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Patch 2021-08-01

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  • Update 2021-08-01
    Note: This is a compilation of the changes that were implemented over the past 2 weeks since patch release and some additions and changes.
    • Client patch 2 days ago
      • Fixed an issue with gepard shield causing the message "nodelay detected"
      • Fixed an issue with gepard shield preventing certain skills from being cast with a weird delay
    • Season Booster:
      • Starting a booster makes you automatically now a High Novice
      • Resetting your class makes you automatically now a High Novice
      • Enabled Battle Manual on Seasonal Booster ( NOT 3x )
      • Adjusted descriptions of Battle Manuals whether or not they will work on a booster
      • Implemented level requirement on all booster dailies
      • Added all level requirements to all descriptions
      • Fixed an error in the NPC, when removing a booster status it was not updating the table accordingly
    • Purgatory changes:
      • Implemented SP Vampiric drain effects into Purgatory modes
      • Removed random ruins spawn inside any purgatory maps.
      • All healing % nerf has been changed to Mediale Votum only
      • Added a prevention from certain specific instance monsters ( hidden ones ) applying purgatory effects to the party.
      • Balloon:
        • No longer uses casters HP to calculate the damage but instead calculates the damage on each target based on the % number.
        • The new based % number starts at 120% and is reduced by 10% for every member within 5 cells of the balloon
        • The damage is changed to be map-wide
        • Time for stacking has been increased from 5 seconds to 7 seconds
        • Changed sprite to the one it was supposed to have after patch but was forgotten
      • Bomb:
        • No longer uses casters HP to calculate the damage but instead calculates the damage on each target based on the % number.
        • The new based % number starts at 30% and is increased by 10% for every member within 10 cells of the bomb
        • The damage is changed to be map-wide
      • Fixed Twilight Garden not giving any Purgatory Coins / Instance Coins
      • Balloon and Bomb can no longer trigger together and only one of said effects can be active at the same time
      • Added Eternal Slash to nerf skill list at 50%
      • Purgatory Portal
        • Increased reduction by Guardian Angel a little bit more
        • Added a stacking burning effect every 15 seconds
    • Fortessa Zero
      • Improved status changes ( buffs ) in Fortessa Zero upon swapping to it
      • Added Class Reset NPC to Fortessa Zero
      • Added Socket Enchanter NPC to Fortessa Zero
      • Changed the automatic return to pet egg to only be during going to fortessa zero
      • Fixed an error when using fly wings alot in Zero that would cause a client crash with a missing mapfile
      • Fixed an error that caused you to sometimes loose EXP when leaving zero on your normal character
      • Mult-clienting
        • Added prevention from using multiple clients to receive endless Fortessa Medals
          ( Only one account may receive now the Fortessa Medals, the exp is still given. )
    • Themed Fortessa Dungeons
      • Increased drop rate of all items by 2x
      • Decreased natural healing from 3% to 1%
      • All healing % nerf has been changed to Mediale Votum only
      • Added Eternal Slash to nerf skill list at 50%
    • Other changes:
      • Fixed a bug with the exp table below lvl 200 for non expanded ( applied over a week ago to both servers )
      • Fixed EXP penalty were not applied to boss monsters ( NOT MVP ones )
      • Added specific stat resetting to Resetter Girl
        • Allows selection of traits only or stats and traits
      • Fixed an error with @price on Helheim
      • Fixed description of Help Angel
      • Fixed a typo in Temporal Circlet(Mechanic) description
      • Fixed unidentified name and description for Elegant Wave, Caster Shadow Armor II
      • Fixed description of Empty Test Tube
      • Added numbers to all World Boss Boxes names
      • Fixed buffs applied in any versus map no longer disappear after 5 seconds
      • Fixed an issue with Bank Manager on Helheim
      • Added level requirements inside Warper NPC for all new 200+ maps
      • Fixed Board Quest ( 200 - 230 ) not giving cooldown correctly
      • Implemented automatic removal of cooldown quests at 00:05 for all new dailies
