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Because there's no Drive Press build. (A Niflheim Drive Press build)

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Okay, so.... overhaul. There's been some changes since this guide, the 4th job release, and the 4th job mass rebalance.


Hello, welcome to the world of Pokemon Ragnarok Online. Before we start, do note that even with the new changes, this build is unlikely to do meta levels of damage. What you have to compensate though, is defensive bulk and staying power to compensate.

Now, why these two skills? Well, why not. It's nice and safe to walk it about in Hell mode EDDA Biolab, for one. See the sights. Don't mind the locals.

Why not Shield Chain? It doesn't mesh with any aoe, sadly. Imo, the best builds come in pairs. Banishing Point x Cannon Spear, Genesis Ray x Pressure, Overbrand x Hesperus Lit, etc. Shield Chain being a ranged attack limits your aoe option to the similarly ranged attack, Cannon Spear, whose build is entirely different. Also, it's my guide and I don't wanna.

With that said, on to the builds.

This build for use on Shining Moon RO's Niflheim server. Mileage may vary elsewhere.


Basically Bash, but with a shield and is stronger. What sets it apart is that it also takes into account shield weight, not that a heavy shield would be best in slot for it, as we will discuss later. It has the demerit of being a skill with a cooldown, but at the same time, it means you can build bulkier and not worry too much about losing attack speed for it. Also, note that its attack range is shorter than your own spear auto attack range.
Deals (200 * skill level)% damage at 2 seconds cooldown.
0s VCT, 0s FCT, 0s ACD


Basically shield Magnum Break that also scales with STR and VIT. It also has the unique ability to cancel existing aoe spells where it hits, perfect for denying large-scale enemy magic like Tiara's Tetra Vortex. With the recent change to it, it can even be spammed like old Overbrand, being that it now has old Overbrand's fixed animation that you need to cancel with Auto Guard or a similar skill, as fast as you can.
Deals (380 x skill level)% damage at (8 - (1 x skill level)) (7.5 - (1 x skill level)) seconds cooldown.
1s VCT, 0s FCT, 1s ACD


Skills of note:

Shield Spell - A skill with 3 different effects for your most pressing needs at the moment. ATK, health regen or SP regen.

Inspiration - Your ultimate skill, granting you a truckload of HP, ATK, and more importantly, stats that also gives you... HP and ATK. And also helps with cast time and Prestige.

Prestige - Your GTB at home. Note that this anti-magic skill can be cancelled by the magic called Dispel, but otherwise, it hard-counters magic by chance through dodging it with your INT and LUK stat.

Vanguard Force - Basic HP steroid. It doesn't have an auxiliary effect of providing counters for the useless Rage Burst, no sir. Rage Burst doesn't exist. 

Auto Guard - Your Parrying at home. Make of it as you will.

Attack Stance - Yorokobe zasshu, Gravity has answered your prayers and changed a crap 4th job skill to a passable offensive steroid. Though you lose 200 DEF, the 15 PATK is worth it.

Guard Stance - Raises DEF to 300 at the cost of 250 ATK, but that's not what you want it for. Do note that both stances can't be active at the same time.

Shield Shooting - Usable only while Attack Stance is active, this is offensive steroid for all your offensive shield skills except Shield Boomerang but why use that though. 1s Fixed Cast though, so prepare accordingly. My 10.5m base Earth Drive damage goes up to 11.2m with the Shooting buff, and 12.5m with Shooting and Magnum Break.

Guardian Shield - The only build that matters in endgame content at the moment. Regardless, it's a massive bulk bonus against physical damage. Needs Guard Stance active though but you can activate the stance, then this shield, then switching to Attack Stance will not cancel this skill's effect.

Grand Judgem.... Okay, no. You have no ultimate skill to use. One is a Cannon Spear buff, another is Genesis Ray but worse, and last is Redemptio at home, which you won't use on an offensive build anyway.


100+ STR and VIT for damage and bulk. DEX for some cast time and maaaaybe HIT. INT and LUK for Prestige's magic dodge chance. AGI is almost irrelevant here, and we get much ASPD by Spear Quicken anyway.



Normally, 2 skills are supported by the exact same gear. Cannon Spear and Vanishing Point, Overbrand and Hesperus Lit, etc. Here though, each core skill has a separate setup. Gravy just doesn't like them all that much.

These are your core. The left combo for Shield Press, the right for Earth Drive. Setup your quick swap to alternate between mowing through weaker mobs or fighting a single strong one.



Trial Diadem [1] for high damage bonuses and the standard EDDA combo with Harve. With it dropping from Bio5, its price plummeted hard enough to be here.

Harve [2] for Shield Press damage in general. Skill mods for days with it and its Diadem combo.

Metal Stick or Poisonous Violence Spear [3] as alternatives. With 3 slots to fill with True Randel cards for 180% Earth Drive mods or general damage cards like White Knight.

