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Lewdness 1x Leveling guide (Helheim low budget)

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Before Starting... I'm Lewdness and i've been playing this game since idk 2005 or something, i've seen a lot of stages of the game and this one is really fun! I'll start with the guide now!

In this guide i will tell you the spots i found the most time efficient and less boring to level up, semi-solo, no leech and low gear, however it is recommended for you to be at least a bit geared before starting this, i will present the items i used for this leveling.


Yes, not a lot yet something, if i can do it with a priest, you can do it with it too, also its easier for you dps Classes!


A little bit of knowledge your job!

I've seen a lot of people while doing this using skills that are not suited for massive grinding, like Knight's Pierce, or SinX Sonic blow, so i will tell you some skills that you can use to level up before reaching 3rd Class! (Soul Linkers... im sorry xD). I wont go into much detail on how to build X or Y job, but feel free to ask me if you want. Pictures are a bit outdated but are just to represent the skills.

Now again, if you need any advice on what to build, PM me, ask on discord, the forums or in main chat, everyone is helpfull and will help you and answer your questions. 

Thiefs (Assasin / Rouge)



Well, this one stuggle a bit.... nah im kidding, this one have an amazing toolkit that no one exploits to its maximum potential.


You Have an amazing skill called Sightless mind, the only downside is that can only be used in hiding, but it hits like a truck!



OMG! Grimtooth is so OP and yet no one uses it to level, same as rogue can only be used while hiding.


Swordsman (Knight / Crusader)



Well you have 2 options here, this is a beast of aoe, you can either go Brandish Spear or my personal favorite, Bowling Bash. Brandish Hits a ton and bowling bash gets more hits the more mobs you have stacked!




Bring pots :P because this is going to hurt. Grand Cross!! At least now it doesnt hurt that much xD



Archer (Hunter / Performer)


The twins, one spolied and one forgotten :PepeHands:


Yeah everyone knows about Sharp Shooting, who doesnt? but arrow shower your way up in hunter mode :3




Arrow Shower is your best friend before Severe Rainstorm <3


Mage (Wizard / Sage)


Wizard and Sage:

The Mighty Wizard of...! well you know, your aoe skills have an insane damage, like a lot of damage, but you dont need a bomb to kill a cocoroach, and... also the cast time sucks, so stay simple my friend. Fire Ball, Thunderstorm and Heaven's Drive. Sage, Stay classy and do the same as your brotha.


Merchant (Blacksmith / Alchemist)


Blacksmith and Alchemist:

Big F, Cart revolution with max weight. Bring Pots.


Acolyte (Priest / Monk)



Do Magnus Exorsism, autoloot everything and npc it to replenish blue gems.



Single target and leech, no one will notice, we love your Steel Body. :)

 Taekwon (Star Gladiator / Soul Linker)


Star Gladiator:

Praise the Sun \o/


Soul Linker:

Single target Esma, leech and be pretty, everyone loves you.





Have a little cast time, decent aoe, but with cicada you should be fine. Need humma shuriken weapon.



Desperado, abuse it, teach those mobs who's the boss. Look cool while doing it.



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OK! so now to the Real Guide!

Before you start leveling make you you use @jobrate 100 to change classes asap, this wont affect your 1x bonus. ONLY JOB RATE.

Items I Recomend Before Starting:

1x Battle Manual 3x (This is very important, however i will post an alternative to this.)

1x Pasana Card or Fire Element Armor (or you can just respawn, your choice xD)

How This Guide Works

Easy, we will use eden board to level up, easy, nice exp, spameable. Everything you see here is with no exp bonus, no event, nothing, plain 1x exp.

Level 1-31


First of in eden board, ask for geffen and prontera ambernite and roda frog, you should have 2 roda frogs and 2 ambernite to be 4 quest in total

We will head to Geffen Field 01 (gef_fild01) and kill Roda Frogs until you have 120, you will kill all the ambernite you encounter as well. After those 120 you will go to Geffen Field 09 (gef_fild09) and kill ambernite and all roda frogs you encounter. This map change is because the amount of mobs that spawn in each map is different, and we dont want to be repeating this quests. Single Target this ones, no way around. These quests should take you to level 31, enough to start the next quest.

