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Patch 2018-04-20

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  • Renewal & Pre-Renewal
    • Added Disguise Event.
      [ This event launches at 03:00 and 15:00 server time, everyday ]
      [ Every person on the map gets disguised randomly. You can type the answer in Whisper, Party, Guild or normal chat. Your message will not be shown to others. You have a maximum of 3 incorrect answers before you'll be kicked out. You automatically disguise  yourself into something else after 5 seconds if your answer was correct. Every 30 seconds you'll automatically disguise yourself into something else. This happens 3 times  ]
    • Added Test Room to the Instance Manager UI
      Added @testmonster command. Usage @testmoner <ID> <AI ( 0 or 1> [ 0 = Default, monsters behaves as it always does. 1 = Non aggressive, this monster will not fight back. ] Added @testclean command. Usage @testclean [ This will automatically kill every monster in the Test Room. ]

      These commands can only be used inside the Test Room. [ You can spawn up to 25 different monsters inside the Test Room, if you attempt to spawn more - it'll automatically kill every monster. ]
      Note: The monsters do not give any EXP, Items, MvP Rewards, Souls, Captureable, World Boss Rewards, Quest Progress, Achievement Progress, Taekwon Progress.
    • Added Equipment Switch function
      [ The secondary Equipment Window is now fully supported and will save the item in its place and show you in the inventory which item is equipped there. ]
      Note: Items that are inside the Equipment Swap window cannot be traded, sold, storaged, dropped or anything alike this. You'll have to remove them from the window first.
      Note 2:
      Dual class will not equip any items yet when switching class, this will be supported in the next patch.
    • Increased the Storage Limit from 5 storages to 10 storages
    • Reformated the World Boss spawns
      [ It'll automatically summon a random World Boss at 3 given times a week, these require no special killing count ]
      [ Monday : 00:00 Servertime ]
      [ Wednesday : 08:00 Servertime ]
      [ Friday : 16:00 Servertime ]
    • The killing count for summoning a World Boss have been reduced to 150.000 ( Down from 250k )
    • Removed the level restrictions from the Soul System when capturing / sealing souls
    • Removed the level restrictions from World Drops
    • Removed the level restrictions from Spiritual Energy
    • Changed the drop chance for every Costume item to be dropped from monsters from 0.01% to 0.03%
    • Reformated World Boss reward checker...
      [ Requires you to be online again to be rewarded. It'll check twice now for matches during reward to avoid double rewarding someone ]
    • Fixed Mercenarys cannot be created
    • Changed Cache Mimic's HP to 10
    • Changed Cache Mimic to be Boss-type, immune to all skills, plant-type
    • Changed Weekly Quest to mail you the item in roDEX instead of giving it to you right away
    • Moved Undead Assault to a different Event Map
    • Moved Safe Spot to a different Event Map
    • Moved Trivia to a different Event Map
    • Added Very Red Juice to Loli Ruri as drop
    • Added a next button to the Daily Calendar NPC to show the time until you can claim better
    • Added Information of which character and the time when a Daily Reward has been collected, this information will be displayed when you try to collect an already collected Daily Reward;
      [ Sorry, you already collect your reward today at YYYY-MM-DD HH-MM-SS with the character CHARACTERNAME. ]
    • Fixed a bug that Triple Attack caused you to be stuck in place when the target dies by its skill
    • Added an additional increased size announcement when a World Boss spawns
    • Added Copycat into Kafra Services, making it available for use in every town
    • Added Universal Rental NPC into Kafra Services, making it available for use in every town
    • Renamed Wise Old Women to Card Remover and made the text about saving Equipment and cards more clearly and removed a useless old confirm
    • Added an additional confirm to Headgear Maker Cherryl
    • Moved the Special Hunter NPC 3 cells further down
    • Added the Treasure Cache Maplist to the Wikipedia pages
    • Swapped the locations of Cache Mimic 2 & 3, already corrected in Wikipedia
    • Fixed that Materialize Soul will only apply a cooldown based on the level used and the time the Materialize Soul will fight you
      [ Lv 1 = 3 minutes, Lv 2 = 5 minutes, Lv 3 = 10 minutes ]
    • Disabled the effects of the Easter Event:
      Disabled the spawn of Easter Eggs
      Disabled the 1.5x cashpoint reward. ( Now it's back to being a regular 25% bonus )
      Disabled the 50% Lucky 3 Slotmachine chance back to 30% prior to the event.
      Disabled the 30x droprate event 

  • Renewal
    • Added Card Exchanger NPC into the Main Office
      [ You can exchange Cards for points... 1 card = 1 point. ]
      [ You can use the points to buy OCA or MCA's ]
    • Added Information Board to the Main Office
    • Fixed Refine UI not working with enchanted armors
    • Fixed Poison Bottle killing Baby Guillotine Cross
    • Fixed RWC Pendant giving ATK instead of MATK per refine of RWC Knife
    • Fixed Sarah and Fenrir Instance
    • Fixed Sky Fortress not spawning Immortal Cursed Knight & Banshee correctly
    • Fixed Homunculus Day care still loosing sometimes the homunculus information
    • Fixed True Howard Alt-Eisen Card
    • Fixed Diadem of Brynhild
    • Fixed Nightmare Biolab MvP Respawn
    • Removed Fixed coordinates from the Nightmare Biolab which caused sometimes a MvP to get stuck
    • Corrected Gramps quest not multiplying the correct EXP rates
    • Added @evostatus to see the current status % on your left & right hand weapon when it's equipped
    • Fixed a bug in Jobchanger that it'd not reward the Rune Knight headgear to transcended Rune Knight's
    • Fixed a bug in Jobchanger that it'd keep trying to activate evolution on your evolution weapon when switching class past first swap, which could cause a reset of its status.
    • Raised the chance for Worlddrop items to drop by roughly 3 times
    • Fixed a bug that caused Sky Fortress to sometimes get stuck.
    • Fixed a bug that caused Room of Consciousness to sometimes get stuck.
    • Fixed a bug that caused Charleston Crisis to be reset prior to the instance cooldown
    • Added Fortessa Box, World Boss Box 1~5 to Lucky 3 Slotmachine
    • Fixed Master of Evolution's position in the Main Office
    • Corrected a wrong number in the Vicious Emblem exchange
    • Removed some options from the Master of Evolution as it has been moved into the Weapon Evolution skill
    • Fixed an error with Weapon Evolution on Summoner Weapons
    • Added Vicious Rod to Vicious Emblem exchange
    • Removed Stasis from Possessed Poring
    • Fixed Baby Dragon Hat
    • Fixed Vicious Reset not being weight 1
    • Updated MCA to the latest cards
    • Updated OCA to the latest cards
  • Pre-Renewal
    • Added Bronze Coin exchange to the Lucky 3 Slotmachine in Pre-Renewal
    • Raised the chance for Worlddrop items to drop by roughly 5 times
    • Added World Boss Box 1~5 to Lucky 3 Slotmachine

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