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  1. Stream, upload your videos, make guides and win REWARDS ! This event does not have a deadline, it will be ongoing forever ! Conditions: Stream on one of the streaming platforms eg. Twitch, Facebook etc. Upload your videos on one of the media platforms eg. YouTube, Dailymotion, VK etc. Write a guide and post it on the forum guide sections. All of these can be posted on Shining Moon Discord under the Content Category, each has its own sub-categories to share it with the rest of the community. Before receiving any of the rewards the guide will need to be approved/checked by an Administrator. Criteria: Must include the server name Video contents should include the server link in the description Your content should have some sort of a title If you are not fluent in English and depending on the player base of the server, you are allowed to use other language for streams/videos, though the preferred language of usage is English for universal purpose Approval of the content is to be checked by an Administrator (Direct Message Lunar or Dusk on Discord), the criteria is really use common sense, don't make a video of sitting in town for 30 minutes or 1 minute video of just flashy things in the screen Be as much as informative and constructive as possible for approval The content can be gameplay, guide, features etc. Any banner, logo, picture that is related to server can be used Rewards: CUSTOM TITLE: Get one of the custom titles depending on what kind of content you are doing (PER PERSON) Streamer - If you are streaming Content Maker - If you are making informative and exclusive video guides Video Editor - If you are posting streaming videos, gameplay videos, short videos Guide Master - If you are making text guides COSTUME: Your choice of ONE costume that is in the database (PER PERSON) Costume you want CAN'T be a costume garment Should be available within your realm CASH POINT: Subjected to different amount depending on the content. Streaming: Stream on streaming platforms and make sure you contact us for the reward Make sure your setting is set to auto record past broadcast for revising Should contact for your reward within 14 days of streaming, since after 14 days past broadcasts gets automatically deleted 1 week of stream will be from Sunday to Sunday basis, highly recommend to claim your rewards weekly ! 1K Cash Points PER HOUR if the stream is less than 3 HOURS PER STREAM DAY 5K Cash Points if the stream is MORE THAN 3 HOURS PER STREAM DAY Video Guides: 10K - 20K Cash Points PER VIDEO // Should not be short video (less than 2minute) and/or have repeated information Other Videos: 5K - 10K Cash Points PER VIDEO // Streaming uploads, Gameplay uploads etc. Text Guides: 1K - 10K Cash Points PER GUIDE // Should be informative and constructive and suitable to content of server/realm How To: All Content Creation Reward Requests are going to be through the Ticket System now. https://www.shining-moon.com/ticket/home There is a new category to pick while making the ticket called "Content Reward" All the Content Creation should be posted under Discord's Content Category to their respective section. Please note that you will also be assigned Streamer Role on Discord if your content is streaming. Steps on How to get Your Discord ID: In the bottom left corner of discord you should see with #xxxx underneath it. Click on your name and a bubble should come up that says "copied" Paste your Discord ID it should look like <name>#xxxx please don't just put JohnSmith as your discord name Please use the Ticket System to request your reward. The format for this should be as follows: Server: IGN: Discord ID: Content Link: Choice of Costume (if it's your first time as the reward is only for one time) Title (will be assigned to the IGN you post along with the ticket)