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The Donafellian Sorcerer Supreme - Diamonds are Forever

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The Donafellian Sorcerer Supreme - Diamonds are Forever (if you have a Kiel)


"Let no man, woman, or cat decry that Sorcerers are memes. Nay, as of the year of our Loonar, 2099 (the year of our Lord, July 17, 2021), the stars aligned. Rainbows spilled from the wellsprings of Loonar's musky forest alcoves. As the rainbows travelled the void of the universe, planets birthed, died, and splintered into uncountable stars as the sands of the sea. A shard of that sevenfold force made its way here, to SMRO. A thin ray of rainbow hope pierced the atmosphere of Rune Midgard, fortuitously through the sheerest gap in the foliage of Payon forest. On the beaten brow of the Sorcerer (who has a Kiel), it came."

- The Book of Loonar, Chapter 2 


1. The Why



As of the latest patch (July 17, 2021), Sorcerer gained access to a whole suite of goodies. This turned sorcerer dps from a meme, to a damn blessing. Sorcerer is currently the strongest magic damage dealer in the game (as long as water works and as long as you have a Kiel or a pocket bragi). I will elaborate, but first let us look at the skill(s) in question.


Diamond Dust & Earth Grave



FCT 0 (at level 5)

ACD 1 second

VCT 7 seconds (WTF Gravity)

Ground Target

and earth grave is pretty much the same ... except it has 1 FCT (WTF Gravity, consistency please)

But as you can see, this is a very very powerful skill, gated by some very terrible hurdles. Its potential lies in that (Skill_Lv x INT) part of the equation, which turns DD from a 2500% MATK ability into a 4500% MATK ability that can be spammed at 193 atkspd (with the power of runaway magic)! Unfortunately, 1 second ACD means that we need a minimum of 86% ACD reduction to spam, and even more if you have poor ping. For this reason, 1 Kiel is necessary to run this build effectively (or a pocket bragi).


Runway Magic: our ace in the hole


2. The Stats and Skills 



Str as much as you need to hold your weight

Agi whatever you need to hit 193 atkspd with consumables

Vit whatever is left

Int 130 <- non negotiable. This is where you damage comes from

Dex whatever you need to hit instantcast (also helps with atkspd)

Luk NO


Skills (MUST GET)

image.png.9835f322efa7bb6e4ba08cb286e45c3d.png Safety Wall 10: no explanation required. Helps against melee damage.

image.png.601cc36de7b2180b8f9e957b97eeabac.png Advanced Book 10: free atkspd GET IT

image.png.83f1e8e32cac5e924dd268041613ce0e.png Indulge 5: free sp. One of the main reasons why we play this class

image.png.4d209c9d084aeb3cf41a5c0bbc42fbe4.png Seismic Weapon 5: increases the damage of Earth Grave

image.png.270bea14c13e72d706080e1f1eff18b6.png Frost Weapon 5: increases the damage of Diamond Dust

image.png.c3f4440300d671d413c52e8201f2f482.png Dispel 5: gets rid of max pain

image.png.05e4ead658d598fbb980206bd9089f6e.png Wall of Fog 1: -75% reduced damage from ranged attacks

image.png.aa97ba61353950a1cac49793f9122259.png Deluge 5: increases water magic damage and MAXHP of everyone in it. Also cancels Land Protector (very important since you can't Diamond Dust on top of LP). This is stronger than water insignia and does not stack with it.

image.png.d32230feffae7d3b6570c327dea736a0.png Land Protector 5: no explanation required

image.png.f3ed868d60694a95e309d66e5c75e17e.png Striking 5: gives your physical party members 100 atk

image.png.ffc56e5e10a7d9f6339d071e823cb416.pngimage.png.efe0bdb7469b15c388caa08d8313d6ab.png Diamond Dust 5 / Earth Grave 5: no explanation required

image.png.70077e65e52b68dc28e8c86b0f6ab60b.pngimage.png.ee8083ffdc335377c8df57a5a5a00345.pngimage.png.a7729a54329b9dce01176be4cf2de0a0.pngimage.png.a5157aaf14b54532adbe1464e26af235.pngimage.png.251fbb044dce5bb4b6f6a67eaf5e7ea5.png: Summon Aqua, Terra, Ignis, Ventus 3. Elemental Control 1 (to activate their skill buffs). Elemental Sympathy 5 (so they last 1 second longer). https://irowiki.org/wiki/Elemental_Spirit_System use this link for the list of interactions. But the most important to note is that Ventus gives -1 FCT and Aqua LVL2 and Terra LVL2 both improve DD and EG damage respectively (make sure to use Elemental Control LVL1!)

