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Guild Base

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You want a base for your guild and a place to return to?

Go out in the world and find a place you wish for you and your guild to call home.

Write down, every NPC you'd like to have there as well as the x,y and facing direction. If the NPC is not a common NPC, please indicate which NPC you are talking about.

Write down, what Sprite you would like for your NPCs. Only put in the Sprite ID # and not the sprite name please. If you don't want a custom Sprite leave it blank for default.

Write down, what @ command you'd like like to have for your guild to use to go back to your guild base.

Also, please check before hand which @ commands are taking in the game by typing @commands.  You can't have a @ command that is already being used.

Note: If you want to add the Dummy you can't have a different sprite for the Dummy.




@sm - Guild: Shining Moon
Save Point at: prt_fild01 56 43

Kafra 56 85 ID: 245
Special Tool Dealer  52 43 ID: 432
Healer 54 43
Warper  56 43 ID: 5432
Reset Girl 58 43 
Dietrich 85 66 ID: 223 //Rough Elu/Ori NPC


Compile that list in the correct requested format to submit your request through e-mailing to [email protected]

*** Any request that doesn't fit the format will be delayed and re-contacted to have another submission with correct format.

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We will have a new system for the Guild Bases, therefore  no more guild base requests will be taken from this point on.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Best regards,

Shining Moon Staff.

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