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Patch 2017-11-15

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  • Skills
    (Any change to skills)
    - Kunai Splash now includes ranged attack into its damage formula
    - Removed pseudo element from Acid Demonstration and now forces neutral without any element boost in damage
    - Changed Growth Rune to work according to kRO
      250% damage multiplier is always applied to physical attacks
      ( Reduced to 125% on versus maps ( GvG, PvP etc ) )
      200% damage multiplier is applied by chance
    - Abracadabra, Monocell, Classchange will no longer work in nobranch maps
  • Events
    (Any change to the event(s))
    - Fixed Undead Assault not clearing the map of mobs after the event
    - Fixed Undead Assault early finish not clearing ghoul states
    - Added a heal after every Undead Assault round
    - Reduced Evil Druids in Undead Assault from 5 to 3 on round 2
    - Changed World Boss, Undead Assault's auto respawn to heal your HP+SP
    - Added a mount check for Safe Portal Event
    - Added mercenary check to the automated world boss
    - Added mercenary / pet / materialize check to the Undead Assault event
    - Reduced coins from Safe Portal by 1 per round
    - Reduced coins from Undead Assault by 1 per round
  • Items
    (Any change to item(s))
    - Added a check to Hylozoist Card and any other item like that to not work on nobranch maps
    - Changed Onimaru casting Overthrust Max instead of just Overthrust when casting berserk
    - Changed the way how item delays are triggered
      Items that previously had an item delay do not trigger outside of designated maps anymore
      [ PvP, Battleground, WoE ]
     Added a 3 second item delay when using Superb Fishes
    - Fixed Abusive Robe item effect itself
    - Added Class Scroll to the cash shop
  • NPC
    (Any change to any npc(s) / script)
    - Changed the positions in amatsu slightly
    - Changed Main Office to a new map
      Moved every new NPC to the new map
      Changed @go office to the new map
      Changed the Beginner instance to now warp to the new office
    - Added mapflag nocostume to WoE Castle and PvP Room
    - Added mapflag nocommand to the PvP Room
    - Added nobranch to ice dungeon lvl 4
    - Changed all Kafra's to be like Fortessa's Kafra
    - Fixed a bad check for the WoE log, causing the WoE log to record people
    - Fixed a bad check for World Boss regarding unique ids
    - Fixed a bug with Instance Manager applying a 24h cd for Sky Fortress
    - Fixed a bug with Daily Instance reset resetting Sky Fortress
    - Sorted all skills of NPC Copycat alphabetically
    - Removed Cicada Skin Shed from NPC Copycat
    - Fixed a bug where the Banquet of Heroes reset would not keep the refine
    - Changed the cooldown of class changing from 300 seconds to 60 seconds

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