      • Fixed a bug that prevented Instances from being destroyed when not used
      • Added 4th class skill points when using Build NPC
      • Fixed Resetter NPC not resetting points correctly based on class used
      • Fixed 1st class outfit not working correctly
      • Added OGH CM last chest gives rewards to all players now during hell difficulty or above
      • Fixed a bug in OGH CM that did not warp all players correctly or warped them while being outside or warped them always to the left
      • Fixed Disguiser Card
      • Fixed Evil Spirit Glove giving a wrong autocast
      • Removed Farmer Wheel from all instances
      • Removed Dark Society entry npc until an error with a map has been resolved 
        ( New dungeons do not require it )
      • Monster Hunter Coins
        • Have been added as world drop which can happen from any monster at a roughly 1% chance
        • Updated the NPC in go special to have alot of consumeables that were previously removed from other npcs
        • Added a secondary NPC that sells the following items:
          • Sea Otter Mini Fan
          • Kafra Uniform
          • Drooping Rebellion
          • Zodiac Stones
          • Poring Sunglasses
          • Happy Balloon
          • Angel Poring Boots
      • Fixed a saving issue with graded items post grading that it was not updating all the time
      • Fixed an issue with class mastery and the giving back of EXP
      • Implemented level requirement on all quests of the 140-190 board
      • Added all level requirements to all descriptions
      • Fixed wrong mob name in 3 quests
      • Implemented Temporal Transcended set effect
      • Fixed EXP Advisor not working during enchantment
      • While any shield is active on any world boss they only take 10% of the original damage now
      • Added the missing Homunculus Supplement from last patch
      • Fixed Valkyrie Ingrid having wrong HP
      • Fixed an issue with 3 caches sometimes not giving a costume
      • World Boss
        • All rewards are now automatically given in the inventory and no longer in mail
        • If a character is inside zero while the world boss he damaged died, the rewards are automatically converted to Fortessa Medals
      • Updated all Edda Biolab crafting scrolls and removed Greater Fortessa Emblem for Monster Hunter Coins requirement
      • Costume VIP Hair Male (ID:400057) now appears in the costume tab in storage
      • Fixed a wrong enchant option category in Poenitentia physical dmg % enchant
      • Added the missing Ancient Hero items into Fortessa Medal exchanger
      • Fixed a bug in Room of Consciousness which could cause Bijou to become stuck at 0% hp
      • Fixed monsters of Nightmare Clock Tower inside Navigation UI
      • Fixed the item collection quests in the 100-110 mission board
      • Fixed a typo in Dance with Warg
      • Biolo and Meister summons are now removed correctly on class changes
      • Fixed an issue with Daily check in
    • Guild Houses:
      • Added twilight garden into @manager
      • Fixed an error which prevented some npcs from being moved in the Guild House
      • Fixed that Dummies in guild houses should now be correctly moved on server restart or re-initialization
      • Added a way to re-initialize your guild house incase it failed to retrieve information and preventing you from adjusting something
        ( When you cannot edit an npc and the npc just closes )
    • Smart Cast:
      • Improved when you have no target and you use a skill to no longer stand around trying to cast a skill that has no target
      • Improved the handling of skills after longer duration of being online and some skills would bug out at that moment
      • Fixed all ranger traps still being inside the list of smartcasting and thus requiring a monster to be cast
      • Added Soul Exchange to exception list
      • Added Arrow Shower to exception list
      • Added Dispell to exception list
    • Niflheim Exclusive
      • Fixed the missing halved ACD not correctly applying after last patch
      • Increased a number regarding the stacking when several psychic waves were placed which caused a lag
      • Replaced all Greater Fortessa Emblems in Otherworldly Prisoner for Monster Hunter Coins
      • Psychic Wave
        Implemented a stacking limit of max 3 consecutive psychic waves from the same caster
      • Fixed Otherworldly Transmuter

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