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Patch 2018-10-30

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  • Renewal
    • Halloween ( Until 2018-11-14 )
      • Double Cashpoints
      • Double Dropchance
      • Every Monster have a chance to drop Halloween Coins on kill.
        ( Seasonal World Drops with higher chance 

    • Halloween Maze ( 2018-10-30 ~ 2018-11-14 )
      • Information
        • Every 24 hours you can finish the Halloween Maze and earn coins by completing it in certain ways.

          You're turned into a Gunslinger and have to make your way through a Maze filled with Halloween Monsters...
          You only have a basic weapon and cannot equip anything inside this map nor change your class.
      • Rewards
        • Basic finishing without extra monsters kills = 1 Treasure Chest ( 10 Halloween Coins )
          Advanced finishing with half the monsters killed inside = 2 Treasure Chests ( 40 Halloween Coins total )
          Elite finishing with every monster killed inside = 3 Treasure Chests ( 90 Halloween Coins total )
        • Killing monsters inside the Halloween Maze grants Halloween Coins, the stronger the monster, the more coins.
      • Exclusive costumes for Halloween Coins
        • screenMoon208.jpg.d0c8246fd3402c59862b2bca159dc6b6.jpgscreenMoon209.jpg.93e0f1a6734b198062f24e85f8188370.jpg
    • Class Change ( Improvements )
      • What was changed?
        • The speed of the class change has decreased by several seconds thanks to the changes below
        • Removed all class changing scripts
        • Removed the Class Mastery Book from being automatically given and removed it's use
        • Added Class Mastery skill to everyone
          • This skill has 3 levels
          • Each level of the skill indicates a different class change call
          • 1 = Main Class
          • 2 = Secondary Class
          • 3 = Third Class
        • Added a third class to the possibilities of everyone's class, this can be unlocked with the item "Letter from Brutus" which allows you to unlock the third slot.
          This item can be obtained from every World Boss and the Cashshop.
        • Moved all kind of class changes into purely source
        • Removed the purpose of everything into 1 single table with clustered information and split it into tables based on what
          they do. Example equipment, skills, hotkeys, character information
        • Removed the point where the class changing scripts apply all hotkeys and skills twice so nothing would get lost into a
          single appliance of everything in source with a verification that everything was done.
        • Split the class changing part from 1 function into 2 separate functions with 1 main body that calls and returns the
          Like this:
          -> Attempt to save the class
          <- Callback whether or not the saving was successful
          -> Check whether or not its an instant class change or load the appropriate information
          <- Callback whether or not the loading of information was successful
          -> Change into the class
          <- Receive a callback that you were changed
          <-> Verify the new information is correct and is as should be
          <-> Revert or finish the progress

          [ Overall, the splitting and callbacks will make it be cleaner and should work better. ]
        • Added additional security checks which will remove the chance of it bugging.
        • Rewritten the way status changes are removed during a class change
        • Rewritten the way skills are applied during a class change
      • NPC
        • Class Scroll
          • Adjusted all current options in how a secondary class is added based on the new way
          • Adjusted the menu options and cleaned up useless code
        • Class Master Brutus
          • Removed the option to delete your secondary class for 10m zeny
          • Adjusted the option to add a secondary class to overwrite your current secondary class rather then deleting first
          • Adjusted all current options in how a secondary class is added based on the new way
          • Adjusted the menu options and cleaned up useless code
    • Hugel Monster Racing update
    • monsterRacing_img1_170118.jpg
    • Details
      • Participation fee is slightly increased (from 2,000 z to 30,000 z).
      • Prize Medal is replaced by Mysterious Medal.
      • Wayne will exchange any existing Prize Medal's to Mysterious Medals
      • Ei'felle in Einbroch factory will no longer receive Prize Medal.
      • Added a new NPC called "Crane" that exchange your Mysterious Medals to Racing Thank Tickets.
        Crane also enchants Racing Caps

