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Macros to autoclick.


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  1. 1. Asuming the ovbious that everyone should have the same advantages and disadvantages. Should macros be permited/prohibited?

    • Macros should be permited freely.
    • Macros should be permited with restrictions so people don't abuse (capping the max input per sec for example)
    • Macros should NOT be permited, period, no exeptions.
    • Macros should NOT be permited but there should be some exeptions. More RGB means more skill ingame.

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Hello everyone. Im sugesting to make mouse programs either free to use or completely illegal, there's no point in having a "in betwen" excluding certain brands and some others not from the rule of "no macros" because of... reasons.

"people will start to abuse" is probably the first argument against it, which is right. Problem is; theres a selection of brands that can still run macros that do exactly the same harm, prob worse because the cheer amount of info on how to program famous brands on internet. We can asume that the admins of server have no problem with it, if that was not the case then 0 mouse programs would have been allowed to start with.


The problems that i want to pinpoint are basically 2:

1: There's no fair game in existence that promotes such uneven playfield across the players for no aparent reason.

2: There's a quite painful and easy to develop syndrome called "Carpal tunnel", said syndrome is sadly directly worsen or flat out consquence of gaming.

As for now i do not have any deep information on why this problem is stil a thing but If youre afraid of someone using it as an advantage (teg dun farmers selling in 1 sec while you have to destroy your mouse and your arm for 2 min of straight clicking nonstop for example) let's clarify that an advantage ceases existing when everyone have acces to it equially without restrictions such as "you happen to have the adecuate mouse", after that it's just a feature. Choosing to use it or not wil be up to the player himself.

If SMRO server is sponsored by razer / logitec / redragon just ignore this sugestion, i would understand if the server is getting paid to promote the purchases of certain brands by giving them an edge over others, marketing 101 at it's finest, but ovbiously i firmly doubt that's the case.


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I'd like macros for skill usage only, because smart cast doesn't work properly (let's be honest) and with my high ping I can't spam skill like ppl near server can.

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