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Patch 2018-03-21

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  • Renewal & Pre-Renewal
    •  Added droprate event to 30x until 9th of April
    •  Added bonus cashpoints until 9th of April (1$ = 1,500 CP)
    • Added level ranges to the Referral system to make the rewards delivery more smooth
    • Fixed correct display of multi-hit critical attacks
    • Fixed Fame list resetting when class changing
    • Adjusted the CP price of all Specific Costume Treasures from 30.000 to 20.000
    • Added Silver Treasure Key to the Cashshop for 1.500 CP each
    • Fixed a typo in the hourly cash points system
    • Added Thanatos Tower into @warp again
    • Reduced the spawn of Thanatos Tower 11, 12 by half
    • Reduced the zeny value of Stone of Sage, Manteau, Garnet, Harp
    • Disabled Society Raid and Dark Society from the Instance Manager menu, these can be entered through the normal NPC Adventurer Balin though.
  • Renewal
    • Updated Malangdo Enchants
      • Lindy Hop is now enchantable
      • Juliette de Rachel is now enchantable
      • Sunflower Boy is now enchantable
    • Implemented the Excelsion set (verus04, 163/217)
    • Implemented Excelsion Blueprints, enchants
  • Pre-Renewal
    • Boosted the level and stats in the Undead Assault events

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