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Issue regarding delay

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Hello everyone,

let me explain first of all what had happened. Around beginning of august I was nearly done with the patch when in the middle of last test phases the test server went offline. At this time I had not pushed anything to github yet as it was unfinished and in the end-phase of testing. I contacted the company that hosted the test server, Virmach. No response, after 1 week I decided to re-do the entire patch and anything else that was lost.

After 30 days I received a response from Virmach:


Virtual Machine Solutions LLC Priority Support <[email protected]> Do., 1. Sept., 05:53

We apologize for not being able to answer your ticket. If applicable, we have automatically applied store credit to your account based on your wait time. In this case, the ticket has been closed as we are unable to process multiple tickets and/or replies per customer at this time. If you still require assistance, please make a single new ticket with a single reply and we will be able to process these tickets more quickly. If you require assistance for more than one service or have multiple concerns, please wait until the first ticket receives a resolution before creating another ticket.

They had closed the ticket and told me to make a new one, once again.

13 days later I finally received another response.


Hi, unfortunately due to a dispute with our previous datacenter partner, access to this server is not currently possible.

We are currently in the process of assigning replacement servers.
Please let us know if you would like to be assigned any of the following server:

[1] 16GB, 2TB HDD, Los Angeles
[2] 16GB, 500GB SSD, Los Angeles
[3] 32GB, 250GB SSD, San Jose
[4] 16GB, 250GB SSD, Secaucus
[5] 16GB, 2TB HDD, Secaucus

Unfortunately, accessing original HDD/SSD or copying data is not currently possible. Our previous datacenter partner is essentially holding the data hostage with no notice, even though we continued paying for the servers. We are already beginning a lengthy legal process as a result but I'm unsure if we will be able to recover the data.

By now, everything that was lost has been re-created from scratch and is ready to be shipped as patch in the coming days.

I apologize for the huge delay on everything.

Sidenote: will change how I save unfinished patches from now on and the new test server is hosted at OVH.

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