Roda Frog:




Geffen Field 1:


Geffen Field 9:


Note: if you have someone to carry you, you can take the moroc pyramid 1, you take the verit and ancient mummy, then go to the moroc pyramid 2 to do the quest and claim with 3xBM to skip a few levels, like 60ish.

Level 31-42


Now on this level range is Elder Willows, you will ask for the quest in prontera and geffen yet again to have 2 quest in total, the good thing about this is that, they are aggressive, they are a lot, so start mobbing and use your aoe to finish faster! I recommend going to Payon Field 9 (pay_fild09) because its smaller and you can mob a lot easier, but you can go also to Prontera Field 10 (prt_fild10). This elder willow quest should have taken you to level 33 by just killing and to level 42 with both quests.

Elder Willow:


Payon Field 9:


Prontera Field 10:



Level 41-61


Here, i cannot tell you exactly how many quests you will need, because depends on how many off board mobs you kill, but go and register for eden group to ask for orcs warrior quest on the eden boards and also ask for the geffen orcs and orcs lady in bounty board in geffen city, you will repeat this until you reach level 61, so you should have 2 quests, one of 20 count and one of 150, repeat them as much as you can. You can go to Geffen Field 10 (gef_fild10) for big orcs warriors spawn or Geffen Field 3 (gef_fild03) for big orcs lady spawn, mix it up a bit.


Orc Warrior:


Orc Lady:


Geffen Field 10:


Geffen Field 3:


Level 61-70


OMG! i struggled so much to find a good place for this level range! but i finally found it.


Ask for prontera level 61 quests, all of them, and your jackpot here is the Side Winders, but also do the Mantis when you finish those. Where to kill those? in Mjolnir 3 (mjolnir_03), dont bother going other places, you will spend only 9 levels here, side winders die fast, yeah mantis are a pain to thieves but its worth.

Side Winder:




Mjorlnir 3:


Level 70-101


For this level range... Please do me a favor and use the Sanic theme song, yes sanic, not sonic xD

GOOD LORD! This range is so divided by the people preferences. But i first will explain why i choose this for my personal best.


First of all we have the new Challenger that i discovered and told the ppl to use, Piranhas, i found this because i didnt want to do harpies nor goats, takes too much time, so i discovered this, did a solo test run with 6 minutes on my performer and was amazed by how fast it is and i love it, i invited ppl and they trusted my msg "Faster than dark priest" i love this.

Now the good old friend we always see with love and nostalgia, Dark Priest, its good, easy to kill, noob friendly and firewall bugged (yes it jumps to you if you firewall it no mather the distance and only get hit once).

Why piranhas over dark priest?

Dark Priest Gives double the exp than piranhas, piranhas with a good party takes 2 minutes maximum 3 to complete, dark priest takes 8 with a good party maximum 12, even more some times so its simple math.

If Dark Priest gives double exp, but takes triple or quadruple time, is it really worth it? yes, wraiths, yes evil druids, but piranhas have iaras, zenny and caster set for your new caster jobs, so piranhas is more worth than dark priest. No debate.

Still ppl will go to Dark Priest because idk why, if they tem up for that dont be a grumpy cat and go but my personal best. Piranhas in Brasilis dungeon 1(bra_dun1). Mob a lot and aoe those fishes, dont forget Iaras, they need love too! When you're around level 97, DO NOT TURN IN IARAS! i will explain why in the next seccion. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR PARTY WHEN YOU'RE 99.



Dark Priest:


Brasilis Dungeon 1:


Reborn Leveling!


"Aw... Man... I have to do all this again? it took me forever"

Of course not! Here is where we use the Battle Manual x3 BUT! in this order.

Firs of all you gotta make sure you have one non-claimed Finished Piranhas quest and Same With Iara's. Have both or Rip your manual and time.

Steps to level back up in no time:

  1.  Go to the office and reborn.
  2. Go to prt_fild01 and kill 1 lunatic.
  3. Go to office and change to 1st job.
  4. Claim the Piranhas quest. ONLY PIRANHAS.
  5. Go to office and change to 2nd job.
  6. Claim the Iaras Quest.
  7. Go back to your party grind to 101!

All this should take you to 71, so enjoy the rest of your manual.

