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Patch 2023-10-09

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  • Events
    • Halloween Event has been activated
  • Items
    • Fixed wrong magic element boosting on Wasted Intermediate Rgan Card
    • Fixed the description of Muqaddas Sasyiir
    • Fixed the effect of Muqaddas Kahassu
    • Fixed description of Ice Flower Spell
    • Fixed wrong element in Cave Flower Card
    • Fixed the Res and Mres bonus of  Modified Senior Rgan Card
    • Added Fruit Set Trap
    • Fixed class restriction on Boots of Good and Evil (Spirit Handler)
    • Fixed level requirement of Rune Equipment from 210 to 230
    • Fixed item script of Glacier Flower Spell Physical Race
    • Fixed Experience Stone combo
    • Fixed all refine bonuses of Boots of Good & Evil Windhawk
    • Fixed grade bonus of Moan of corruption 
  • Other
    • Fixed a missing packet which caused random disconnects to those that would send the packet.
    • Removed a old limitation of physical attacks and skills to never deal more than a certain amount of damage no matter the amount of hits which resulted to do negative damage on plant type
    • Fixed a issue that made the cash shop sends its content on every refresh
    • Fixed a wrong card in ECA
    • Added Fruit Set Trap as drop from Familiar
    • Fixed respawn timer of Ultra Limacina
    • Fixed a bug that allowed you to save your respawn point inside the purgatory map
    • Fixed a missing hole_y_01 file
    • Fixed a missing mob sprite in Twilight Garden
    • Fixed an issue that prevented join requests to go through in the Adventurer Agency List
    • Added some doram headsprites to prevent crashing during class change ( Thanks to Fuzzy for the list )
    • Fixed an issue that prevented the Enchant UI from enchanting graded items
    • Fixed element of Cleaning Robot
    • Fixed element of Bath Administrator
    • Elemental Days
      • Reduced the Moonlight Coin and Moon Coin amount:
        Reduced rewardable from 10 to 5 instances
        • Non-Purgatory:
          • You will now gain 1 Moonlight Coin per Elemental Day
          • You will gain 3 Moon Coins upon completing the 5th Elemental Day
        • Purgatory:
          • You will now gain 2 Moonlight Coin per Elemental Day
          • You will gain 5 Moon Coins upon completing the 5th Elemental Day
    • Belinda
      • Reduced cashpoints gained from 10.000 to 3.000
    • Booster Character
      • Garment Coupon replaced with random account-bound garment costume upon opening level 230 Seasonal Booster Box.
      • Reduced Moon Coins amount gained
        • 200 -> 50 on first booster
        • 150 -> 40 on second
        • 100 -> 30 on third
        • 50 -> 10 on 4th
        • 10 -> 5 on any other
    • Damage reduction:
      • Fixed a missing mapflag for the identification of Fortessa Dungeon which caused it to default to Nightmare. ( Was fixed a while ago )
    • /effect
      • No longer crashes when grading while effects are off
      • Smartcast is now visible even with /effect off
  • NPC
    • Implemented a NPC that allowed Bulk dismantling for Dim Glacier weapons. ( Was fixed a while ago )
  • Niflheim
    • Item
      • Guardian of Soul now correctly reduces holy instead of wind resistance based on the skill lvl
      • Release of Truth combo (29371) with Scales of Judgement should no longer heal enemies
      • Fixed description for refine bonus of +5, +7 and +10 aswell as the item script of Dark Triad
      • Added Chaser Shoes to possible list of items for Otherworldly Specialist
    • NPC
      • Fixed a wrong requirement for Cardinal Ring
    • Other
      • Enchant changes:
        • Changed the Fixed cast enchant from randomly being 100-200 to randomly being 100-200 with the exception of it only appearing in changes of 10 rather than 1. E.g 100, 110, 120, 130 rather than 100,101,102,103
        • Max HP flat amount changed from randomly 1000-5000 to 25-50 * 100. 
        • Max SP flat amount changed from randomly 10-500 to 25-50 * 10
        • Def changed from 1-10 to 1-10 * 5
        • Res / Mres changed to 1-10 * 10
        • Flat ATK / Flat Matk changed to 1-5 * 10
        • Flee / Hit changed to 5-15 * 3
      • Metal Stick ( Alternate )
        • Fixed wrong identifier for this weapon which resulted it not being found for the enchant table
      • Fixed Temporal Manteau shop missing from Otherworldly Exchanger
      • Otherworld God Freyja Fragment is no longer obtainable from random Fragments
      • Changed all recipes that used the fragment above to Otherworld Twisted God Freyja Fragment
      • Awakened hollow shoes no longer gives enchants not on the list on slot 2 ( this was fixed a while ago )
      • Grading
        • The Grading UI has been customized to handle any WLVL or Armor LV of jRO equipment as long as its not an accessory, lower head or mid headgear.
          The grade applied will automatically be Grade A from none graded.
        • Grade bonus on non-LV 5 and non-LV 2 Armor
          • Armor
            • Defense * 1.2
            • Mres / Res * 2 per refinement
          • Weapon
            • Adds 2 PATK and 2 SMATK per refinement
        • Successfully grading a jRO item reduces the refinement by 4, does not wipe the refinement entirely.
    • Refinement
      • Implemented 2 new advanced ores that can be used for refining.
        • (Limited) Etherium
        • (Limited) Etherdeocon
          These materials can be used for refining between +10 and +20 for Weapons LV 5 and Armors LV 2
          • They can be crafted with Dietrich ( Advanced Ores ) in the refinement place
  • Cash Voucher

    These vouchers can be traded with other people, used or collected.
    These items are gained only from the Cashpoint Redeemer NPC based on the amount recharged, 1$ = 1 Voucher.
    These items are added ontop of what you are already getting, which means you do not lose anything to gain these, but instead just get more.
    This is actually not a custom feature, its based on kRO cash voucher that are gained from recharging only, except theirs are overly expensive and untradeable. 
    The items gained in this are also based on kROs item list, except for some nicer things.
    • Cash Voucher NPC
      • This NPC can be found in the main office and have special items.
      • Special Tab
        This tab contains garments that will stay for roughly 2 months in this NPC and after this time, new garments will move into it while the old ones will move into cashshop. This way you can decide to either buy Cash Vouchers from others or recharge yourself to get one or more of these garments.
        • Garments 8th of October to 8th of December
          While on 8th of November, new ones get added ontop. But the duration of said garments will be 60 days in voucher shop.
          • Costume Magic Wonderland Circle

            Costume Lord of Death Shield

            Costume Dark Lord Cloak

            Costume Corrupted Dark Lord Cloak
            Note: This one is invisible on 4th expanded for now. Only the aura below is visible.

            Costume Love Bunny Cloak

            Costume Mystical Wing

            Costume Labrys Axe

            Costume Poring Syringe

            Costume Aqua Fin Decoration

            Costume Phoenix Wings
            Note: This one is invisible on 4th expanded for now.

            Costume Cinnamoroll Bag

            Costume 2023 RTC Robe 4
            Note: This one is invisible on 4th expanded for now.

            Costume 2023 RTC Robe 3
            Note: This one is invisible on 4th expanded for now. Only the aura is visible.

            Costume 2023 RTC Robe 2
            Note: This one is invisible on 4th expanded for now. Only the aura is visible.

            Costume 2023 RTC Robe 1
            Note: This one is invisible on 4th expanded for now. Only the aura is visible.
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