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[NIF] Full Support Cardinal Guide

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A Comprehensive Full Support Cardinal Guide, by Yours Truly, Saku

Edited as of current patch: Patch 2022-10-29.












Hello, I am Saku. I started playing in Shining Moon in Helheim server back in February 2020, and then completely migrated to Niflheim (because I love jRO items, amongst many other reasons) in September the same year. And now, for some reason, I'd like to think that I am a ''support classes'' enthusiast, and I sure do love Cardinal.

A bit of definition here: Full Support here means that we are NOT the damage-dealer of the party and will primarily be there as a man-of-many-tricks: buffs, heals, resurrections, lex's, damage steroids, etc. This implies that this build is NOT for hybrid/battle Cardi (that of which takes skills for damage), also NOT tanky support Cardi (we barely have any resistance gears). So, this guide will mainly focus on building FULL SUPPORT Cardinal with bunch of heals for end-game contents.

Many things have changed since the 4th job update, as well as the most current patch we have right now. After scouring the forum (briefly), I witnessed the lack of current updated builds, gears, and guides, especially that of which revolves around the new 4th job skills, with the latest guide being unavailable to be read for some reason. So, the rational of me posting this guide here is to provide a comprehensive, updated guide on how I build a FS Cardi that people could use as reference and point of compare-and-contrast, as well as some alternatives to work from or with. 

I will put a disclaimer from the get-go: there are MANY ways of building a FS Cardi. So, who's to say which build is better than others? In this post, I will simply show my current build, and some of the alternatives I have observed from other Cardis as well. Alright? Got that? Let's go.



Before we even start discussing gears and stats, to put it simply, FIRSTLY, a FS Cardi must aim to achieve:

  1. 100% Fixed Cast Time (FCT) reduction
    1. Spoiler

      can be reduced by FLAT seconds OR reduced by percentage reduction but multiple percentages do NOT stack and will take only the highest percentage. For example, if you are equipped with a 4556Fenrir Card (70% FCT reduction) while affected with Sacrament.png Sacrament (50% FCT reduction), only Fenrir Card effect will be taken into account. Also, due to the formula subtracting the flat seconds first and then only the percentage, this means that you CANNOT fully reduce FCT with the combination of both. It's a choose-this-or-that kind situation.

      A lot of our major skills have 1.0-1.5 seconds FCT so reducing this amount is paramount for smoother experience.

      In this guide, I will be focusing on the PERCENTAGE REDUCTION through our lord and saviour, jRO item (which will be explained in Gears section) 


  2. 100% Variable Cast Time (VCT) reduction

    • Spoiler

      can either be achieved with stats alone (the formula being: INT + 2 * DEX = 530) OR with percentage reduction (stacking with gears, cards, costumes, etc), but NOT with combination of both, due to how the formula is written (same as FCT, with difference that multiple percentages DO stack).

      A LOT of our skills have a long VCT as well, with some as immense as 3-4 seconds, so reducing this is also paramount for smoother experience.

      There are certain skills that have VCT which CANNOT be reduced by stats (a prime example in our case would be 1014.pngRedemptio) and can only be reduced by percentages. Inversely, no skills cannot be reduced by percentages. Hence why in this guide, I will be focusing on PERCENTAGE REDUCTION through stacking some gears. 

      Also, worth to be noted is that 67.png Suffragium's 20% VCT reduction is also factored into the percentage reduction. However, since the cooldown for the skill is rather long (30 seconds), and buff being gone once dead, it is not a reliable method to always achieve 100% VCT, and primarily exists as a way to help teammates that are still struggling with cast time.


  3. 100% After Cast Delay (ACD) reduction
  • Spoiler

    Refers to the delay/global skill cooldown that occur after you cast certain skills. Reduction can be achieved by percentage reduction through stacking with gears, cards, costumes, etc.

    Majority of the party buffs have no ACD, and some party and singular buffs have some ACD. By right, 100% is unnecessary, and would be just a luxury. Unfortunately, a particularly important skill to be spammed to keep up the DPS, namely 78.pngLex Aeterna, has an ACD of 3 whole seconds. This, on top of how our server has the Smart Casting system that could bypass the animation delays, means that completely removing the ACD (and having 193 ASPD) is crucial to bring out the most DPS.

    100% ACD seems a bit overkill, but very much EASILY achievable (especially for Cardinals), without the usage of expensive 4403Kiel-D-01 card, again, through our lord and savior, jRO items.


After achieving these, a FS Cardi should aim to have as much as possible:

  1. Attack Speed (ASPD). Maximum ASPD being 193. Can be increased by flat amount (such as +5 ASPD enchants on costumes & +1 ASPD on 1000520ASPD Stone (Dual)) AND percentages (sentances like "reduce delay after attack") through stacking gears, cards, etc.
  2. Healing Effectiveness. Can be increased by percentages through skills (Offertorium.pngOffertorium, Meditatio.pngMeditatio) and the myriads of gears, cards, costumes, etc
  3. Max HP (MHP). Can be increased by flat amount, or percentages (MHP%) through gears, cards, costumes, etc.
  4. H.PLUS. A fairly recent trait that was introduced with the 4th job update. Currently, can only be increased by skills that increases CRT (5440.pngMarine Festival of Kisul, 5282.pngBenedictum), and certain shadow gears.




This is my current skill build.


There is literally too much to be explained if I go through all the skills, so I'll mentioned some of the most important ones. The unmentioned ones are either not that important, not that game-changing/pretty niche applications, simply a prerequisite, or simply allocating extra points.

1st Job: Acolyte


29.pngIncrease Agility: MAX because 3rd Job 2042.pngCanto Candidus is affected by this skill's level

34.pngBlessing: MAX. Similar reason as above (2041.pngClementia)

27.pngWarp Portal: MAX. Important for memo-ing Purgatory/Gateway/any places, for faster transport.

24.pngRuwach: MAX. Important in certain instances where there are 135.pngcloaked/hidden monsters.

