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Patch 2018-02-18

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  • Renewal & Pre-Renewal
    • Fixed all custom hairstyles
    • Added BGM for Fortessa
    • Fixed Branch Room not working through the Instance Manager v2
    • Fixed 3 missing pictures when using the Information Board
    • Adjusted the Baby Picture in the beginner instance to remind you of babys requiring job 70 to rebirth
    • Fixed missing sprite files for Baby Crusader using 2 hand swords when riding a peco
    • Fixed Cache Mimic - 2nd Tier giving 3rd Tier caches
    • Fixed Cache Mimic - 3rd Tier giving 2nd Tier caches
  • Pre-Renewal
    • Fixed all maps to use original BGM's
    • Fixed some items not working for crafting
    • Fixed Elunium, Oridecon and Emperium not working in the Refinement UI
    • Fixed Gift Buff Set
    • Fixed all Pre-Renewal cards causing a crash when pressing View
    • Added a compensation NPC with a compensation for everyone above Lvl 90 regarding the Battle Manual fix in the last patch
      (This NPC will last until the 25th of February and will work even if you reach Level 90 within the next 7 days, however it's limited to once per person)

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