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Loading/Login Screen Contest:

Creative, Original Loading/Login Screen


  • Your own design Loading/Login Screen for Shining Moon
  • Design of the loading/login screen should reference the 4th Year Anniversary of Shining Moon (bonus points if it's related to 4th jobs)


  • Only one submission per person
  • Submission of the file must be under this thread
  • Resolution must be 1024x768 and in .bmp format
  • Include your IGN and Server when you post your file
  • The loading/login screen design will be used in game for loading screens (whether you are the winner or not), therefore submitting your work here means you have given permission for it to be used on Shining Moon
  • Artwork used in the design must be original (can be digital or traditional) don't steal/copy other loading screens, don't use official Ragnarok Artwork/Picture and simply edit
  • No commission art is allowed, you must be the designer of the loading screen
  • Must include Shining Moon Logo and 4th Year Anniversary Text (or an indication to it)
  • Optional: Artist Signature/Name can be placed
  • There can be up to 3 winners, depending on the designs submitted
  • If there is only 1 winner of the contest,  Winner's design will be used as login screen and participant designs will be used as loading screens


  • June 30, 2021
  • The rewards will be given out once the winner is picked

Judging Criteria:

  1. Professional Looking
  2. Within Requested Content and Format
  3. Original and Creative

Winner Reward (There can be up to 3 winners):

  • 150x Event Coins
  • 15x Specialslots
  • Costume Headgear of your choice (As long as its in the database, you can check it whether it is or not by using @ii ) 

Participation Reward:

  • Each participant will receive 150x Event Coins
  • Each participant will receive 10x Specialslots

Shining Moon Logo:

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23 hours ago, EDUARDGRIMJOW said:


could you provide me with the text of the fourth anniversary?

Heya ^^

You can use whatever text fits best with your work/piece.

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On 6/7/2021 at 12:17 AM, EDUARDGRIMJOW said:

Once the drawing is finished, where can i upload it to deliver it? 

Please submit it here. Be sure to include your in game name and which server you play on.

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Hope this complies with all the rules.
Talking about " don't use official Ragnarok Artwork/Picture and simply edit ", was wondering about the "and simply edit" part, since without it would be outright banned in any way. And since i saw official artwork and character sprites in other submissions I hope how I used it is okay. If not I would have to see what I can do about it, my character drawing skills are... not the best, let's put it that way. :D


Character Name: Cyber-Chan

Server Helheim


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