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  • Renewal
    • NPC changes
      • Removed Daily rewards from NPC and pushed everything fully through the UI, even if you talk to the npc, it'll force the UI.
      • This will fix the weird reset after day 20, because currently its trying to set it through UI and NPC which causes it to bug.
      • Changed Twinkle hat to be dropped from the correct Chonchon now
      • Mora changes:
    • Skill changes
      • Removed every old code of Falling Star and it's 2 sub skills
      • Added Falling Star and it's 2 invisible subskills with new code which should make it work better and less buggy
      • Fixed Soul Fairy showing Falcon Soul Buff
      • Fixed Lunar stance to not be dispelled upon death
      • Fixed Sun stance to not be dispelled upon deat
      • Fixed Star stance to not be dispelled upon death
      • Fixed Universe stance to not be dispelled upon death
      • Fixed some skills were not working with Universal Stance
      • Fixed New Moon Kick having a too high after-cast delay
      • Fixed New Moon Kick to be 1s fixed cast, removed variable cast-time
      • Fixed Falling Star was not working correctly previously
      • Fixed that the stances did not reset upon skillreset / jobchange / class change
      • Fixed Lunar Stance not applying the Max HP bonus
      • Fixed Star Stance not applying the ASPD % bonus
      • Removed that Flashkick is visible on the minimap
      • Fixed a bug that allowed you to cast 3x Chrono Trigger before the cooldown applied
      • Changed Falling Star to have a 2 second fixed cast time and 1 variable
      • Fixed the requirement for the Skill Tree to learn Universe Stance
      • Gravity Control will no longer damage yourself or allies when it expires
      • Fixed the silence chance of Star Emperor Advent
      • Fixed the silence duration of Star Emperor Advent
      • Removed Variable cast time of Star Emperor Advent
      • Added the MATK % bonus for every Soul Energy a Soul Reaper have
      • New Moon state is now correctly removed when using a skill
      • New Moon now has the correct duration of 7s regardless of when you hit a mob or not
      • Added the bonus damage of [MaxHP / (6 - SkillLv) + (MaxSP * (2 * SkillLV))] to Nova Explosion
      • Full Moon Kick now correctly applies Blind status with a [15 + 5*SkillLv]% chance, the duration is 5
      • Light of the Moon now has its correct duration
      • Light of the Sun now has its correct duration
      • Light of the Star now has its correct duration
      • Ignition Break should have a visual effect again

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