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Patch 2018-03-30

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  • Renewal & Pre-Renewal
    • Added 2 Easter Eggs on every map with a respawn timer of 60 seconds.
      [ These mobs drop a special useable item ]
    • Fixed a map-server crash cause
    • Added a safety measure to Sealed Monster
  • Renewal
    • Fixed Malangdo Culvert wrongly warping out
    • Fixed Gramps not using the players EXP rates
    • Fixed the Bounty Boards not using the players EXP rates
    • Fixed a bugged portal in Eden
    • Changed @specialslot to allow multiple spins on the old at once, aswell as an option to get all rewards sent by mail
    • Added additional drops to the Chrono's Realm Instance
      • (Limited) HD Bradium
      • (Limited) HD Carnium
      • Limited Enriched Oridecon
      • Limited Enriched Elunium
  • Pre-Renewal
    • Changed Valor Badge, War Badge to be tradeable
    • Fixed Undead Assault's 5th wave does not exist

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