image.png.fd85eec769c33228f867be2208bdbbaa.pngimage.png.c95f3627f5a06c85eb224e80bb8e5553.pngimage.png.1bd85bde23ac4e4814e611ccfc4b49e2.pngimage.png.b6da131b185e34a877796f9a3d5a8cc0.png All the insignias level 3: this is a major part of increasing our damage. The tooltips explain it, but simply put. If you stand in an insignia, you elemental attacks of the same element increase and you take more damage from attacks of the opposing element. So for EG, make sure to stand in an Earth Insignia and Place a Wind Insignia on the boss. For DD, stand in a deluge instead and place a fire insignia on the boss.

image.png.c2579b7288ca5f98d8a4005aecffc4d3.png Magic Book Mastery 10: more damage

image.png.9213957759974aaaf6e7d87acaef21b8.png Spell Enchanting 5: more damage

image.png.57a6e58baed5463bcd39438ee534c389.png Increasing Activity 5 and all the AP generation abilities: it's nice to have the Archbishop superbuff. Tell everyone else to eat a sock.


Conditional but recommended

image.png.d06137be51ae1774d7938ade0cf7eac6.png Free Cast 10: move while casting, why not?

image.png.3b28a2fc462614c6c161d503771288af.png Extreme Vacuum 5: budget bin quagmire. Deceptively useful.


This is going to be a pretty busy job. Get ready for it. Diamond Dust / Earth Grave Sorcerer isn't just a damage dealer. We have to keep up with our support duties. It will take practice to maximize your damage while juggling the rest.


3. Build Theory


Previously, Diamond Dust/Earth Grave (hereafter known as DD and EG) suffered from 3 crippling disabilities that have been resolved!

1. Cooldown: with a base cooldown of 5, we only had the sorcerer shadow weapon and shield for reduction. We could only cast DD/EG once a second! However, as of current patch, the Poen weapon for Sorcerers fixes this problem by granting us 2 additional seconds off our cooldown and inducting us into spam heaven. We can now cast DD/EG seven times a second!


2. Gems and Magic Penetration: it is no secret that magic defense in RO is incredibly powerful. MDEF scales very fast and very hard compared to defense. This meant that you needed 100% MDEF pierce to p keep your damage from getting gutted. However, since DD/EG Sorcerers needed to wear their Class Shadow Weapon and Shield, we could not benefit from the Skill Shadow's mdef pierce! Next, there was the issue of gems. Thankfully, as of current patch these problems are gone! All hail Full Tempest and True Gemstone!



3. Elemental Lock is a Death Sentence: and is has become "was." Our elemental tables are renewed! The core (natural) elements are now far better than the unnatural elements! Furthermore, take a look at the enemy list of the Fortessa Themed Dungeons. Water is a viable element against ALL mobs (I tried it myself. In theory and practice, it works). Note: it doesn't matter if Water isn't a good match for the Fortessa Bosses. You aren't killing bosses with any AoE ability anyway. Your job in there is to kill mobs and you do a damn fine job of it. Now, if only the rewards were a little higher so as to justify running it. Just a thought.



4. Lack of Skill% Modifiers: while GXs and RKs get to use their "True" cards. And other classes have headgears (bio5s) and weapons that grant immense skill%. Sorcerers, in recent memory, did not! But as of current patch, we have our dedicated headgear!





With these new goodies in hand, the Double DEG has been unleashed!

"devo-man san, I'm sorry. But I will be going on ahead"

"No, LP-man san don't leave us alone! Stay in my devo-range! LP man noooooooooooooooooooooo. Comet-man san, stop him!"

"Comet release hooooooooooooooooooooo!"



Now that we have seen the salient changes. Let us dive into the build. There are several variations depending on your budget. I will begin at ground 0 before moving up:



Just a quick note before we begin: you will probably run into FCT issues if you blindly pursue damage. Therefore, here are two options PICK ONE:


My recommendation is to use the FCT garment stone in a spare garment, and then swap garments whenever you need to cast support skills. It's janky, but more damage. Alternatively you can just run the fixed cast stone or the dex boot permanently. 


Step 1: buy a bragi manservant from your local Morocc fruit seller. 


Step 1.5: Whisper sweet nothings into his ear. Make sure to get that bragi from his booty.

Step 2: wear these clothes


That's right. Budget build is the full Celine Set. Get as much dex/int as you can on your ribbon and glove. The most expensive part of this set will be the Dress.



Weapon/Shield: Get a +11 ungraded codex and a PKS with 5 ACD enchanted


Key Items: VWE w/ 10% ACD , Temporal INT Mant w/ 15% ACD, Temporal INT Boots w/ RUNAWAY MAGIC



Shadows: Sorcerer Shadow Weapon, Sorcerer Shadow Shield, True Tempest Armor, True Gemstone Accessories


Costume Stones: Sorcerer Stone II (Garment) and just use the full set (except for as a reload stone to hit 86% ACD with bragi).


