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Patch 2018-02-10

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  • Server-Type: Both
    - Fixed certain costume's giving defense
    - Fixed certain costume's having a slot
    - Fixed a server crash caused by clan feature
    - Updated all Specific Costume Treasures to reflect all custom costumes
    - Fixed Daily Calendar not showing
    - Fixed a 0 EXP number to cause an overflow
    - Adjusted Beginner Instance to give baserate & jobrate 1x, can be changed at any point.
    - Limited all server hairstyles to default 25 for now until client bug is resolved
    - Adjusted EXP calculation, removed EXP Manuals from initial formula calculation and changed it to apply to the player rate and not the original 1x mob exp.
    - Fixed a client crash caused by bodystyle when moving between Renewal & Pre-Renewal
  • Server-Type: Pre-Renewal
    - Added Launch Events
    - Fixed double attack
    - Fixed a crash with warping to Glastheim Castle,
    - Fixed a wrong warp when warping to Glastheim Churchyard
    - Fixed achievements not mailing the reward
    - Fixed Soul Pulse, Soul Shatter and Soul Control
    - Fixed a wrong number in the Automated World Boss
    - Added the repeatable iRO quests - Repeatable EXP Quests

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