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how can I search what I want to know ?

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Hello everyone, I'm a newbie here.

Actually I already quit the game 8 years ago, so right now everything look like a mess to me. Not to mention beside so many new items and enchant, there are also custom headgear with addition effects/options.

Like If I want to build dmg for skill Arrow Storm on Sniper, I just need to go to ratemyserver and search for the description that is related to Arrow Storm, and I will get the possible items to increase/got effect with that skill.

But of course the third party website like ratemyserver can not help me on everything - for example : cash shop/custom items, they almost did not appear on ratemyserver database.

The last time I tried to search for the card name "Infinite Vagabond Wolf", I got the item, but how to obtain it is unknow (or at least, they did not show it to me on that website)

or the other time I search for "Temporal boots of dex" , both ingame and on website show me no way to obtain this (yeah, I already know that we can buy it by dora coin)

I want to tobe independent as much as possible, so I won't ask something like "how to build this ? how to build that ? what items ? what's the tricks ? how to find it ?" .... I just want to ask your guys the source of information and how to search what I want from them.

I want something like : if I want to got a lv4 ghost armor, what keyword, where should i search to get that information.

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Those things are very limited and would only help you out a little.You can also add this to the db's that you can use https://www.divine-pride.net/ The best way possible to get more info in the server would be to ask a GM inside,join the server's discord and talk to other players they're a huge supply of knowledge related to the game including the server customization..

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actually there are item it's not dropped by monster, it's become unknown. but you can try to change the question google or any search engine for specific information.

Fast way by using google:

e.g: temporal boots --> google will direct you to divine pride/RMS which only show the basic information about the item.

e.g: how to get temporal boots ---> google will try to direct you into Old Glast Heim Instance


there is another alternatif which more useful, make a friends even though you want to be independent. still make friends and ask them is the easier way. Currently me and my friends often stay in dewata, online between 16:00-22:00 GMT+7. You can ask anything with us.

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