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Mosh's Niflheim Magic Shiranui Guide

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Quick Shiranui Guide
Hello I'm mosh. I've made a oboro guide long ago for Niflheim and decided to make a updated shiranui MAGIC guide out of boredom. CRITICISM and QUESTIONS are welcomed. Please do tell if I need to fix anything.

Quick Tips


3001.png Shadow Hiding -> 529.png Shadow Leap during 3011.png Pure Soul
Remember to use
531.png Cicada
Remember to use
532.png Mirror Image
Even SP number
AFTER! 3026.png Distorted Crescent to gain matk. Chat window will tell you when you lose or gain matk
3022.png 16th Night whenever off cd if you dont meet Variable or Fixed Cast Time requirements
Place down 3
5479.png Mirages if you want to burst bosses. They will use 5492.png Darkening Cannon dealing 30% of its damage for each 5479.png mirage.
The mirages casts each time a 
5488.png5489.png5490.png5491.png5492.png shiranui magic skill used.

Some of a ladder run. (video starts at wave 4)



My Skill Build



I'd recommend paradise set/eden shadows if your just starting out the server as a magic ninja. @go eden to go grab them. These will carry you to level 200.
Paradise should be enough to get everything in the Midgame besides Varmundt Biosphere gears as the mobs there are pretty chonky

Midgame - Celine's Set + Varmundt Biosphere with Clock Weapons


18849.png Celine's Ribbon - Horror Toy Factory crafting. 1000 Bloody Coins and +9 fresh roses
Middle/Lower HG:
410232.pngjRO Gambler's Seal and19306.pngHeart card in mouth 
5966.png Kardui Ear and 19299.png Tree Sprout
Both sets obtained in World Boss shop for 25 coins a piece
 450179.png Celine Dress - Horror Toy Factory boss drop. 1% NM 2% Hell 5% Purgatory.
 510053.pngFortified Daggers - amicitia1 drop
 510050.pngSolid Daggers - Upgrade of fortified dagger using materials from clock_01. Need lead and clock gears.
480233.png Death Rune Manteau - bl_death farming
470176.png Death Rune Boots - bl_death farming
jRO 28513.png Celine's Brooch - Otherworldly Prisoner @go 51. 3 Celine Kimi Fragments, 1 kRO celine brooch, 50 bloody coins, 100 bloodstained letter
kRO 28513.png Celine's Brooch - 33 instance coins from shop

Endgame - Getting rid of Celine's


19488.png Temporal Circlet Oboro Acute | LUK3 | Any
19436.png Vesper Headgear
***They are pretty much even. Go circlet if u need crit rate. Circlet at Acute7 is about even to +14 Grade A Vesper.***  (from my testing)
Middle/Lower HG:
jRO410232.pngGambler's Seal and19306.pngHeart card in mouth
kRO410232.pngGambler's Seal S.MATK 5/MATK 5%/All Property Magic 5%S.MATK 5/MATK 5%/All Property Magic 5% and420213Ace of Spades in Mouth (Magical) Int 5 | S.MATK 7/All Property Magic 7%
450173.png Nebula Robe of Spell SPL3 | Spell/Sharp/Health | any
510050.pngSolid Dagger with Darkening Cannon | MATK
28761.pngScarlet Athame with Amplification 4 | Any | Abyssal King (lowers Ice/Fire/Dark Cannon dmg, raises other 2.)
460020.pngMad Bunny-LT Defensive purposes
480233.png Death Rune Manteau lv 4-5 Varmundt Crystal | Spell of Varmundt lv 3 | Any
470113.pngAwakened Hollow Shoes Release of Truth | any | Goddess of Abundance (Need Berzebub card)
470204.pngMoan of Corruption still very good without Fallen Bishop Hibram card
470176.pngDeath Rune Boots lv 4-5 Varmundt Crystal | Spell of Varmundt lv 3 | Any
490304.pngTemple Rune Ring and 490307.png Temple Magic Rings with Race Enchant | Focus/Intelligence of varmundt lv 5 | Any
490053.png Sinful Sapphire Necklace and 490052.png Sinful Sapphire Ring (Angel/Dragon)
490065.png Brilliant Light Sapphire Necklace and 490064.png Brilliant Light Sapphire Ring (Angel/Demon)

 ***All these rings are based on enchants for specific race enemies.***
52051.pngIntelligence Badge - grants 0.3 FCT and +3 int in inventory.

Cards: Will tailor towards Fire/Water/Shadow Ele


4599MVP: Ultra Limacina | Fenrir | Mutant Coelacanth | Vesper | Kiel*** (only if u want to lower tatami/cicada after cast delay to spam)
4599Normal: Lichtern Red Card | Lichtern Blue | Ice Gangu | Lavaeter
4599MVP: Greater Red Pepper | Nightmare Amon Ra | Red Pepper | Twisted God | Schulang | Simulation Juncea | Amdarais
4599Normal: Meyer Lugenberg | Two-Eye Dollocaris | Agav | Angry Nine Tail
4599MVP: Timeholder | Daehyon (Abyssal King Enchant)
4599Normal: Mutated White Knight | Nihil M. Heine
4599MVP: Golden Thief Bug | Ancient Wootan Defender | Bijou
4599Normal: Mutated Khalitzburg | Modified Senior Rgan | Horror of Thanatos
4599MVP: Contaminated Spider Queen | Deep Sea Witch | Kades
4599Normal: Friedrich S. Heine | One Eye Dollocaris | Nightmare Ancient Mummy | Faceworm Larva | Napeo | Galensis
4599MVP: The One | Fallen Bishop | R001-Bestia | Death Witch
4599Normal: Entangled Intermediate Rgan | Nightmare Verit
4599MVP: Berzebub (Release Enchant) | Ifrit (Release Enchant)
4599Normal: Lava Toad | Mavka | Calmaring | Headless Mule | Wasted Primitive Rgan | Dwigh




Upper Costume Enchants: 9600+ flat HP | 95-100 res/mres
Upper Stone: 1000855 Archbishop Stone Upper | 1000855Oboro Stone Upper

Middle Costume Enchants: 30% Critical attack | 10 S.Matk
Middle Stone: 1000855 Oboro Stone Middle

Lower Costume Enchants: 10 ASPD/0.4 FCT/30 Critical Rate | 10 C.Rate
Lower Stone: 1000855 Archbishop Stone Lower 

Garment Costume Enchants: DEF against any size 5% | SPL +3 | Shadow/Holy/Ghost
Garment Stone: 1000855 Archbishop Stone Garment + 1000855 Critical Stone (Dual) | 1000855Minor Fixed Cast + 1000855Minor Casting Stone (Dual)


Shadow Gears


24675.png24676.png | 24677.png24678.png Full Tempest Shadow Set  - C.RATE 4-5 Enchants
24675.png24676.png | 24677.png24678.png True Gemstone Set - C.Rate 4-5 Enchants
24675.png24676.png | 24677.png24678.png Spell Caster Set - C.Rate 4-5 Enchants
24736.png Clever Shadow Weapon and 24737.png Clever Shadow Shield - C.RATE 4-5 Enchants

Reaching 1 FCT (Don't want to depend on 16th Night)


If 0 FCT equips/cards - 0.3 Int Badge + 0.7 (Minor Fixed Cast Stone + Minor Casting Stone (Dual)  | 0.3 Int Badge + 0.4 FCT Lower Costume Enchant + 0.3 SpellCasters in place of True Gemstone

If 0.5 FCT from equips/cards - 0.3 Int Badge + 0.3 Spellcasters Shadow Set in place of True Gemstone


Edited by Mosheeno
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