25.pngPneuma: MAX. Could be a clutch save from ranged attacks

2nd (&Trans) Job: High Priest


73.pngKyrie Eleison: MAX. Unlike Clementia and Canto Candidus, Kyrie level does not affect 2045.pngPraefatio. But with 100% ACD, a Kyrie spam is viable in some situation to keep the tank/DPS alive.

66.pngImpositio Manus: MAX. A (very) minute boost but a needed skill for to get 2537.pngOdin's Power from using 28564Valkyrie's Drop

75.pngGloria: MAX. The additional LUK gives extra Crit, which could prove useful against the Crit Shields of monsters... but is not favoured that much due to duration too short-lived, as well as putting a lot of ACD on all party members.

54.pngResurrection: MAX. Crucial skill. Useful in resurrection one or two (read: small number) dead teammates. Requires a direct line of sight between you and dead teammate.

361.pngAssumptio: MAX. Neat skill that gives +250 HARD DEF (which is half the amount that is given by consuming23307.pngShining Defense Scroll). The HARD DEF aspect of this skill is important as it reduces damage multiplicatively, as compared to the SOFT DEF of 33.pngAngelus that only reduces damage by subtracting the damage by the amount of DEF.
78.pngLex Aeterna: MAX. One of the reasons why Cardinal is so valuable is because of this skill: doubling the damage of a single attack. If an attack dealt 1 billion damage, Lex doubles that to 2 billion damage. Crucial to keep spamming this so that the DPS can kill the boss A.S.A.P.

363.pngMeditation: MAX. More Healing Effectiveness. More MSP.

1014.pngRedemptio: MAX (Acquire from Platinum NPC in @go office). We have arrived to the ONE and BIGGEST reason for 100% VCT reduction via percentage reduction: this skill. As mentioned before, Redemptio's 3.2s VCT CANNOT be reduced using stats, and only can be reduced by percentages. Using this skill revives ALL teammates on your screen, disregarding obstruction between you and the dead teammate, with 50% HP. It is SUPER effective in a situation where a wipeout happened (which is, to be honest, more often that you'd think). A Cardi could revive themselves and press one button to instacast 11 resurrections of teammates. As mentioned before, this works even if there are obstruction between you. As long as the dead teammate is in the screen, just press this button and you could revive them (as compared to 54.pngResurrection that requires a direct line of sight and must be within 9 cells between you and the dead person). However, the downside is that you would immediately be put to 1 HP so you need to immediately heal yourself.

3rd Job: Arch Bishop (AB)


2041.pngClementia: MAX. Wide area 34.png Blessing.

2042.pngCanto Candidus: MAX. Wide area 29.png Increase Agility 

2045.pngPraefatio: MAX. Wide area 73.png Kyrie Eleison.

2047.pngLauda Agnus: MAX. Cleanses a number of status effect, as well as increases MHP%. It has a lower duration than the above 3 buffs, so consider spamming it frequently. Besides, it cleanses a lot of things.

2048.pngLauda Ramus: MAX. Cleanses a number of status effect, as well as increases Critical Damage%. Similarly, as above.

2050.pngRenovatio: MAX. MHP% recovery every 5 seconds which could help recovering the constant burn damage in Custom Contents.

5011.pngOffertorium: MAX. A Healing Effectiveness steroid, at the cost MSP cost increase, as well as having a cleansing effect. Always have this skill casted, especially when you are putting 5269.pngMediale Votum on yourself, or during 5280.pngDilectio Heal spam. However, if there is another Cardi in the party that casts 74.pngMagnificat, this skill will be cancelled. But no sweat, Offertorium has no cooldown and can always be re-casted. (If it really bothers you, like it does to me when a secondary Cardi KEEPS on casting Magnificat, you could work it between you guys to ask him kindly to stop the spam).

2052.pngClearance. MAX. A potent tool that could cleanse a number of debuff and status effects which cannot be cleansed in any other way, but it also removes buffs of teammates. To be used carefully.

2046.pngOratio: MAX. Reduces Holy resistance of all monsters on the screen by 20% = more damage from Holy property attacks. What's neat is that it affects the cloaked/hidden monsters too = revealing their position --> 24.pngRuwach to expose them.

4th Job: Cardinal (Cardi)


5280.pngDilectio Heal: MAX. A spammable heal with considerable strength (lesser than 2051.pngHighness Heal but higher than 2043.pngColuceo Heal) on a 7x7 AoE around the target. Recovers 1 AP per cast, which is one of the methods to gain AP without needing a target dummy/enemy/during idle times. Generally, one of the two ways to AoE heal party members in current settings.

5269.pngMediate Votum: MAX. The game-changer skill on how heals are done in current contents is all due to this skill. Put this on a target and the area around target will heal every 2 seconds. While the exact formula is currently unknown, it seems to take into account the Healing Effectiveness, and, surprisingly, Current HP of the target of the skill for the amount of heals dealt -- on a full health target, the higher the target's MHP, the higher the Current HP, thus a higher heal is dealt, if this makes sense. This is why MHP is stacked on Cardinal currently (and why a Mediale Votum on a tank IG would not be healing as much as a Cardi due to lack of Healing Effectiveness & H.PLUS). A high MHP Cardinal with high Healing Effectiveness could counter the constant burn & shared damage in Custom Contents. Generally, the second way to AoE heal party members in current settings.

5268.pngReparatio: MAX. Fully heal to 100% HP, but with 10 seconds cooldown. A useful skill to be used to nearly dying DPS/tank, who are in cooldown for their pots. Also, a useful heal to self after casting Redemptio 1014.png, which leaves our HP to 1. Another useful application is to fully heal self after damage dealt by Darkness/Bomb in Purgatory contents while on 5269.pngMediale Votum . A full HP, high MHP Cardinal with Mediale Votum usually heals the whole teammate into full health. If in cooldown, get ready to eat your 14524.pngSuperb Fish Slices, Ygg Berries/Seeds, Concentrated Golden Yellow Syrups, or just any pots.

