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A lot of people in my discord server have been requesting me a graymap so here it is :



New : https://mega.nz/#!BMF0VYiY!lYdgtwWlEaOHInDDFf0LNuCI_E4MCySvUzirm8U7anw

Preview : 


To activate it just drop the file inside your Ragnarok folder, and open DATA file within and put value like this and save :


If you want to remove/activate quickly your grf, delete the r like "3=dark.gr" and save. If you have any issues feel free to pm me on discord Tisak#1819.


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For additional information, you can easily make and recolor this gray map however you like using a tool called GRF editor. The feature is called flat map in there.

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On 10/01/2020 at 11:15 AM, Dragon said:

Hi, how do i change the current max level aura to that old school lv 99 aura? Thanks xD.

The blue aura you're seeing comes from leveling a character at x1 rate which gives you 50% drop rate, once you get 175 aura, you can't get the blue one back, just if you level the x1 character and then you'll end up having the blue aura, which you can also disable by usa "@da" command

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