      • Crane
        • Randomly rewards 1 item when exchanging 10 Mysterious Medals into 1 Racing Thank Ticket(s).
          • 3x Red Potion,
          • 3x Yellow Potion,
          • 3x White Potion,
          • 10x Red Slim Potion,
          • 10x Yellow Slim Potion,
          • 10x White Slim Potion,
          • 3x Concentration Potion,
          • 3x Awakening Potion,
          • 3x Berserk Potion,
          • 1x Poison Bottle Box ( 10 ea ),
          • 1x Poison Bottle Box ( 25 ea ),
          • 5x Old Purple Box,
          • 10x Old Blue Box,
          • 30x Blue Potion,
          • 1x Field Manual,
          • 1x Bubble Gum,
          • 10x Small Life Water,
          • 5x Medium Life Water,
          • 1x High Weapon Box,
          • 2x Taming Gift Set,
          • 10x Seagod's Anger,
          • 1x OCA,
          • 1x Lucius's Fierce Armor of Volcano [1],
          • 1x Saphien's Armor of Ocean [1],
          • 1x Aebecee's Raging Typhoon Armor [1],
          • 1x Claytos Cracking Earth Armor [1],
          • 1x +9 Weapon Cert,
          • 1x +9 Armor Cert,
          • 1x +8 Weapon Cert,
          • 1x +8 Armor Cert,
          • 1x +7 Weapon Cert,
          • 1x +7 Armor Cert
      • Wayne
        • You can use your Racing Thank Tickets to purchase items as following list (1 T = 1 ticket)
          • 1 T - 1x Cat Hand Ticket
          • 1 T - 1x Old Blue Box
          • 3 T - 1x Old Purple Box
          • 5 T - 1x Taming Gift Set
          • 6 T - 1x Old Card Album
          • 6 T - 1x High Weapon Box
          • 400 T - Racing Cap of your choice [ 19 different ones ]
          • 600 T - 1x +9 Weapon Certificate
          • 600 T - 1x +9 Armor Certificate
          • 4000 T - 1x +11 Weapon Certificate
          • 4000 T - 1x +11 Armor Certificate
      • Racing Cap Enchants
        • image.png.f460a69dce4886361df899ceefab46e0.png
        • image.png.dd5b6c42420cd7849c291eda453cace9.png
        • image.png.3c26fdcc6420ee0c06479c35b38b6bf7.png
          • Class-exclusive Enchant Upgrade.
            Class-exclusive Enchant can be upgraded up to level 3.

          • First Upgrade
            • First upgrade requires 50x Mysterious Medal and 500,000 zeny.
            • If success it will be upgraded to level 2.
            • If fail. It will remain at level 1.
          • Second Upgrade
            • Second upgrade requires 100x Mysterious Medal and 1,000,000 zeny
            • If success it will be upgraded to level 3.
            • If failed, it will downgrade to level 1
    • Instance Difficulty System
      • 222.png.a891ae40479acb93ada5226bda47862c.png
        • Instance System - Overhaul [ Part 1 ]
          • Instance Monsters
            • PCNEARCHECK + Field of View
              • If you're fighting an Instance Monster and you die, the AI will now automatically count that as no one around it anymore.
              • And not refresh the Hard AI Timer.
              • This only applies to normal and above.
            • STATERESET:
              •  If you're the only one fighting an Instance Monster and you die, the monster will automatically reset after an interval of 10 seconds which will cause the monster to heal itself back to full health and remove every negative debuff placed on the monster and put the AI back into Lazy mode.
              • This only applies to normal and above.
            • FOVRESET:
              • If you leave the Field of View of a monster for more than 10 seconds, the monster will automatically reset itself.
              • This only applies to normal and above.
          • Instance Changes
            • Several new modes are being introduced with this overhaul.
              Each mode has it's own changes on the monsters.
            • You cannot modify your party aynmore while you have an instance active.
              Example: Inviting someone in an already started instance.

            • New Moon [ Easy ]
              • You deal 25% extra damage to Instance Monsters.
              • Monsters deal 10% less damage in this Instance.
              • Monsters have halved drop chance on every item.
              • Monsters have halved EXP.
            • Crescent Moon [ Normal ]
              • You deal normal damage to Instance Monsters
              • Monsters deal normal damage in this Instance.
              • Monsters have normal drop chance on every item.
              • Monsters have normal EXP.
              • Monsters in this difficulty have the PCNEARCHECK, FoVRESET and STATERESET as mentioned above.
            •   Quarter Moon [ Hard ]
              • You deal 30% less damage to Instance Monsters
              • Monsters deal 5% extra damage in this Instance.
              • Monsters have an additional 15% drop chance on every item.
              • Monsters have an additional 15% EXP.
              • Boss Monsters have 25% additional HP.
              • Monsters in this difficulty have the PCNEARCHECK, FoVRESET and STATERESET as mentioned above.
          • More changes regarding instances and more difficulties will be introduced in a later patch.
    • Battleground changes
      • Guild Window
        • The guild window caching and parsing has been rewritten to work smoother now.
        • The emblem showing of your team has been rewritten and cleaned up how the emblem is cached.
        • Opponents will now have a crossed sword emblem over their head.
      • Party
        • Same team members will now automatically be placed into the same party
        • Party editing has been completely disabled while in a battleground
      • Queue
        • Enabled UNIQUE ID check for queue and battleground teams
    • War of Emperium changes
      • When entering a WoE castle through portal or any other means such as recall, Emergency Call it will now check every player inside this castle and compare unique ids, if your unique id has been found - you'll automatically be teleport out.
        In short this means, you cannot enter a castle with more than 1 character / account at the same time.

