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Hotfix 2022-09-19

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Due to an issue on the Helheim server, which resulted in a server restart, the following fixes were applied to Helheim only both Helheim and Niflheim:

  • Enchant UI
    • Reworked the matrix on how rates are calculated and handled (this includes the Nebula armor enchants)
    • Fixed wrong reset cost for Constellation Tower items Our apologies as this is still an issue.
  • Items
    • Fixed a bug where the damage reduction from Sarah Card was not doing damage if the user had too little hp, the minimum for all kinds of damages is always 1 unless the damage was evaded or blocked
    • Grey Abrasive (long-range)
      • Changed the minimum and maximum of the ranged attack enchant from 1 - 5 to 5 - 10
    • Fixed Talisman of Four Bearing God Tuning Device not working
      • Fixed Phoenix Shield not giving correct HP and SP per refinement
    • Fixed Hero's Insignia (490163) having more bonuses than it should have (?)
    • Adjusted effect of Lex Aeternia Stone to work with any physical attack
    • Added combo of Human Kimera Card (27147) and Matter Kimera Card (27148)
  • Skills
    • Fixed a bug where not all skills were correctly given the small damage bonus from Sky Mastery
  • Ladder
    • Fixed a bug that would allow monsters outside of ladder to be sometimes affected by a shield ( Please let me know if this fully works )
  • World Boss
    • Added exceptions for the following status effects
      • Flash Kick
      • Crimson Marker
      • First Brand
      • Second Brand
      • Hogogong
  • NPC
    • Fixed a bug where Constellation Towers Fountain was not interactable with when the leader had disconnected earlier in the run
    • Fixed a bug that caused the teg dungeon maps to not automatically block the custom party share
    • Fixed missing instances in @cooldown, @instances
    • Fixed a bug that prevented Fahrros and Realm of Chronos from not automatically resurrecting players

Thank you for your patience and support.

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