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Episode 18 Mini Daily Guide

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Hello everyone! I am Slasha. I've been playing on SM for quite a while and below is a mini guide for Episode 18 daily quests that I have complied.

o This mini guide is broken down into two parts: Part 1 is full list of daily quests and Part 2 is the route/method that I use for some of the dailies.

o This is for both new and veteran players alike. I've included some notes in the mini guide itself for new players who may still be exploring the painful griding wonderful world of Ragnarok Online



Part 1: Daily Quests

o In there you will see a bunch of underlines. I've color-coded quests by which ones I personally do together/recommend do together

o I've included @warp commands and coordinates for /navi

o gw_fild02 is a great map to farm ghost/phantom wolves for the new melee physical damage % cards



Part 2: Daily Quests Routes

o updated routes to min-max and save time!!!

o Traps location for the Traps daily quest

o If you found a Half Flower near rocks in wolfvill, please let me know and I will update this

o The top portion is for the Check The Atmosphere daily. This is the route that I've found and am used to it. If you want to deviate/alter this, then feel free to do so!

o The bottom portion is for the Records, Half Flowers, and Purified Water dailies

o In retrospect, I could have gone right and head to 2. When I did the quests, I was exploring and Half Flower near trees just so happened to be the first one when I started


Thank you for reading and keep grinding for that BIS.



Edit log:
1. Updated new routes to save time for Atmosphere
2. Updated Records, purified water, *some Half-Flower quests to save time
3. Added a location on maps for the traps. Added few more locations thanks to Akin
4. Corrected known location for Half flower near rocks


Edited by Slasha
New Updates!

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Other trap Locations that I found

Middle Lane - From Right to left
/navi gw_fild01 267/155
/navi gw_fild01 229/205
/navi gw_fild01 192/210
/navi gw_fild01 153/212
/navi gw_fild01 120/245

South West of Map
/navi gw_fild01 106/126
/navi gw_fild01 25/122

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