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  1. The Donafellian Sorcerer Supreme - Diamonds are Forever (if you have a Kiel) "Let no man, woman, or cat decry that Sorcerers are memes. Nay, as of the year of our Loonar, 2099 (the year of our Lord, July 17, 2021), the stars aligned. Rainbows spilled from the wellsprings of Loonar's musky forest alcoves. As the rainbows travelled the void of the universe, planets birthed, died, and splintered into uncountable stars as the sands of the sea. A shard of that sevenfold force made its way here, to SMRO. A thin ray of rainbow hope pierced the atmosphere of Rune Midgard, fortuitously through the sheerest gap in the foliage of Payon forest. On the beaten brow of the Sorcerer (who has a Kiel), it came." - The Book of Loonar, Chapter 2 1. The Why As of the latest patch (July 17, 2021), Sorcerer gained access to a whole suite of goodies. This turned sorcerer dps from a meme, to a damn blessing. Sorcerer is currently the strongest magic damage dealer in the game (as long as water works and as long as you have a Kiel or a pocket bragi). I will elaborate, but first let us look at the skill(s) in question. Diamond Dust & Earth Grave But as you can see, this is a very very powerful skill, gated by some very terrible hurdles. Its potential lies in that (Skill_Lv x INT) part of the equation, which turns DD from a 2500% MATK ability into a 4500% MATK ability that can be spammed at 193 atkspd (with the power of runaway magic)! Unfortunately, 1 second ACD means that we need a minimum of 86% ACD reduction to spam, and even more if you have poor ping. For this reason, 1 Kiel is necessary to run this build effectively (or a pocket bragi). Runway Magic: our ace in the hole 2. The Stats and Skills This is going to be a pretty busy job. Get ready for it. Diamond Dust / Earth Grave Sorcerer isn't just a damage dealer. We have to keep up with our support duties. It will take practice to maximize your damage while juggling the rest. 3. Build Theory Now that we have seen the salient changes. Let us dive into the build. There are several variations depending on your budget. I will begin at ground 0 before moving up: BUILD 1: I HAVE NO KIEL , I HAVE SOME MONEY , BUT I MUST DD (AND ONLY DD) BUILD 2: I have Kiel and I have money to DD / EG BUILD 3: I want 100% VCT through equipment without sacrificing anything! 4. Luxury Goods Given DD's 4500% MATK scaling, it naturally scales very well with luxury MVPs. I will cover and rate what I believe are the bangs for your buck! In Conclusion Feel the Power By Donafell (C) 2099 Changelog