      • As for the time change requested for WoE, please start a topic to discuss the new time.
    • Costumes
      • Costume Converter Stones [ Top, Middle, Lower ]
        These stones convert any headgear, costume into a enchantable & transferable costume on the specific slot given by the stone.
        Example: A Romantic Flower ( Lower kRO Headgear ) can become a Top Costume through the Costume Converter Stone Top.
        These stones can be acquired from every World Boss as well as the Cashshop.
      • Enchantment
        • These costumes can be enchanted through the Refinement UI
      • Transfer
        • These costumes can be transferred / transferred into through the Costume Manager Venir in the Main Office.
      • Costume Manager Venir
        [ The entire previous NPC has been erased and rewritten. ]
        • Can now handle any kind of costume except a few exceptions
        • Has now additional security checks when deleting the garment enchant
        • Can now handle all kinds of costumes without needing to be updated when new costumes are added in the future.
      • Costume Converter Balthazar
        [ This NPC can convert any kind of kRO Headgear / Costume / custom Costume into a transferable & enchantable Costume ]
        • You can select what the headgear / costume or custom costume should be converted into
        • Choices are Top, Middle and Lower
        • This process requires a costume stone.
    • Guild Window
      • Storage Permission NPC
        • This NPC has been completely removed and all its saved information has been cleared
      • Guild Storage Permission
        • Is now fully supported in the Guild Window through the button [ Strg Permit ] on every position.
      • Guild Storage NPC's
        • All Kafra's and Call Storage has been adjusted to reflect the new changes regarding permission
        • Added support to check your Guild Storage Log to see who has deposited / withdrawn which kind of Item and the timestamp
    • World Boss
      • Shalltear Bloodfallen
        • Special
          • Heals for 20% of the damage of every physical non skill attack
            Based on the Shalltear Bloodfallen anime character's weapon - Spuit Lance
          • At 50% health will summon her household.
          • At 30% health will summon her Einherjar which can use every skill she can use with 100m HP
        • Loot
          • Lif Doll Hat
          • Vanilmirth Hat
          • Filir Hat
          • Amistr Hat
          • Poison Spore Hat
          • Floating Stone of Sage
          • Seraphim Coronet
          • Greater Dracule Horn
          • Seraphims Feather
          • Blitz Shadow Earring
          • Blitz Shadow Pendant
          • Composite Magic Shadow Armor
          • Ganbantein Piece Box
          • Shalltears Ribbon
          • Costume Knit Cap of Water
          • Costume Goku Hair
          • Costume Gallon Hat of Flame
      • Fahrros
        • Fixed a bug that may cause Fahrros not to spawn
      • NPC & Command
        • When a World Boss has been spawned or several at the same time in case the timer and spawn counter match the exact time or a GM spawns more than 1 World Boss the NPC usually closed the "door" even though something was still alive.

          This part has been rewritten and adjusted to now check the monster count inside these maps and only close the entrance once there is nothing left alive inside.
        • Upon death will post automatically the latest damage rankings in discord through the discord bot.
      • Adjustable Damage Type Mapflag
        • Previously introduced with Ains Ooal Gown World Boss was bugged and did not work correctly, this has been fixed with this patch.
      • Rewarding
        • Fixed a bug that may not clear all arrays for rewarding
      • Loot
        • Every World Boss gained the new costume converter stones in their drop list
    • Crowd Control
      All Crowd Controlling skills and status changes have been subjected to be categorized between Hard & Soft CC.
      Based on these categories the skills are fundamentally changed in PvP / Battleground / War of Emperium Environments.
      • Hard CC Changes:

