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Crimson Rock 4th job gear showcase (Update after Patch 2022-02-06)

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Just a gear showcase of my Crimson Rock build



  • General tab:


+20 Thanos Magic Helmet - LT grade 0 (Lichtern Red card)

Gambler's Seal

Heart Card in Mouth

+12 Automatic Armor B-type (Angry Nine Tail card) (Automatic Module (Delay After Skill), Automatic Module (Shadow Spell), Automatic Module (Shadow Spell))

+20 Thanos Two-Handed Staff - AD grade 0 (Regenschirm Scientist card, Red Pitaya card) (MATK against Shadow monster + 18%, MATK + 5%)

+20 Convertible Magical Wing (Nightmare Ancient Mummy card)

+15 Temporal DEX Boots (Research Assistant Bot card) (Runaway Magic, DelayafterAttack 4lv)

Geffenia Ice Magic Tool (Roaming Spellbook card)

King Schmiddt's Divine Power Insignia (Mavka card) (Divine Power, Sharp 4, AGI + 4)



  • Costume tab:


Valkyrie Helm (High Wizard Stone upper) (+HP, +HP)

Marine Cape (Warlock Stone middle) (MATK against boss + 5%, MATK against boss + 5%)

Costume Eremes Scarf(Blue) (Warlock Stone lower) (ACD - 10%, ACD - 10%)

Hidden Garment (Warlock Stone garment) (DEF against Medium size + 4%, INT + 3)

+10 Full Tempest Shadow Armor (MATK + 3%)

+10 Clever Shadow Weapon (MATK + 2%)

+10 Clever Shadow Shield (ASPD + 1)

+10 Full Tempest Shadow Boots (ASPD + 1)

+10 True Gemstone Shadow Earring (Delay after attack - 5%)

+10 True Gemstone Shadow Pendant (Critical attack + 2%)



  • Damage:

(81% acd reduction)



  • Buffs used:


  • Almighty
  • Infinite Berserk Potion
  • Red Booster
  • Limited Power Booster
  • Infinity Drink
  • Blue Herb Activator
  • Enrich Celermine Juice
  • Mystical Amplification
  • Climax lv 4 + All Bloom

+ Comet debuff



  • New damage with Thanos Helmet enchant from Patch 2022-02-06:


Exact same gears as above but Thanos Magic Helmet-LT has Earthy Power (Magic) Lv3, Expectation Lv3




Without and with Runaway Magic proc


Exact same gears as above but now with Ring of Pazuzu:




Without and with Runaway Magic proc


Exact same gears but with:

  • +13 Hero Boots-LT grade A (Wise Man's Knowledge, Sharp 4, STR + 1)
  • Hero Insignia (Intelligence, Fatal 3, STR + 1)



Without and with Wise Man's Knowledge active


Edited by Fishy
update with hero boots + insignia

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272m peak damage until now

With the right pace on your fingers (and probably a good keyboard) and enough ping you can spam at max ASPD for 6-7 crimson rocks a second.

272m x 7 = 1904m aka 1.9bi DPS without MVP Cards from what i have noticed.

That's without counting the buffs from other classes and the other mods that didn't applied to the dummy (Weap, Shadow gear enchants, elemental advantage). Which doing an rough estimative would probably go up to 5bi DPS, and still room for more with NAR and Deep Sea Witch Card, and maybe one of those new graded armors.

On nifheim Crimson Rock will probably still be the best DPS you can get for the next years. Unless something really groundbreaking happen either on SM or kRO.

Really good showcase

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On 4/10/2022 at 11:32 AM, danzel said:

i follow this guide but my damage cant pass 100m without paizuzu


Get all the buffs I listed in the Buff used section

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18 hours ago, danzel said:

is that buff increase damage by 150%? can you show damage without buff?


at least use comet and myst amp
I got 130m with just comet, myst amp, almighty food, soul control, and bless agi

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