5275.pngPresens Acies: MAX. A single target buff to increase the new trait: Critical Damage Rate. Just put it on both Physical & Magical DPS.

5272.pngArgutus Telum: MAX. A single target buff to counter the Defense 2.0: Physical Resistance. Custom content monsters have a high RES value. Put it on the Physical DPS.

5271.pngArgutus Vita: MAX.  A single target buff to counter the Magic Defense 2.0: Magical Resistance. Similar to above, put it on the Magical DPS

5281.pngReligio: 3/5. Single target buff to increase the new traits SPL, WIS, STA. The reason for not maxing this is to give some skill points for Framen, as well as a literal cat (5441.png) having a better way of applying the same number of traits to the entirety of members on the screen anyways. One of the methods to gain AP.

5282.pngBenedictum: 4/5. Single target buff to increase the new traits POW, CRT, CON. Same reason as above, because a cat can apply this buff quicker and less painful to every party member (5440.png). One of the methods to gain AP.

5284.pngFramen: 1/10. The only reason why I had 77.pngTurn Undead 1/10 & 2038.pngJudex 10/10 is to get this skill, in case that I have to collect AP on my own (read: when there are no EMs in the party). This skill could be smart-casted, and generates 2 AP per cast, which means double the speed as compared to spamming all the other AP generating skills. If you do not want this skill at all (which is fair, really), you could relocate all those skill points in 4th job back into 5281.pngReligio 5282.pngBenedictum, as well as skill points in 3rd job into Sacrament.png Sacrament (which could prove useful to give FCT reduction to members who still are struggling with FCT)

5278.pngCompetentia: MAX. The OP, party-wide damage steroids. Increase PATK and SMATK by 50. Needs 160 AP though, so ask the EM (nicely) for 5368.pngAP, or you farm it yourself by spamming AP generating skills.

ETC Skills



  • 2537.pngOdin's Power (level 2): A unique skill that is obtained only through using certain gears, such as 2162Bible of Promise (2nd Vol.)  and 28564Valkyrie Drop [1]. It gives the target +100 ATK & MATK but decreases HARD DEF & MDEF by -20 for 60 seconds. To put this into perspective, this skill provides the same amount of ATK and MATK as when you transformed using MVP Bio5 cards, with the price of making the target less tanky for a minute. A superb skill to be used to buff BOTH your physical and magical DPS, especially before boss fights (as it is pretty hard to maintain it on general runs, due to it having a short duration of 60 seconds only). 
  • 636634226d7a3_soulcontrol.png.639388550499204dabd01d152d286201.pngSoul Control: Gives you +10 All Stats for 10 minutes. Neat Niflheim skill.
  • 63762d3871c75_soulescep.png.ea448af8d5b8526d7520da657febc20c.pngSoul Escape: Hooray for Niflheim custom skill! Casting this skill will break you from 'any' crowd control/status effect that you have, and you can even spam it in conditions where you normally would not be able to do so (i.e. you can cast this when you are frozen, and you would be unfrozen). This is super important and neat skill especially if you are the main Cardinal of the group, as you could unfreeze yourself, and proceed to cleanse the whole party with 2047.png2048.pngLauda Ramus & Agnus. Although, worth to be noted that almost all of the debuffs applied onto you when you kill something in Custom Content (deep blind, crystallization, that earth thing, deep silence, etc etc) could not be cleansed this way.
  • select.png.f68a48d730cac712f33bc0f11fb78699.pngSelect Target: If you already have "@sc 1" on, you could just hover the mouse on a monster, and you could immediately spam Lex Aeterna. In case you hovered on other monsters that you are not intending to Lex, the Smart Casting system makes it so that you could change target via this skill, or you go left click a monster (i.e. you attack a monster face to face since you a melee class) which, more often than not, very dangerous as you are not as tanky and you could just get blasted and die. So, just use this skill on the boss/monster/MVP to have an easier time targeting it, and the target will not change even if you hovered on other targets.  
  • materialize.png.d1281f8207a4767589470a951451d43b.pngMaterialize Soul: This is a Niflheim-exclusive skill where you could summon a monster that you have made contract with. This feature could be useful such as summoning a tanky monster to tank for you in some instances, but also could be disruptive as the Smart Casting system does get fucked up a bit with the summoned monster (circumvent this using said methods mentioned on the Select Target section). For more information about the Soul system of Niflheim, you could check this link.
  • Don't forget to enlarge your bags with Gym Passes, and learn Storage skill by collecting Kafra Cards.




The stats & traits I have right now is as follow: 


To be honest, the stats allocation (in my build) is very lenient, and I don't think much. We only have 3 main things to focus on.

  1. 130 points into VIT.
    • Due to 5269.pngMediale Votum that rewards higher heal the higher your MHP is, having high VIT is important. Besides, it is important for resistance to many status effects (reduces chances of being afflicted + reduces duration if afflicted). 
  2. 128 points into INT.
    • This increases, Max SP (MSP) pool and help with some SP recovery. INT also increases 5280.pngDilectio Heal, and leaving this at 128 is so that we get the fullest effect of the 1913819327Seraphim combo 
  3. 120 into AGI as possible. 
    • This is so that we achieve 193 ASPD. Besides, having high AGI gives us resistance to sleep and bleed.
  4.  The rest of points (65) into LUK. 
    • We are not critically attacking anybody. Rationale of putting some points into this is so that we could resist more status affects, but I'd argue that, we are in Niflheim and Soul Escape is OP. 

What about the other stats?

