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Patch 2017-12-26

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  • MvP Ladder

    Is a new custom feature that allows you to create an instanced version of an MvP Arena for either solo or party mode.
    Every week a random MvP is chosen for Solo and Party.
    The Arena is about fighting a single MvP in 10 different levels, each time the MvP will get stronger.
    Inside this map the MvPs will not drop any loot or reward any EXP.

    With each completed wave you have a 3% chance to obtain a Badge.
    This is a new kind of item. It only needs to be in the inventory to grant its effect and only works while it has time duration left.

    screenMoon109.jpg   screenMoon110.jpg   screenMoon111.jpg

    screenMoon112.jpg   screenMoon113.jpg   screenMoon114.jpg

    Every completed level of the Arena will grant you additional time for your badge.
    For 2.500.000 zeny you can exchange the badge currently in your possession to another while keeping the time it currently has.

    These items display their time in the description. Once the item has its time expired it will simply stop working, finishing new waves gains you new time. 
    There is no limit to creating and finishing waves for solo and party.
    However there is an requirement of 1.000.000 zeny per creation of solo and 10.000.000 zeny per creation of the party version.

    Solo version:

    Party version:

    King of Emperium
    Is a new PvP oriented event.

    Automatically starts everyday at 08:00 AM and 08:00 PM
    You can join the event by typing @kingofemperium

    The main objective is to defeat the Emperium (2000 HP) before anyone else.

    You can either join solo in a party or with up to 6 party members. Each party have a specific spawn point. There are 7 different spawn points but different parties can spawn on the same space.

    The area around the spawn point is a neutral area, you cannot fight there.
    Each spawn point contains a Kafra, Healer, Special Tool Dealer, Rental NPC and an Exit NPC.

    Killing the 6 guardians around the Emperium will reward you with 1x Valor Badge, 1x War Badge at 100% chance.
    They also drop 1 WoE Weapon Supply Box (12675) at a 10% rate and a WoE potion box at 30% rate according to the guardian type. Archer Guardians drop Siege Violet Potion Box (12676), Knight Guardians drop Siege White Potion Box (12679), and Soldier Guardians drop Siege Blue Potion Box (12680).

    Participating in the event rewards everyone with 50 Valor Badges and 50 War Badges.
    Winning this event will reward the winning party (solo or up to 6) with 3 WoE Participation Rewards.

    On this map there is a bounty system included. Whenever you reach a certain threshold of kills without dying you automatically get a bounty set on your head. This will reward the person that kills you with Valor and War Badges based on the number of kills.

    Activity Achievements
    We have added 62 Daily and 12 Weekly Activity Achievements. A total of 74 new achievements.
    These achievements are account-wide.
    Upon finishing them you'll receive 1 Activity Coin for a Daily and 3 Activity Coins for a Weekly Achievements.

    The Daily achievements reset everyday at 00:02 server time.
    The Weekly achievements reset every Monday at 00:02 server time.

    You can redeem these coins in the 2nd floor of the main office for items.
    The rental weapons are automatically refined to +10 and last 7 days.

    These coins cannot be dropped, traded, vended.

    World Boss
    When a world boss spawns you'll now see a small window in the bottom right corner. This window will persist through teleportation & map change. 
    Once the world boss dies this window will automatically disappear.

    You can now use @worldboss to enter the world boss map from anywhere.

     Fixed Homunculus Daycare
     Corrected Chain Lightning behavior
     Updated Homunculus Walk behavior to be more alike official servers
     Updated Sorcerer's Insignia to grant now the correct buffs and bonuses
     Corrected Crimson 2h Staff description
     Fixed a missing Materialized Check on Undead Assault
     Fixed a variable not being cleared after Undead Assault
     Fixed a missing check for Undead Assault and Christmas World Boss regarding NV Basic
     Renamed Sealed Amon Ra to Nightmare Amon Ra
     Corrected size damage showing in @battlestats
     Added a better date check to Eden Marketplace
    - Fixed Pecopeco Hairbands item script

     Removed WoE Supply Box from ESL Hat
     Added Notification to World Boss spawns / alive
     Removed Idle check in battleground
     Removed @reportafk from battleground
     [These 2 can bug the whole battleground and make it stuck]
     Changed max level to 175 for every class

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