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Forum market // Vendor Add-on

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I would love to have a ragial type of thingy on SMRO. Would be awesome for people who have not enough time during the week, so they can just look for particular item/card on websites and its price..Not just that new players would have a better overview on what is in desire at the moment, but it would actually help the market and its stability, cause people could see what was sold when and for how much..That way we could keep the economy balanced... 

Also it would be much faster to just turn pages and see what items are being vended then clicking on vendors in game one-by-one.

Hope it made sense!

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Something like that would be awesome. It would make trading so much easier because people usually don't know prices of items so they don't sell them and being able to look up how much that item sold for in the past would help a lot. Definitely +1 for this idea.

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