  1. NO points into STR.
    • We are not dealing physical damage in this build. Also, with the change that made 7776Gym Pass that made it so we can carry as heavy as 100000 weights, STR no longer has any purpose (for us).
  2. NO points into DEX.
    • If you have been paying attention to 2) THE GOAL, you would understand why there was no stats put into DEX at all. Unless we aim to reduce our VCT via stats, DEX serves no importance, else than increasing the attack speed by a negligible amount. Now, if you have literally had no gears on and 0 stats allocated, allocating points into DEX would increase it a lot, but with 120 AGI, 120 DEX = 3 ASPD increase (is this one of those diminishing returns they speak of?) ... Besides, DEX do NOT offer anything other than ASPD for us, which other stats do, such as providing resistance to status affects.

What about the traits?

  1. 100 points into CRT.
    1. It increases H.PLUS which is basically Healing Effectiveness 2.0, applied after the normal Healing Effectiveness effects. 
  2. 90 points into STA.
    1. This is so that we could get the maximum benefit from the 450170Nebula Armor of Stamina and get more physical resistance.
  3. The rest (7) into WIS.
    1. More magical resistance. Woo (?).

At the end of the day, the stats & traits could very much change depending on your own build~ Please try out and experiment your own stats and traits that work the best for your preference! (Don't come for me)

 5.1. GEARS


This is my current gear as of current patch. Please excuse some of the weird refines. Just read the item and refine to the maximum potential, and according to your own capabilities. 


Generally, the first gear on each section is what I am currently using, and what I consider as the Best-in-Slot (BiS) personally. But feel free to mix-and-match!

P/S: Feel free to skip to the TL;DR/SUMMARY section below (5.3) to see the core items.





19426+15 Spirit King's Crown (SKC) (craft at @go exc at the Otherworldly Prisoner: Wolfchev's Laboratory): At +15, this headgear will give us 100% FCT reduction, as well as 20% ACD. This is a core item.

19426+14 Spirit King's Crown : SKC at +14 makes us have minimal FCT (2%) but this cast time allows us to more consistently animation cancel our AP generating skills (5280.png) and spam it faster in case you have to generate AP by yourself. The same effect can be achieved by reducing VCT slightly as well. However, in our case, reducing VCT does not work as all AP generating skills do NOT have VCT and only FCT.

400308.pngForeign Heritage Hat [1] (craft at @go exc, Otherworldly Prisoner --> Oktober 2022): A recently released jRO upper headgear that reduces damage from boss by 20% (a possible tank gear), as well as lotsa Healing Effectiveness, especially if combo-d with White Lady (MVP) card. We are looking at 160% Healing Effectiveness at max refine. But then again, using this hat would mean you have to find another way to get 100% FCT Reduction (no other item reduces 100% through percentage, and would have to opt reducing via flat seconds). 



19138Seraphim Coronet (obtainable from World Boss Boxes or bought at World Boss NPC using 25 1900000000.pngWorld Boss Coins): Gives 31% Healing Effectiveness, but also increases VCT%, at 128 INT. Combo with 19327Seraphim Feather to nullify the VCT penalty. Due to the VCT penalty, not advisable to use only 19138Seraphim Coronet, unless you are willing to offset the VCT penalty with other gears/cards/etc.

410092Cor Core Booster [1] (farmable in sp_rudus4): A slotted middle headgear, which provides 5% VCT and 5% ACD

400002 Victorious Wing Ears [1] (farmable in amicitia2 OR slotted through the Spiritual Auger): An old, slotted middle headgear that provides base 4% ACD, but can be enchanted to give either VCT, Healing Effectiveness, or more ACD



19327Seraphim Feather (obtainable from World Boss Boxes or bought at World Boss NPC using 25 1900000000.pngWorld Boss Coins): Gives 35% Healing Effectiveness at 120 INT and nullifies the VCT penalty when combo-d with 19138Seraphim Coronet.

19244Rosary Necklace (craft-able through 23841 Rosary Necklace Combination Scroll, which can be obtained through 23817Mysterious Combination Bundle dropped from MVPs): Gives 30% ACD when combo-d with a max refined 1659.pngLight of Recovery. An alternative in achieving 100% ACD, 5% Healing Effectiveness, on top of nullifying the increased SP costs.

4372.pngCARD: All of our headgears will not have a slot due to them being OP jRO gears. In case you are using placeholders/alternatives, you could equip: 

  1. White Lady (MVP): 30% Healing Effectiveness
  2. Blue Moon Loli Ruri: 5% VCT + 1% per refine, 8% Healing Effectiveness on +11
  3. Parus: 1% Healing Effectiveness per 2 refine
  4. Pharaoh (MVP): Reduces SP costs by 30%, if you are concerned with SP (I wouldn't particularly since 1100004Concentrated Blue Syrups are easy to craft).
  5. Or, basically, any cards that increases ASPD, Healing Effectiveness, or MHP... anything that you are particularly lacking.




450170Nebula Power of Stamina[1] (craftable at @go exc, Constellation Tower NPC): With grade A +14 refine & 310679Cluster of Stamina Level 3 at 90 STA (and if I am doing maths correctly), we are looking at 103% MHP, so... yeah. Not entirely sure if there are any subsequent released armor that can top Nebula, but I think it is going to stay here for a long time. This armor also provides hella bunch of RES, but you do not think yourself as a tank though. You will die lesser, sure, but you are not at the level of tanks, not with this build anyways.

15399Vit Soutane [1] (obtained from 23986Odin's Relic): A highly refined, with 310078Vit Blessing will give you ~50% MHP, as well as 7% ASPD, 7% VCT and 5% ACD. A good (but quite expensive) alternative. Mostly used if you already had one lying around in your storage (from building other classes) to begin with.

15384Rite Robe [1] (buy from @go exc, Instance Points NPC --> jRO gears using 150 1900000001.pngInstance Coins): A inexpensive yet great armor to start from as it only needs +9 to have maximum effect. Provides 30% Healing Effectiveness, 20% MHP, and 10% ACD at +9.

15205Medical Scrub [1] (buy from @go exc, Instance Points NPC --> jRO gears using 150 1900000001.pngInstance Coins): An alternative to the above choice. More tanky options, with +300 DEF at +9, at expense of no MHP% and no Healing Effectiveness.


