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problem with refinement system

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I have a problem with this system I have all the items that he asks me but he does not let me refine it. Who can tell me what my mistake is?



PD: sorry for the quality of the image I do not know why it comes out like this

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To refine you need to:

1) Open the refinement menu (the one you are showing). By clicking on any ore.


2) Click on the item you want, it will be shown at the little box.


3) Click on one of the possible ores (choose wisely as each one has different rates and can break your item or be hella expensive).  You only need one type; in my pic I choose the second one. And I can see already the sucess rate and the option to refine.


4) If you want, you can click on a blessing to use it too (prevents it from breaking or getting a lower refine). You can only use one type of ore + maybe bleesing.


5) Refine



Now what's the cheapest way to refine?

Always Refine when there is a refinement event (+10% success when using UI).  

+0 -> +7 or +8 Use a Safe certificate.

+7 -> +9 Here use hd ores or enriched ore + bb, it depends on your money and how lucky you think you are.

+9 -> +10 Use Old Enriched Ore (Can break item, but double success rate) + Blacksmith Blessing (Removes penalty on fail) = Doble success, but hella expensive way of refine.

+10 -> +12 Use HD Ores.

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