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Patch 2017-12-05

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  • Winter Festival
    (Any changes regarding the Winter Festival)
    - Added Star Shaped Decoration exchange to Saint Nicholas
    - Added Halloween Coin exchange to Saint Nicholas
    - Added Winter Festival World Boss - Krampus
  • Events
    (Any changes to any events)
    - Adjusted the Automated World Boss to follow the same rules as the Christmas World Boss.
      - Cannot be offline
      - Cannot be outside the map
      - Cannot be idle for more than 120 seconds
      - Cannot use multiple accounts
      - Removed ranking system from the Automated World Boss
    [Special: Added a self destruction feature of syphoning 5% of its own health every xx seconds if there are not enough players on the map]

    - Adjusted Undead Assault event slightly
      - Cannot have any previous weapon from another event
      - Added a secondary jobchange to it to prevent skilled gunslingers to enter the event
  • War of Emperium
    (Any changes regarding War of Emperium)
    - Disabled War of Emperium on Wednesday
  • Other
    (Any changes regarding the game)
    - Adjusted the job level saving of dual class slightly
    - Adjusted description of the Star Shaped Decoration
    - Adjusted the description of Rebel Scarf from Accessory to Right Slot Accessory only
    - Adjusted the dummys to be critable
    - Fixed Lindwurm Skin to reduce damage from Players
    - Fixed Rudo Card to lose 40 SP every 1 seconds instead of 40% SP
    - Fixed Gambler seal checking above 120 luck instead of 120 luck
    - Fixed Cylinder Hairband not reducing the SP cost of the skills
    - Fixed a wrong select with Dark Quitter in Dark Society
    - Fixed Lucky Flee to never bypass 95 even with item buffs
    - Fixed that Oblivion Curse did not have a 5% chance to always hit
    - Fixed Socket Enchanter Clover giving a shield instead of the Morigane's Helm
    - Fixed Morrigane's set effect not working with slotted Morrigane's Pendant
    - Adjusted Beginner Instance text regarding baby class to be more clear
    - Added combo between Rose of Eden and Angelic Ring
    - Added a 1 second cooldown to Overbrand

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