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Iridium's Movement Speed Chart

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I threw together some preliminary data on discord, and there was interest in a more comprehensive one. There are too many movement speed buffs to fully cover, but I hoped I covered most of the ones people might actually use regularly. Unfortunately I had a hard time finding what these numbers translated to as far as actual cell movement per time. iRO Wiki states that peco + agi up is 200% movement speed, while stating that genetic cart boost is also 200% movement speed, yet both have different values in this server. Speed potions are listed in iRO wiki as 250% movement speed but only give 75 in-game. Our data isn't based on iRO so we should just take the wiki data with a grain of salt.


PS Sprint gives a listed movement speed of 83, but I think we can all agree that it's not a real movement speed ability.

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