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Patch 2017-11-09

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  • Instances
    (Any change to the Instances)

    - Added Sky Fortress
    - Added Room of Consciousness
    - Both are now accessible via the Instance Manager
    - Instances with cooldowns lower than 24 hours are now reset daily at 00:02 servertime
    - Adjusted @instance / @cooldown with the new instances
    - Resetted everyones cooldown for every instance
    - Added Honor Token Shop, Enchanter & Reset into the Instance Manager
  • Halloween
    (Any change to the Halloween World Boss)
    - Changed the Halloween World Boss into an Automated Event that triggers every 12 hours at fixed times.
    - Changed the rewards of Halloween World Boss
    - Reduced the HP of the Halloween World Boss by 50%
    - Changed the position of the Halloween World Boss to be 2 cells closer to the entrance
    - Halloween World Boss now supports offline mailing
    - Removed the empty dual account mail ( You'll now get no mail at all )
    - Added ranking system to the Halloween World Boss
  • World Boss
    (Any change to the World Boss)
    - All World Bosses now support offline mailing
    Changed both PvP World Bosses to be demi-human.
    Changed Nsphyx from Holy lvl 4 to Fire Lvl 2
    - Rewritten the code for World Boss calculation and reward calculation alltogether

  • Item
    (Any change to any item)
    Changed Infinite Flywing to Itemtype IT_Permanent
    Changed Halter Lead to Itemtype IT_Permanent
    Changed all Specific Treasures to Itemtype IT_Permanent
    Fixed Sapphire Wrist checking for Slim Pitcher instead of Potion Pitcher
    - Fixed Crow Tengu Mask combo
    - Both wedding rings have no gender check anymore
    - Changed the description of both wedding rings.
    - Changed 
    Cylinder Hairband to have the same effect as official servers
    Fixed the effect of  Heroic Magic Coat
    - Fixed the effect of
     Chatty Parrot
    - Fixed Burning Rose 9 range and equip slots
    - Valkyrie Hammer now grants the correct effects for the classes described in the description

    - Valkyrie Knife now grants the correct effects for the classes described in the description
    - Fixed True Shecil Damon Card
    Removed a hardcoded check for wedding ring gender
    - Changed all Glorious Rings to be storageable
    Increased the chance of Halloween Coins by 15x
    - Added Onimaru to Fortessa Box and Asta Fafner
    - Fixed Evil Marcher Hat
    - Fixed Lord of Death combo
    - Fixed Fallen Angel Wings having ASPD +1,+2 enchant instead of Attackafterdelay 1~3

    Everyones Fallen Angel Wings with these enchants will be ovewritten.
  • Commands
    (Any change to any command)
    Alootid and Aloottype have been fixed.
     Noloot & Nolootid are fixed now.
    Messages are now displayed of these 2 commands.
    - Added @wb and @ws

    - Added new rewards to @specialslot
    - Adjusted @go amatsu to new coordinates
    - Added @go market that leads to the new Eden Marketplace which sells limited quantity of items.
    These quantities restock everyday at 00:00 servertime
  • War of Emperium
    (Any change to WoE)
    Portal to Kriemhild has been fixed.
    - Fixed all checks to investment
     Added 10 Moonlight Coins as daily reward to all unique WoE Participants
     Fixed a bug regarding clearing old log of WoE
  • NPC
    ( Any change to any script )
    - Added all npc's to amatsu
    - Fixed an old bug of pre-renewal limiting thanatos tower to certain classes only
    - Added a failsafe to every class change, upon relog it will load that save when your baselevel is 0. Normally this should not happen.
    - Fixed the positioning of equipment when class changing - now every item is forced back on the spot it was prior to the change
    Includes Accessory L+R
    - Added an exchanger for +12 Cylinder to Old Midas + 10 Certificate.
    - Fixed the Styling Rooms NPC menu
    - Safe Spot event was renamed to Safe Portal event and completly rewritten code wise and works properly now.
    - Added a 3rd new automated event - Undead Assault
  • Other
    (Any change to anything else)
    Increased Soul Mastery usefulness by making it increase Materialized Souls stats by 0.1 per lvl.
     Added a notification message when trying to equip a wrong weapon type with a different AMMO
     Fixed Achievement checking for wrong mob id on Piamette, Eddga, Ferlock
     Fixed a bugged Achievement Treasure in Underground Prison

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