Key Cards: Use the full bookworm combo for more DD%. the Mutated Set is Best in Slot for the weapon. And Chaotic Acolyte helps you hit the 86% ACD w/ bragi. Everything else is standard magic cards.



BUILD 2: I have Kiel and I have money to DD / EG


Just a quick note before we begin: you will probably run into FCT issues if you blindly pursue damage. Therefore, here are two options PICK ONE:


My recommendation is to use the FCT garment stone in a spare garment, and then swap garments whenever you need to cast support skills. It's janky, but more damage. Alternatively you can just run the fixed cast stone or the dex boot permanently. 


Replace your Celine Set with the following:


Auto Armor B w/ 2 x Shadow Spell + ACD (alternatively, if you have Contraspider Queen (MVP), use 2 x Magic Power instead of Shadow Spell)

Since we aren't using Celine set, replace the Brooch and Evil Glove with a grace magic ring and a divine insignia w/ Divine enchant + spell

Lastly, put on your crowning jewel! TEMPORAL CIRCLET w/ Magic Essence LVL5



Card: the same. But you can use a Mavka depending on if you are Earth Graving or DDing (alternatively, if you have Contraspider Queen (MVP), use another bookworm). You can also use the Abyssman combo for Earth Grave. But from personal experience, just try your best to boost DD. EG is a backup tool. Don't divide your efforts. Go all in on DD.


BUILD 3: I want 100% VCT through equipment without sacrificing anything!


1. +15 Temporal Circlet: 15% VCT

2. +12 Automatc Armor B: 15% VCT

3: Mad Bunny LT: 5% VCT

4. Poen Codex: 10% VCT

5. Convertible Magical Wing: 7% VCT

6. Grace Magic Ring: 10% VCT

7. Spell4 in temporal boots and insignia: 20% VCT

8. Survivor's Orb: 2% VCT

9. Enchant 5% VCT in Sorcerer's Shadow Weapon and Shield: 10% VCT

10: True Gemstone Accessory set: 6% VCT






4. Luxury Goods

Given DD's 4500% MATK scaling, it naturally scales very well with luxury MVPs. I will cover and rate what I believe are the bangs for your buck!


1. Racial Body Cards


NAR: A great card. Most enemies in the game are Shadow/Undead/Demon Also covers the racial types in Fortessa Themed Dungeons 10/10

GRP: Another great card. Formless and Fish are both racial targets in Fortessa Dungeons. Holy is common. Guardian Angel is also notably Formless 10/10

Realized Amdarais: An underrated card. I would not recommend buying one. But if you have it, use it wherever NAR and GRP don't cover 7/10


2. Racial Garment Cards:


There is only one. The only, Contraspider Queen. Very very underrated.

By having this, you can pivot your build away from water/earth elemental damage modifiers and spec directly into matk/%matk/or skill%.

A very very powerful card that I even use on my minstrel.



3. Headgear Cards


Kiel: you need one to truly realize the build's potential. TWO if you really want to go ham at high ping 15/10

Fenrir: if Kiel is in your VWE, then Fenrir deserves the slot in your +15 Temporal Circlet. DD is a 4500% MATK skill. More base MATK goes a long way. Also, -70% FCT makes Sorc smooth like a daydream. 8/10


4. Footgear / Shield Cards


Fallen Bishop: another amazing card. Demihuman / Angel are both common targets everywhere 10/10

Death Witch: don't have one, but I consider this a true luxury amongst luxuries. Demon and Formless are already covered by NAR and GRP. 8/10 just because of redundancy

The One Card: don't have one, but this is our only avenue for vs Dragon%. However, only fortessa volcano benefits from it 8/10

Silent Maya: don't have one, but this is our only avenue for vs Brute and Plant%. However, only fortessa forest benefits from it. So 8/10

Bijou: if you have one, why not? 4/10





In Conclusion

Feel the Power





image.png By Donafell (C) 2099 Changelog


3/9/21: guide created

5/9/21: updated the damage photo , amended recommendation on Deluge vs Water Insignia



Edited by Donafell

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celine set should be the strongest option aside from going temporal circlet o/

I highly recommend temporal circlet though. At the time of writing this build, temporal spells were like 2m each. It has since gone down to 700k on a Friday.


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idk if you're doing a elemental master guide already, but i wanted to know if you think its going to be viable

i'm a casual player, just to have fun, and i'm having a blast with the new skills, but they have a very long fixed cast time.. i can only instacast with ventus -1sec passive... idk if there's a way to get the skills insta atm, they have like 2.5(?) fixed sec

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