        - Max Duration of these effects: 10 seconds
        - Hard CC immunity of 3 seconds granted after a Hard CC expires
        - Diminishing Returns based on the amount of same CC's applied within the last 18 seconds
          Once Diminishing Return applies based on a cast received in the last 18 seconds the duration of said Crowd Controlling effect
          is reduced by the number of applies. 
          1 = 100% Duration
          2 = 50% Duration
          3 = 25% Duration
          Once you received the 3rd same CC within the past 18 seconds you'll automatically be immune to this Crowd Controlling
          effect until it ends.
          The Duration of Diminishing Returns is unique to every hard CC and starts at 18 seconds after the first CC ends.
      • Soft CC changes:
        - Max Duration: 10 seconds
        - Soft CC immunity of 3 seconds after a Soft CC effect expires
        - NO Diminishing Returns
      • Hard Crowd Control effects
        • Blade Stop
        • Cursed Circle
        • Crystallize
        • Deep Sleep
        • Sleep
        • Stun
        • Stone & Stone Curse
        • Manhole
        • Magnetic Field
        • Gravity Control
        • White Imprison
        • Thorn Trap
        • Root Twist
      • Soft Crowd Control effects
        • Howling of Mandragora
        • Coma
        • Masquerade Ignorance
        • Oblivion Curse
        • Saturday Night Fever
        • Stasis
        • Bloodylust
        • Vacuum Extreme
        • Paralysis
        • Kagehumi
        • Ankle Snare
        • Bite
        • Closed Confine
        • Fear
        • Strip Weapon
        • Strip Shield
        • Strip Armor
        • Strip Helm
        • Strip Accessory
        • Netherworld
      • Skill changes
        • You cannot be slowed while on a Mado now. At the same time, speed effects except Acceleration will not work anymore.
        • You can now use consumables while stuck inside a Manhole. ( Was a emulator bug, you should've always been able to )
        • Land Protector will now remove the players stuck inside a manhole and not only the visual effect
        • Trample will now remove the players stuck inside a manhole and not only the visual effect
        • Using the original skill "Berserk" will make you now immune to any SOFT and HARD CC for 5 seconds
        • Soul Escape:
          • This skill automatically frees you from any HARD and SOFT CC and cancels Berserk and any and all slowing effects.
          • You are NOT immune to any CC after using this skill, this skill however will trigger and raise the Diminishing Return
            for the said Hard CC
          • You automatically learn this skill when you login.
          • This skill has a 2 minute cooldown
          • This skill can be used while silenced, stunned, stuck inside a crowd control effect which normally blocks skill usages
    • Other
      • Enabled chat boxes anywhere in fortessa and prontera
      • Commands
        • Battlestats
          • Fixed the number of additional drop chance shown.
          • Added Hit & Flee
        • Countdown
          • Added the command to everyone, it displays a big timer counting down in seconds from the amount of seconds
            given with the command. Up to max of 48hrs in seconds.
          • Usage:
            @countdown <seconds> <target>
            [ Target: 0 = self, 1 = party, 2 = guild ]
            Requires to be party or guild leader for the other choices.
        • Readycheck
          • Added the command to everyone. It opens a menu selection on every party member to confirm whether or not
            you are ready. After 30 seconds it will remove the menu when nothing has been selected and default to 
            not ready while displaying that everyone in your party.
      • Equipment Swap
        • Fixed a bug when using Equipment Swap when having a 2H weapon and 2x 1h and vice-versa.
      • Clan
        • Possibly fixed a bug that caused you not to be able to leave your clan
    • NPC changes
      • Warper
        • Added Prontera Prison to the list
      • Chrono's Realm
        • Now transforms you into a Novice rather then a High Novice
        • Rewritten the "Deactivated Guards" to not warp you once they're "deactivated"
      • Local Exchanger Pherryl
        • Now has the limit for exchanges of Moon Coins to and from increased by ten times
      • Evolution Master
        • Can now remove any and all bound weapons from the Evolution list without having to equip the item, warning - the item will be deleted.
      • Shadow Blacksmith
        • The entire previous list in how Shadow Equipment was selected has been removed and rewritten.
      • Beginner Instance
        • Bowman scroll has been removed.
      • Gramps
        • Will now always show the current maps used in every bracket.
      • Sarah & Fenrir
        • Fixed the last portal from despawning once someone enters
      • Costume Maker Cherryl
        • Now has the menu changed regarding making a non enchantable costume to be safer
      • Room of Consciousness
        • Added a 10 Honor Token reward every time you finish Room of Consciousness
      • Instance Manager
        • Fixed a bug when selecting Geffen Magic Tournament Exchange in the Instance Manager
