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Patch 2019-04-17 [ Fixes and others ]

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  • Other Changes
    • Updated Costume Dismantle Boxes to read official costumes serverwise
    • Magma Dungeon 3 & Glast Heim Abyss Castle
      • Added the cards as drops to the monsters
      • Added all cards to the game
      • Fixed Magma Dungeon 3 selection in the Warper NPC
    • Fixed @warp was not working correctly for the new dungeons
    • Enabled all instances on Nightmare & Hell mode in Helheim
    • Fixed Bio 5 MvP's were having wrong card id drops
    • Old Glast Heim
      • Fixed the wrong drop chances
      • Fixed the wrong boss HP's.
    • Geffen Magic Tournament
      • Fixed that it now summons correct monsters based on the difficulty used
      • Each contestant (not summons) gets 4 extra coin drops at 5%, 10%, 15% and 25% drop rate each after server rates.
      • That's an average of an additional 0.5 coins per round that'll be affected by drop rate boosters.
    • Fixed Sorcerers Spellfist
    • Fixed Eswhoo not correctly castable
    • Fixed Sky Fortress not giving any rewards
    • Fixed Werner Laboratory not giving any rewards
    • Removed the restriction that you cannot equip bullets while having a Grenade Launcher equipped.
    • Fixed any remaining skills that were still requiring Grenades to be equipped for them to be used.
    • Fixed the Ancient Hero Weapons were not selectable in the UI for enchantment ( Applied last night )
    • Added new damage adjustment modifiers for Fortessa Pit and Fortessa Dungeon that they will no longer use the World Boss one
    • Updated Piercing Expert slottable items ( Eden 2nd floor )
  • Item Changes
    • Fixed Star Gladiator Stone Lower
    • Fixed missing item descriptions for Werner Institute Cards
    • Fixed missing item descriptions for Werner Laboratory Cards
    • Fixed missing item descriptions for Heart Hunter Cards
    • Fixed new rough ores not being consumeable
    • Fixed Shadow Enchant Box not working
    • Fixed Magical Booster applying wrong bonus
    • Adjusted the way the Lapine Box interacts with this item upon upgrading into Crimson Booster. 
    • Will now generate new enchants when the item turns into Crimson Booster.
    • Fixed Combination Scroll not giving anything
    • White King Tiger Doll Hat
      • Changed every existing White King Tiger Dolls into King Tiger Doll Hats
      • Replaced any possible way to get the item into King Tiger Doll Hat
        • NPC's
        • Cashshop
        • Eddga drop
        • Achievement
    • Updated Item description of Spiritual Auger to Piercing Expert in Eden
    • Fixed over 50 item combos
  • Niflheim only changes:
    • Fixed spawn of slabw01
    • Fixed Toy Syringe
    • Fixed Valkyrie Hammer
    • Fixed Valkyrie Knife
    • Added some missing items from monster drops
    • Fixed some missing NPC's in Rockridge
    • Updated Biolab Enchants chance based on the boost applied to Helheim recently
    • Added Giant Snakes breath as 2% drop chance from all Faceworm Queens
    • Added Magical Booster as 5% drop chance from Decimus
    • Adjusted Instance Point NPC prices
    • Added 3 new items to Monster Hunter NPC
    • Added New Wave Sunglasses to Cashshop Expert

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