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Patch 2018-08-21

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  • Renewal
    • World Boss
      • Poison Queen
        • Items
          • Notched Carrot
          • Bio Protector
      • Demigod Nsphyx
        • Items
          • Asgard Blessing
      • Ice Queen
        • Items
          • Fresh Strawberry
      • Posessed Poring
        • HP have been reduced to 250.000.000
        • Items
          • Miracle Blue Rose
          • Pure White Marching Hat
      • Ains Ooal Gown
        • This boss takes equal damage from all different kinds of skill types, except when the boss is summoned... a random change takes over.
        • This change will determine which he takes 100% damage from and which other categories only deal 50%.
        • This is randomized everytime.
        • Items
          • Pauldrons of Ooal Gown
          • Costume Steampunk Hat
          • Costume Memory of Lovers
          • Costume Dwarf Beard
          • Saci's Hat
          • Hat of the Sun God
          • Magical Booster
          • Feather Beret [1]
          • Souther Cross [1]
          • Jinn Marin Balloon
          • Feathers of Protection
          • Cloth of Protection
          • Blitz Shadow Weapon
          • Blitz Shadow Armor
          • Almighty Shadow Earring
          • Almighty Shadow Pendant
          • Hervor Alvitr Piece Box
    • NPC changes
      • Daily Rewards
        • Fixed a typo in the Daily Reset which checked for > Day 20... which can never be the case.
        • Instead it should be >= Day 20.
        • [ Added a compensation for this available to everyone within 48 hours. After this time, the NPC will disappear. ]
      • Activity Achievements Reset & Account-wide part have been rewritten.
        • Fixed a bug regarding the Activity Achievements that caused the reset to be overwritten by the fact that these are account
          achievements and loaded a save from a previous logout rather then the daily reset.
      • Reset Girl
        • Fixed a bug that caused Expanded Super Novices not to get the correct skillpoints count
      • Room of Consciousness
        • Only the partyleader and no more than 1 member can be in the party when creating / entering.
        • Adjusted Instance Manager and Instance UI to check for this
      • Society Raid
        • Cleaned up some older code and improved the intro a little bit.
        • Decimus and his Soul copies can no longer move
      • Phantasmagorica
        • Fixed a bug that caused you not to gain Power Control Device while doing the quests.
      • Instance Manager
        • Added Geffen Magic Tournament exchange into it
      • Illusion Manager
        • Will now correctly display which refine the item have to be.
    • Item changes
      • Fixed a bug with Thanatos 1 handed sword... it now should be correctly Weapon Lv 4 and require Safe Weapon Certificates due to this fact.
      • Fixed the description of Tornado Axe
      • Fixed a bug regarding the World Boss Box that caused it to give 4 Shadow Equipment pieces rather than 1
      • Removed Sealed Monster from the Costume Drop list as this is not a real costume
      • Illusion Wizardy Staff is now considered a Two-Handed Staff and has the correct equipment position
      • Hero Judgement Shawl should have now the correct item script
      • Increased the drop chance of Class Enchantment Box of Biolab 5 by 4 times. From 0.2% to 0.8%.
    • Other changes
      • @whodrops will only display the original ( server boosted droprate of an item )
      • @mobinfo will display the boosted droprate. [ This includes Items, Advanced Drop System, Bubble Gums and such. ]
      • Homunculus will now gain 10% of the masters exp when killing monsters, handing in quests based on kRO's change of late 2017
      • Cleaned up some code regarding the Spiritual Energy bar which caused sometimes a missing file error for some people#
      • Changed Alucard Glasses to be dropped from Marine Sphere instead of Gryphon

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