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Twilight Pharmacy Suggestion

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Hi guys.

I was thinking about in all the trouble to make condensed pots, alcohol, grenades, acid pots so i tried to use twilight pharmacy, the problem is we need 1 ~ 2 chars to activate the skills (super novice or taekwon + soul linker), im not a big fan to create extra accounts to play (my toaster can burn if i open a second account), so not sure if GM can create an item or make a quest to remove this conditions (if (taek && Soul link activate) {twilight pharmacy activated} )and use something like(if (Twilight Pharmacy Ticket = true) {Twilight pharmacy activated}), maybe can purchase a ticket whit moon coins or a quest, dont know its up to you guys, what did you say, can this work it?

PD: Sry for my english :D

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