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Iridium's Booster Mini Guide for Sky Emperor (no MvPs, no graded gear, minimal enchant dependance)

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Hello everyone! Here's a mini guide to help people with their booster leveling. This guide is intended for veteran players who have access to gear and consumables.



Why Sky Emperor (SkE)?

  • No critical requirements for Moon and Star Skills.
  • No ACD requirements for leveling, nor for Moon and Star Skills.
  • Naturally high damage and increased exp (+100% base) from the Miracle Buff.
  • Miracle exp buff lets you level well without exp events and without parties.


“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” – Abraham Lincoln, allegedly.

Before you start, you’ll want to get your mise en place all ready so your leveling is as streamlined as possible.


  • a Kim performer alt (level 200+ so they can solo perform ensembles)
  • an alt to leech yourself at nightmare pyramids
  • Battle Manuals, Job Manuals
  • 100 Jellopy for the 30 min Battle Manual quest
  • SDS + life pots (though you get plenty from booster rewards), slims/sp potions/ygg seeds
  • refined gear, cards


About Miracle:

  • makes every mob and map count as a star mob. This means extra damage from Stellar Wrath, extra exp from Stellar Blessing, and Stellar heat on every map.
  • screen turns dark + you get a "soul link" buff (not a real soul link e.g. you can’t use Union)
  • 0.05% chance to proc with any attack but you can cheese the activation using the test room


How to Proc Miracle:

  • create Special [test room] instance
  • Use Solar, Lunar and Stellar Perception lvl 3 to turn the map into a stellar map. 
  • Use @testmonster 2411 0 twenty to twenty-five times to eggs on a single cell. You will be using this a lot so either save it somewhere to keep it on alt+m.
  • Use Stellar Heat until the screen turns blue and you get a soul link buff. If you run out of sp, just talk to the poring on the bottom right.







Edit: I had some discussions with guildmates about alternative shadow gear, so here are some alternatives from most to least recommended. Note that the only ones I've tested are the ones I have listed in the guide above.



Leveling Off Event:

Personally I would recommend it. Because exp bonuses are additive, the 50% extra exp from event isn’t as big of a percentage when you consider battle manual, exp gear, Kim, and miracle buff. It also lets you capitalize on Eden dailies every day instead of just the weekends. There also tends to be less competition on popular maps.


Leveling With Parties:

The exp bonus from miracle does not apply to mobs killed from your party members, so unfortunately joining a party will most likely slow you down. Joining a party may still have the advantages of improved drops and not worrying so much about KSing.

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5 hours ago, jjgamer said:

What is "FSK"

Flying Side Kick

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