      • Jobmaster
        • Now gives Baby Gunslinger, Baby Ninja a weapon when changing in these classes
      • Specialist Roberto
        • Added to the Main Office second floor, for exchanging God Item pieces into the permanent God Item
    • Skill changes
      • Star Emperor Advent now correctly applies the 2 shield balls when used with the buff from Book of Dimension
      • Baby Gunslinger now has the correct skill tree
      • Star Stance now applies the correct number of Attack Speed %
      • Falling Star had the wrong number of damage calculation, the level reduction missed a / 100 modifier.
      • Berserk now grants full immunity to every soft & hard CC for 5 seconds
      • New Moon now lasts 15 seconds regardless of the level used
      • Land Protector now removes the manhole on the target(s)
      • Trample now removes the manhole on the target(s)
      • Soul Reaper's Souls are now visible again
      • Fixed Star Emperor, Soul Reaper not keeping the ETC skills correctly
      • Ignition Break now has its correct visual effect again
      • Changed the cast time of Nova Explosion to be non reduce able by any possible means
      • Book of Dimension now reduces Nova Explosions cooldown to 5 seconds rather than removing it entirely ( kRO )
      • Nova Explosion now applies the 2 seconds cast Prohibition after the cast is done rather then at the start of the cast which was..
      • Neutral Barrier
        • The targets affected by the skill now have their minimum chance to hit reduced to 5%.
        • The affected targets now cannot attack with ranged critical hits, nor use perfect hit or make use of their
          HIT entirely.
        • This is how the skill works in kRO on targets affected by Neutral Barrier.
    • Item changes
      • Item Descriptions changed [ The item inside the server has not changed, merely the description for the client ]
        • Parasite Card
        • Tatacho Card
        • Magic Formless Shadow Weapon
        • Watcher Card
      • Item Fixes
        • Rewritten and cleaned up the code in how useable items are handled server-wise, this might resolve the issue of a
          consumable item not being used correctly on first use.
        • Rewritten the part how "OnSkillUse" item effects are applied and used. Previously it used a random level of the skill
          level provided, which is wrong. It should never randomize the skill level.
        • Reduced the cost to make a God Item from 10 to 2.
        • Medal of Honor's are now storage-able
        • Old Driver Band (Yellow) fixed
        • Magic Booster is now trade-able
        • Ruff Officer was fixed some weeks ago
        • Warlock Enchantment Stones
        • Almighty Shadow accessories
        • Thorn Staff of Darkness[1]
        • Valkyrie Hammer
        • Emergency Madogear
        • Fresh Strawberry Hat
        • Fox Ears had the wrong level requirement
        • Thanos Staff now has the correct drain chance and amount
        • Imperial Ring set now gives the SP reductions it should
        • Eddga Hat now applies the correct ATK
        • Bacsojin Hat now applies the correct MATK
        • Dragon Horn now works correctly
        • Sunflower Boy can now be enchanted in Malangdo
        • Twinkle Witch Hat now drops from Chonchon
        • Removed the level restriction from Lucky Roulette Ticket
        • Magic Reflect now applies the correct Magic Reflection amount
        • When sharing Giant Growth Rune through Lux Anima Rune it falsely applied the 250% skill modifier to the skills of the NON Rune Knight it was shared to. Only the chance for tripple damage is shared through Lux Anima.
    • Discord Bot
      • Functionality
        The Discord Bot is connected to the Map-Server and is limited to the commands specified inside the map-server.
        The following commands can be used in discord.
        • Commands
          • !boss
            • Will check whether or not a World Boss is alive and either return the current HP of the Boss or the tell you that its not alive currently.
          • !itemsearch <ID>
            • Will search for the given Item ID and link towards the Shining Moon database.
          • !idsearch <Name>
            • Will search for the given Item by name and link towards the Shining Moon database.
          • !wikipedia
            • Will post a link to our wikipedia
          • !ranks
            • Will check the current alive world boss and post the rankings.
          • !commands
            • Will post a list of available commands.
        • Chat
          • The new channel #discord was added to the list of possible chats inside the Channel Management in the Kafra NPCs
            You can disable whether or not you wish to stay inside this channel.
          • Any messages posted ingame in the channel #discord will be posted by the discord bot using your ingame name.
          • Any messages posted in Discords channel #ingame will be posted ingame by the discord bot using your discord name.
        • Script forced
          • When a World Boss spawns, the discord bot will post a message using @everyone stating which World Boss has just spawned.

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