Bloody Knight Shield [1] as... a budget option. Definitely cheaper than say, an 80m Illusion Sacred Mission.

Illusion Armor A [1] with Attack Power x2, and Skill Delay. Basic stuff.

Temporal AGI Manteau [1] with ATK% or Crit %. Your choice.

OR Temporal STR Manteau [1], Soaring Physical Armor [1] and Young Leaf of World Tree (STR) as another budget all-rounder physical set.

Illusion Leg A [1] with Fixed Cast, HP and Overpower. For your casting needs.

Illusion Booster [1] accessories on both sides.

Royal Guard Shadow set for basic stats and HP.



Royal Guard Racing Cap [1]. Gone are the days where it costs 300m~ for the sheer tediousness to get it, but not its effects. It lowers the cooldown of Earth Drive by 1s, and Shield Press by 1.5 if you can get the lv3 RG enchant on it. 

Harve [2]. Still a decent pick, but no longer quite the skill mod powerhouse without Diadem. A Randel's memory enchant can make up for some of the difference.

Blocking Spear [2]. General damage weapon since we have a lot of skill mods on our shields instead.

Imperial Guard Shield [1] and its combo with Imperial Ring [1] would be where the bulk of our Shield Press mods come from.

Illusion Sacred Mission [1]. Same with this, but for Earth Drive. Note that you can roll random enchants on it for STR and/or VIT runes for more bulk or damage.

Automatic Armor A [1] with either Attack Power x2, or Attacker Force x2, and skill delay. Pick what you need.

Temporal AGI Manteau [1] with 15% ACD. Or crit %, or ATK%, your choice.

Temporal LUK Boots [1] with Bear Power for damage. Else, Muscle Fool for VIT... which is also damage for your main skills.

Imperial Ring [1] only for the combo with Imperial Shield. It's a mediocre 3% HP/SP otherwise.

Shield Ring [1] for Earth Drive as well as in general. Lowers the skill's cooldown by 1.5s, gives 30% ACD, and extra stats.

Strong Insignia [1] with Strong enchant. Damage. Else, Rigid enchant combo with Muscle Fool for 10% ACD.

Chain Press Shadow Weapon & accessories + Royal Guard Shadow Shield, Full Tempest Shadow Armor and Shoes. 100% DEF penetration as well as skill damage.

Flat HP/HP top, Crit%/Crit% damage mid, and ACD/ACD lower costumes. High as you can get. Melee Stone set.

Costume garment with -5s FCT stone.



Royal Guard Racing Cap [1]. It doesn't get much better than this. Wolf Armor enchant could've replaced this entirely, but sadly, can't use 2 of the same skill module to remove the 1s Earth Drive cooldown that this does. 

Harve [2]. Still a decent pick, but to be honest, I no longer use Shield Press at this point. Maybe in the future, it'll be great again, but for now, Earth Drive is more spammable and therefore, better damage in addition to being AOE.

God Eating Dragon Spear [1]. A welcome addition that I tested for shits and giggles. It's my current premiere Earth Drive weapon. HP leech effect, -70% FCT which is a godsend, 40% ATK and ASPD as well as 20% ACD at +20. What's not to love?

NOTE: %-based FCT does not stack. Rather, only the highest % counts. Also, it doesn't stack with flat values either. Rather it reduces by % the remaining value after the flat FCT.

Illusion Sacred Mission [1]. Aim for lv2 STR and/or VIT runes.

Automatic Armor A [1] with either Attack Power x2, or Attacker Force x2, and skill delay. Pick what you need.

Temporal AGI Manteau [1] with 15% ACD. Or crit %, or ATK%, your choice.

Temporal LUK Boots [1] with Bear Power for damage.

Shield Ring [1] for Earth Drive as well as in general. Lowers the skill's cooldown by 1.5s, gives 30% ACD, and extra stats.

Strong Insignia [1] with Strong enchant. Damage.

Full Penetration Shadow accessories. Max Mammoth Shadow Shoes, Armor, Durable Shadow weapon and Shield. One can hope, but I don't have the budget.

Flat HP/HP top, Crit%/Crit% damage mid, and ACD/ACD lower costumes. High as you can get. SinX II stone set upper and lower, Melee stone mid, probably. Idk.

Costume garment with GX II stone. 5% ACD, 5% ATK and 15% crit damage.



That's about it. Yeah. Goodluck, have fun. It's a meme build, but here's with my current setup.


Note that Shield Press has a remaining 0.5s cooldown while Earth Drive at 0cd can be spammed with Auto Guard.

3 Earth Drives is already higher than Shield Press' single damage, which is doable (7 casts per second is a pipe dream with my bad ping and the need to animation cancel), and I don't need to walk up to 1 cell in front of my target.

If you reached this part, then thanks for reading, good day, and build for love, not for meta.


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