  1. Tao Gunka (TGK) [MVP]: 100% MHP. Too good. But that increased MHP does not ensure tankiness at all due to reduction of DEF and MDEF so avoid excessive tanking.
  2. Any MHP% cards. If you do not have/do not want to spend a fortune on TGK card, alternatives can include
    1. Amitera (20% MHP at Level200+)
    2. Ominous Solider (10% MHP, +1% per 3 refine)
    3. Pecopeco, Toxious, Deep Sea Strouf (10% MHP)
  3. Any status effect resistance cards (but, then again, Soul Release is OP).



1659Light of Recovery [1] (farmable at lhz_dun03). Still no weapon that specifically increase Healing Effectiveness as much as this weapon, and easily obtainable. At +20, we are looking at 120% increase, on top of giving 30% ACD if you combo-d it with 19244Rosary Necklace. Can be enchanted for a minimal increase of stats and Spell enchant (Spell3 = 8% VCT, but honestly? Not that worth considering how they keep on breaking on failure).

16039 Spoon [1] (farmable at prt_q): A niche weapon that simply increases your ASPD by 10. Neat.


  1. Sanare: Increase Healing Effectiveness by 10% at +11
  2. Dancing Marionette: Increases ASPD 10%
  3. As usual, any cards that increases ASPD, Healing Effectiveness, or MHP... anything that you are particularly lacking.



460023Phoenix Shield [1] (craftable at @go exc, Otherworldly Prisoner --> June 2022): An Osiris effect (100% HP/SP when resurrected) and 18% MHP at +18 60% MHP & MSP at +20 (this shield actually grants 3% MHP & MSP per refine rate. It was updated in the last patch, albeit the description was not changed).

28903Scutum [1] (obtainable at @go exc, Instance Shop NPC --> jRO using 250 1900000001.pngInstance Coins): 10% MHP at +10 refine. Neat shield. Nice place to start from, I reckon.

28946Purified Knight's Shield [1] (Transformed from 28942Cursed Knight Shield by spamming 23545Silver Angel Idols): ASPD +2 & +10%, and 5% ACD. Can be enchanted to get more ACD, Healing Effectiveness, and ASPD.

28941Excelion Shield [1] (craftable from @go exc --> Otherworldy Prisoner --> Charleston Crisis): 10% MHP at Lvl130+. Putting it here since some may already have it (but the refine which gives ATK & MATK which gives negligible change/not worth the investment for FS Cardi)

2192Rose of Eden [1] (obtainable at @go exc,  Instance Shop NPC --> jRO using 1900000001.png150 Instance Coins): 10% Healing Effectiveness

2162Bible of Promise (2nd Vol.) (farmable at lhz_dun3): Can be switched to buff party members with 2537.pngOdin's Power and switch back to another shield, if you choose not to use 28564Valkyrie Drop [1].


  1. Mushy Ant Egg: +10% MSP & +1% MHP per refine. Good for over-refined shields.
  2. Diligent Deniro & Diligent Andre: +1% MHP per refine. Similar as above, but also reducing damage from insects.
  3. Golden Thiefbug [MVP]: GTB has always been useful. It makes you immune to 80% magic, albeit you are also immune to your own buffs and heals (except heals coming from 5269.pngMediale Votum). With the release of the Elemental Day mechanics in Custom Contents, this might be put into more usefulness. 



20965Temporal Vit Manteau [1] (craftable at @go exc, Otherworldly Prisoner --> Old Glastheim --> Temporal Crystal Shop): +15% MHP & 4k flat HP at +20 refine, and +10% MHP enchant (oooor if you need more ACD, there is also a 15% ACD enchant). We love MHP.

480021Automatic Engine wing B-type [1] (craftable at @go exc --> Automatic Doll OR exchanged via Automatic Wing Coupons through Booster Coins but will be untradable): Provides some flat MHP, but most importantly gives a total of 37% VCT (at refine +11 with 2 1000126Automatic Modification Module (Caster) enchants). 

20952Mysterious Muffler [1] (obtainable at @go exc, Instance Shop NPC --> jRO using 1900000001.png150 Instance Coins): An inexpensive yet (very) useful garment. +20% MHP and +2 ASPD at only +9 refine rate. Not only that, but it also has a mini 12710Guyak Pudding effect, in which you have a permanent increased movement speed, and will reach maximum speed with 12622Halter Lead (as in, the same maximum speed as if you are using Guyak Pudding and Halter Lead). A good garment alternative, good garment to start with, and I can see myself using this from time to time in instances where there has a lot of walking around (eliminating Pudding usages!!).
20836Lindwurm's Skin [1] (obtainable at @go exc, Instance Shop NPC --> jRO using 1900000001.png150 Instance Coins): On the similar spectrum of 'inexpensive yet useful' garment, but with more focus towards VCT. At +8, with 120 AGI and 120 VIT, this gives at +12% MHP and 24% VCT

20932Old Morroc Shawl [1] (obtainable at @go exc, Instance Shop NPC --> jRO using 250 1900000001.pngInstance Coins). Grants +5% MHP, a lot of Flee & Perfect Dodges, and an Osiris effect. With an Osiris card equipped, the redundancy is rewarded by granting us additional +15% MHP.

480066Magic Barrier Muffler [1] (craftable at @go exc --> Geffen Night Arena): a possible alternative... albeit an expensive one to fully bring out the potential due to it being Armor Level 2 (no safe way to +20 it just yet as of current)


  1. Cenere: 2% ASPD per 10 AGI = 20% ASPD at 120 AGI.
  2. Ancient Stalactic Golem: +150 MHP & 1% ASPD per 10 VIT = ~1850 MHP & 13% ASPD at 130 VIT. On top of that, 3% ACD also at 120 VIT. The best of all worlds.
  3. Infinite Chimera: 8% MHP.
  4. Archbishop Magaleta [MVP]: Call it a meme, but all of the stats are useful for FS Cardi: +20 All Stats, +10% MHP, 15% Healing Effectiveness. Of course, I am not justifying the buying of this card just because you want to build FS Cardi because building one is very much viable without this card LOL. This card is simply a luxury~
  5. Any other Bio5 MVP: +20 All Stats would be useful for more ASPD and more MHP. But same argument as above: if you have it then use it if you want.
  6. As usual, any cards that increases ASPD, Healing Effectiveness, or MHP... anything that you are particularly lacking.




