inventory, items equipped, skills, stats and a pet
In Pre-Renewal you have a 99/70 High Priest with the name Shiro as well and 55 items in inventory, items equipped, skills stats and no pet

The character select will display like above based on what you last played, but that can be changed at any point ingame using a World Gate.


Can I party with someone from Renewal while I'm in Pre-Renewal?
Basically, yes. To at least invite the other person you have to be on the server he / she is online on.


Renewal & Pre-Renewal each have their own "world" with their own Monsters, Items, Maps, NPC's - however they're still connected.
Both have the server's custom features however they might differ based on what you're playing.

Pre-Renewal does not use the servers Weapon Evolution feature, as it is pretty obsolete there.

What if my friends prefer to play lowrate while I play midrate though?
No need to worry about that either.
We have added @baserate + @jobrate which allows you to specify your own rates up to the Server's default rate.
A player's own rate ignores the server's default rate and let's you play with anyone you want with a rate of your own choosing.
Any rate can party with each other, however the EXP you gain depends solely on your own rates, even if someone with another rate kills a monster.

What if my friends don't like custom Wings / Headgears while I love them?
Well we have added @disable_headgears which automatically disables every headgear shown on yourself and others around you.
They can still see their own, only the view for yourself was adjusted.
[ This can be good to reduce lag caused by the clients sprite rendering of Headgears, since every movement of the player causes it to update the Headgears to the client. ]

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