No Battle Manual 3x

For those who dont have a Battle Manual x3, you should have the dark priest quest ready to turn in and you should have enough loyalty tickets to get a HE Battle Manual if not, well, use the free Thikk Battle Manual you have in addition to the evil druid and wraith quests ready, but you will go back to orcs and Sneks.


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Yes Boi! its time to use that pasana card you have, put it in whatever armor you can.

For this range you will go to magma dungeon 3... i mean 2, magma dungeon 2 (mag_dun02). If you cannot handle the place even with pasana, go back to piranhas or Dark Priest.

Why this place and no more piranhas? well if you can mob this place and do decent dps your exp will sky rocket at the speed of light, amazing quiantity of mobs, good exp, nice turn in exp, again a LOT of mobs. Even Solo this place is better. So you gotta Turn in everything here. If you cant handle the mobs, us the hit and run strat, Cast an ability then use teleport and repeat. Autoloot everything and npc it. Like 300k per run.

Yuno Board Level 101-150.

Nightmare Terror:




Sky Deleter:


Earth Deleter:






Magma Dungeon 2:




You can do Scarabs until 175, but its recommended to finish at 141 because of a better place to level up.

I still dont find a better place, will post one ASAP


This place is swarmed with insects, get it? swarm? because insects? haHaa...

this dont hit hard but are really tanky to physical damage and if they put a spider web under you, teleport or you will die in no time, or kill them, or be a rebel and knock them back like a god. Map is Dicastes Dungeon 2 (dic_dun02). Battle Manuals x3 are recommended here to level up faster.

Antler Scaraba:


Rake Scaraba:


Dicastes Dungeon 02:






Store your pasana card, because a single frost diver will crush your soul with a strike in the next place.

And its Bifrost Tower 3 (ecl_tdun03). This place is Hard, you wont be able to tank it no matter what you do with low to no gear, so get that creamy card, infinite fly wing, teleport shadow weapon or normal fly wings for this. Use the hit and run strat. Do this until you're 175 or swap between this and scaraba, up to you. Battle Manuals x3 are recommended here to level up faster.

After bifrost tower 3 nerf (ceneres not here anymore, in first place they where not supposed to be in it) this is probably not worth anymore, the mobs takes too much time to die and the turn ins are slow for 4 per turn in with a good group.

BTW the licherns colors are fine, idk why the green is called yellow or the brown is called green.

Faithful Manager:


Antique Book:




Green Lichtern:


Yellow Lichtern:


Red Lichtern:


Blue Lichtern:


Bifrost Tower 3:




Congratz! you can change now your base rate to 100

Get your pasana card again, we are going on a hunt for hard mobs, go to magma dungeon 3 and exp grind, with good gear you should be 185 in 10 minutes or less.


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Class Specific Leveling Cheatcodes:



Marry a soul linker with kahii or link it with another soul linker, then kahii yourself and Indulge for infinite MP and HP, 

Remember to not over kahii youself to not waste SP, for example, if you're getting hit by 500, use kahii level 3 to heal 600 per hit and not kahii level 7 to heal 1400 because the sp cost is way higher.


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These quests should take you to level 31, enough to start the next quest.

I assume that you were using bmx3 all the time while doing these quests?

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17 hours ago, Sad_me said:



I assume that you were using bmx3 all the time while doing these quests?

Negative, i just used one 3x BM and was the one i mentioned

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Adding to this great guide (I'm following it, and it's working very well on my RK), manuals DO affect the board quest experience (at least on Helheim). So, don't forget to pop them before you turn in the quests, especially for the higher levels!!!

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I've recently tested that someone can leech you at the Nightmare Pyramid daily quests as well as the Illusion Dungeon daily quests.  This can help you get past the painful part of early leveling.

The Nightmare Pyramid daily quests can take someone from level 1 to about 70 at 1x.

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On 12/3/2020 at 4:01 AM, Love said:

I've recently tested that someone can leech you at the Nightmare Pyramid daily quests as well as the Illusion Dungeon daily quests.  This can help you get past the painful part of early leveling.

The Nightmare Pyramid daily quests can take someone from level 1 to about 70 at 1x.

if it was a gunslinger you helped, it was me xD i poped a 3x BM.

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