470105.png Purge Shoes (craftable at @go exc, Otherworldly Prisoner --> Oktober 2022): Our lord and saviour jRO-sama has graced us again with another one of their OP inventions for Cardinal. 50% VCT, 70% ACD, +20% MHP, +55 MDEF, 32% Healing Effectiveness... truly all of the things that we need, and we love. Never thought I'd see an item better than 22189 Pilgrim Shoes, but here we are. It is also fairly easy to craft, and I would recommend getting this A.S.A.P. This is one of the core items.

22189Pilgrim Shoes (dropped from Archbishop Margaretha): Pilgrim Shoes provides what Purge Shoes do, albeit with smaller values in comparison (60% ACD vs 70% ACD, for example) but primarily, it does not give that juicy 50% VCT. However, this shoes still works just as well, but the build would have to shuffle around, to accommodate for the missing values.

470023Automatic Leg B-type [1] (craftable at @go exc --> Automatic Doll OR exchanged via Automatic Wing Coupons through Booster Coins but will be untradable): Putting it here just in case you still have not crafted 19426SKC yet, as this is an (affordable) alternative in reducing FCT (but note that I do NOT recommend going down this path at all, as both 470105.pngPurge and 22189Pilgrim Shoes' effects are too good to be ignored). With 1000134Automatic Modification Module (Fixed Casting) and 2 1000121Automatic Modification Module (Heal) at +11 refine, you are getting flat 0.8 seconds FCT reduced, and 34% Healing Effectiveness. On the notion of flat FCT reduction, other alternatives could be Grade A +13 470094 Hero Boots-LT [1] reducing 1.0 seconds flat FCT (not sure why would you do it for an FS Cardi, but hey, it's an option alright), 22197Illusion Leg Type B [1] reducing 0.7 seconds flat FCT with 25694Modification Module (Fixed Casting), and 22008Temporal Dex Boots [1] reducing 0.5 seconds flat FCT with just 120 DEX. 

4372.pngCARD: Since the best options are jRO gears, there are no slots to put cards in. But for any alternatives/placeholders:

  1. Holy Skogul: 10% Healing Effectiveness at +9
  2. Licheniyes: 5% Healing Effectiveness
  3. Arena Licheniyes: 20% Healing Effectiveness
  4. Ominous Freezer; Abyssman: +10% MHP
  5. As usual, any cards that increases ASPD, Healing Effectiveness, or MHP... anything that you are particularly lacking.




For accessories, we would have to mix-and-match some of the gears up.


28552.pngBlaze and White Magic Ring [1] (dropped from Rune Knight Seyren): A versatile item that could contribute to our build depending on what we are lacking. Grants 15% ACD if worn on the Right slot, and 15% VCT & +15% MHP if weared on the Left slot. A trick to putting into your desired slot is that: when you are wearing no accessories at all, wearing an accessory will put it on the Left slot first. Hence, if you want this accessory to be on the Right slot, wear another accessory first, before wearing this one. This is one of the core items.

28564Valkyrie Drop [1] (obtainable at @go exc, Instance Shop NPC --> jRO using 250 1900000001.pngInstance Coins): 10% VCT, 5% ACD, but more importantly, learns 2537.pngOdin's Power when 66.pngImpositio Manus is at MAX level. You may opt to forgo this accessory if you are using 2162Bible of Promise (2nd Vol.) This is one of the core items.

28430Arch Bishop Ring [1] (obtainable at @go exc, Instance Shop NPC --> jRO using 150 1900000001.pngInstance Coins): Used to be the pinnacle accessory for FS AB prior to release of Cardinal. It allows the spamming of2051.pngHighness Heal when combo-d with 2864Light of Cure enchanted with 4803Cure Lv1 but now these are relics of the past. Still, Arch Bishop Ring remains useful till present time, as it increases Healing Effectiveness by 15%. Consider using this if you have achieved all of the goals.


4372.pngCARD: Any TWO of the Episode 17.2 Combo Cards that will give us +10% MHP. With that, they also come with minimal stats increase such as VIT and AGI, try picking the one that you need the most. Examples are:

  1. Broken Guard Beta. This should be the best fit for FS Cardi that has reached all 3 goals, as it gives +3 VIT (meaning 3% extra MHP = +13% MHP per card)
  2. Magic Poisoned Sanare. This is the AB combo, but, again, the set combo is irrelevant for FS Cardi.
  3. Elite Bellare 
  4. Sewage Venenum
  5. Roaming Spellbook 
  6. Bookworm
  7. etc etc etc
  9. Sealed Beelzebub: Ooooor, its sealed counterpart (15% VCT). Which I am assuming would be more accessible due to Sealed Card Album dropping from GA and obtainable through Purgatory Coins.




Information on how to get/evolve your pets can be found on this link.

9140Blue Moon Loli Ruri Egg: MHP +5%, Vit + 4. Currently using this as the heal from Mediale Votum is higher in my setup (and seemingly unchanged Dilectio Heal), as compared to older pet (Angeling). Besides, the occasional self-Kyrie is kinda fun

9088Angeling Egg: MHP +2% and Healing Effectiveness 8%. 

9139Dark Illusion Egg: 5% VCT. If you still need VCT. 

9115Bacsojin Egg: MSP +5% and ACD 3%. If you still need ACD





Current set-up looks like this.








  • MHP% (20% maximum) OR FLAT MHP (closest to 10k as possible)
  • RES or MRES (closest to 100 as possible). I'd suggest MRES just to give a little bit of magical resistance, since we already nearly max'd RES for the Nebula Armor. Also with the added fact that Elemental Day in Custom Content damage is magical too.


  • But if you really want to, get MATK I guess?


  • The most volatile/versatile costume enchant. Fill in the enchant according to what the build is currently lacking (refer to 2) THE GOALS)
    • Lacking VCT? --> 30% VCT 
    • Lacking ASPD? --> +10 ASPD 
    • Not lacking either? --> 30% Healing Effectiveness
  • Currently using +10 ASPD to reach 193.
  • Not necessarily must be the same type of enchant. Feel free to hybridize the costume enchant to fill in the gaps in the build accordingly.
  • PSST: If you are trying to reach 1.5 seconds FCT through flat seconds reduction, there are also FCT enchants here, with a max of -0.4 seconds FCT reduction. It's an option, although I'd say it times again that I do not recommend it.


  • Reduce damage from any size monsters/Reduce long-ranged damage (anything, really)
  • GHOST element: reducing neutral auto-attacks from monster. Although, the most recent update would require us to endow our armors according to the Elemental Days. 




  • Currently I am using the 25306 Variable Cast Stone Set (Upper + Middle + Lower + Garment) which gives 30% VCT. Alternatives could include the1000520Archbishop Stone (upper) giving 9% ACD, or 1000520Archbishop Stone (Middle) giving 12% VCT. Those also exist. The more you know.
    • There is also options to reduce FCT by flat 0.5 seconds here, such as 25306Fixed Cast Stone (Garment), a more recently released 1000520Archbishop Stone (Lower), and by using combinations such as 1000520Arch Bishop Stone (Garment) + High Priest Stone (Lower). Again, I'd not recommend it especially in Niflheim server where we have access to easy and OP items such as 19426SKC, but it's definitely an option alright.
  • For Dual slot, you could, again, choose whichever parameters you are still lacking, and equip with the corresponding Dual stone. Personally, I lacked ASPD, so I equipped 1000520ASPD Stone (Dual) into my Garment. 
    • Psst, there is also 1000520Variable Cast Stone (Dual) which reduces FCT by 0.5sec when paired with Variable Cast Stone (Garment). The more you know.


Shadow Gears


There are many routes to this. But as usual, my build is simply me finding what I lacked, and supplementing with the appropriate Shadow Gears.

  1. 24768Mega Blitz Shadow Weapon: Using this to patch up the remaining ACD and ASPD. AlternativesBlitz Shadow Weapon (ASPD), Healing Shadow Weapon (combo-d with Healing Set).
  2. 24366Healing Shadow Shield: More Healing Effectiveness. If you are still lacking something, alternativesSeparate Reload Shadow Shield (ACD, ASPD), Blitz Shadow Shield (ASPD).
  3. 2476424763Lord Bearer's Shadow set (Armor, Shoes): +25% MHP and infinite 8.pngEndure status. You can somewhat lure enemies now with lesser flinching and Kyrie/Heal spam yourself to keep safe. 
  4. 2468124682Maximum Mammoth Shadow set (Pendant, Earring): A minimal (+3% MHP) increase but gaining knockback immunity. You can now walk without being ping-pong'd around by Sightcrashers and Jupitel Thunder. 

As you can see there are a number of shadow gear sets that I do not use in my build but is very much viable in other FS Cardi builds, which are:

  • True Gemstone Shadow set: This is useful to completely nullify the usage of Blue Gemstones for 54.pngResurrection and the skills that use Blue Gemstones alike, but that is just about it (for FS Cardi). Since the 7776Gym Pass buff update, 10000 Blue Gemstone could be carried without any problem, which means the use/potential of this set is limited.
  • Spell Caster Shadow set: This is useful to gain 20% VCT, but since I have already fulfilled that through the means of other gears, I do not use this set. Might be useful for others.
  • Almighty Shadow set: This would have been a must gear if we are aiming VCT through stats. But VCT through percentage reduction do not require any involvement of stats. But the All Stats should prove useful as it will give more ASPD and more MHP%! Perhaps, consider using this as the 'General Content' shadow gear, and swap with Maximum Mammoth on certain knockback-y contents (but I am lazy, so I don't even bother /heh).




Remember the 3 GOALS? FCT + VCT + ACD

19426+15 Spirit King's Crown 100% Fixed Cast Time (FCT) reduced

470105.png +7 Purge Shoes (50%)   +  25306 Variable Cast Stone Set (30%)  +   28552.pngBlaze and White Magic Ring [1] on Right (15%)   +   28564Valkyrie's Drop (10%) = 100% Variable Cast Time (VCT) reduced

470105.png +7 Purge Shoes (70%)   +   19426+15 Spirit King's Crown  (20%)  +    24768+9 Mega Blitz Shadow Weapon (6%)   +   28564Valkyrie's Drop (5%)  =  100% After Cast Delay (ACD) reduced




The consumables I use are:


14524.pngSuperb Fish Slices (obtained from Superb Fish Boxes, from Lucky3): For urgent situations i.e. after 1014.pngRedemptio and you are left at 1 HP. Note that this shares cooldown with 607Yggdrasil Berry, but do NOT share cooldown with 608Yggdrasil Seeds.

1100004Concentrated Blue Syrups (crafted via Genetic's Special Pharmacy): To recover SP after spamming skills/counteract the SP burn in Custom Contents.

101367Small Mana Potion (amassed a lot via Booster boxes): Counteracts the SP burn in Custom Contents nicely, but not the end of the world if you do not have it.

7621Token of Siegfried (bought using Eden Merit Badge at @go eden --> Merry Badger) & 7621Token of Purgatory (bought using Purgatory Coins at @go 48): Not potions per se, but you should always carry this in your inventory. This is especially important when you are resurrecting using Redemptio, since 9 out of 10 times, you will just die right after resurrecting the whole team as the skill puts you down to 1 HP. PS: It's also very nice if you personally ask the secondary Cardi/Performer/person with good heart that actually brings 610Yggdrasil Leaf (I'm digressing a bit, but honestly speaking? After the weight change, WHAT is the excuse for not bringing any of them, else than laziness, and, perhaps, ignorance? Let's just hope they 'forget' to bring to make ourselves feel better) to immediately resurrect yourself after you died for their sins: TEAMWORK.

The self-buffs I use are:


636634226d7a3_soulcontrol.png.639388550499204dabd01d152d286201.pngSoul Control: +10 all stats for free! Don't forget to reapply every 10 minutes.

1910000206.pngBiscuit Bag (obtained from Fortessa Content): Opening this gives us the 6 different bars of stats. But honestly? Since we have not that high of reliance to stat, you could get away with just 1910000201.pngBar of Fitness for the extra 11-33% MHP, and perhaps 1910000201.pngBar of Agility for a little bit more AGI for ASPD

12883Almighty (obtained from Fortessa Content): Alternatively, if you are feeling lazy to press 6 buttons, this one will do, albeit it gives 5 all stats lesser.

23307.pngShining Defense Scroll: Increase HARD DEF and HARD MDEF by a lot. Increases survivability by a lot subsequently. But still, you are not a tanker in this build, and it is simply to help you survive some attacks better, and not dying every 5 seconds (floor deco thingz).

12710Guyak Pudding (obtained from Fortessa Content OR buy at the Monster Hunter NPC using 51012.pngMonster Hunter Coins): So that we can zooooooom. Use this in conjuction with 12622Halter Lead for even faster zoomies (MAXIMUM speed).

12886.pngInfinite Berserk Potions (from Lucky3): Everyone can use Berserk Potions in Niflheim, even if they are Cardinals. +20% ASPD.

12424HP Increase Potion (Large) (crafted by Genetic's Special Pharmacy): Extra MHP%. Easily crafted.





This is how I allocate the slots for my hotkeys. It is simply the one that I think works the best for me right now. Truthfully, every now and then I find myself readjusting the skill bar, so there is never a truly "finalized hotkeys", in that sense.

Just take your time to allocate skills to the bar according to your preference with reference to 3) Skills, and, with time, your muscle memory will remember where and what buttons are the skills that you are searching for. 


  • For Lex Aeterna spam, once you have 100% ACD, the limiting factor becomes your ASPD (besides the uncontrollable, external factors such as ping/latency, and keyboard capability, but I digress). For demonstration, both situations have 100% ACD but on the left is 168 ASPD and on the right is 193 ASPD. A noticeable change, and definitely important for highest of DPS to burst down the boss.

slow_lex.gif.0e2db5767d52b91f0f687ef2243c5810.gif                     fast_lex.gif.65f2ea64a21f441f7430fbc77ad55a38.gif

  • You could drag the names of your party members out of the party window, and arrange it according to Physical DPSes, Magical DPSes, and the Supports/floor decorations/etc. This way, you would have easier time to buff accordingly (Argutus Telum/Vita), as well as tracking health of members, tracking of dead members, and easier single resurrections (not needing to look for their bodies on the floor).


  • Here is a comparison of Dilectio Heal on 100% FCT (+15 SKC on the left), and 98% FCT (+14 SKC on the right). Having that very minimal cast time allows us to animation cancel the delay between cast, and results with more consistent/faster spamming. But still, let's pray for AP from the EM, lest you want your fingers tortured.

635a95ff4d6ea_dilectioheal.gif.42be6d46709c09b000d0468e1d098814.gif      fast_dilectio.gif.ba87bc6bea4854314eea3a72ef2df78a.gif

  • This is my current Dilectio Heal. Will be even more inflated with party buffs especially those that increases MHP%. Note that the healing is nerfed by 50% in Custom contents, so you still have to spam Dilectio/Reparatio on self from time to time.


  • I use self-timer after casting Competentia (buff lasting 300s) and immediately afterwards, re-buffing (DPS) party members with the single-targeted buffs (mostly the 4th job ones, which lasts 240s). This is useful to keep track when to recast the buffs, and always keep the 100% uptime, for smoother runs. Try it for yourself by putting into the macro "@countdown 300 0". In some cases that the DPS dies, you kinda have to mentally remind yourself to rebuff them though.


  • There is a command "/q2" that allows us to cast skill using the mouse wheel: up for F8 and down for F7 (or "/q1" which is using left-right click for F9). This could potentially be good for Lex spam, but I could never make it as fast as I am pressing on the keyboard, perhaps due to my cheap mouse. Try it out and please tell me if it works on your end.
  • A note to myself and prospective Cardinals: above all else, what matters the most is to understand what to do at what time. Adapting to the circumstances is the key.


Thank you for reading until the end of this guide and I hope you guys find it useful. As much as I could, I would try to update it accordingly when we have new patches (especially, if there are new jRO items for Cardinal again maybe?). There might have been things that I have overlooked, so I look forward for your opinions. I would also like to emphasize that making this build was possible through taking inspiration from other Cardinals over the year as well.

Special thanks to Lizzy for becoming my point-of-reference even way back then and has always been creative with the builds; as well as Vin for also showing me some of the updated stuff that was brought into the game while I was gone. And thank you for everyone who may have helped with this guide indirectly.

See yall.





27/10/2022: Posted to forum

29/10/2022: Added some alternatives to Costume Stones, changed the flow so that skills are explained first before the stats; many alternative cards on many gears (credits to ExoGenesis)

30/10/2022: Fixed descriptions of Phoenix Wing & Temporal Vit Manteau; added alternative on garment (Mysterious Muffler); added recommended 17.2 card on accessory (credits to SilentLightning)

1/11/2022: Added new pets' recommendation as of latest patch (Patch 2022-10-29)

5/11/2022: Added the ETC section for Skills; added some notes on achieving flat seconds FCT reduction on Shoes, Costume Enchants, and Costume Stones



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