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Found 20 results

  1. Halloween Poring Bag

    I collect headgears and halloween event is almost done but still can't get this one. My client is all patched, redownloaded as well.
  2. Hey guys! Since last patch, Rolling Cutter isnt allowing itself in its animation. After fixing cast delays in last patch, i think rolling cutter was done wrong, since rolling cutter is SUPPOSED to allow itself, according to munbalanced. And its the only viable way for the build to work. here's the video where he explains it:
  3. Hi, +9 tae goo lyeon sp reduction does not work. Not sure regarding the after case delay.
  4. Costume Falling Maple Leafs

    Costume Falling Maple Leafs dropped by Hodremlin are supposed to be a lower costume headgear but go on middle atm. It also has no animation tyvm
  5. Character bug?

    3 march 19, did the dark society quest and when i got to the point where i need to talked to all NPC, nothing happened i did try to re-log just in case something i missed, i did destroy the instance, re-talked to all NPC again for lots of times just in case i missed it(including Dr. that required to SHIFT+LEFT click, nothing happened, then i re-log all of them almost have same dialog which is " I a'm Busy though" Would appreciate it if you can check my account and see what's wrong with it. thanks - GrandiS
  6. Hi! My 135/37 Soul Reaper had 70 job levels in Soul Linker. Yesterday, before I did a skill reset, I took this (low quality, I know) pictures of my build (154 skill points spent). Alas, after the reset apparently I lost 20 skill points from the Soul Linker part, getting 134 skill points as it's shown in the screenshot attached. Is there any fix to this bug? Thanks in advance!

    +7 and +12 difference of attack i get is only 30? can pls GM or support team check?
  8. Rock Ridge Bug

    Rock ridge for sheriff badge quest, the portal for sheriff blg isn't working.
  9. Gloomy Day/ Gloomy Shyness

    Gloomy day skill of minstler isnt working correctly Mastered Lesson which should be able to 100% the skill the skill consistently stuck at 10-20% damage maybe less , tried 20mins buff Showed Lunar, Lunar point me here ty
  10. Shops not working

    The shops in both 2nd level main office and market don't seem to work. I'll get to this message (see attached picture) and then nothing shows up after I press close. I got this to work before, I bought something from here and the market, I don't know why it's not working now.
  11. Hello, I discovered two bugs at the time of making bullet ammunition box "Purifying Bullet". The first one, even having the bullet, the npc says I do not have it. The second bug is that AP bullet is turned into Purifuing bullet
  12. Doram Shadow Set bonus missing

    Hello, There is a bug with the doram shadow set. The full bonus is missing. IG : Normally : Source : https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/24408/doram-physical-shadow-armor The script seems to be good, just the description of the bonus is missing. Cordialement, Best Regards, Patrokle.
  13. Plagiarism ASPD not working

    i'm leveling plagiarism to 10 but my aspd do not increase
  14. Feint Bomb bug

    Feint Bomb's afterimage doesn't take aggro and instead the caster still takes aggro after going invis and backsliding.
  15. Soul mastery

    Lvl 10 soul mastery not decreasing the cost of soul pulse. Thank you for your work.
  16. 16.1 Quest not working

    So, some 16.1 quests is not working properly First quest, is The Richard's quest, which i have to choose a monster race to kill 50 of them, and the monster have to be lvl 140 and above since i chose Demihuman/Human monsters, i went kill some Dark Kobolds and Bio3 monster and the quest don't seem counting the kills even the monster being above lvl 140 https://www.divine-pride.net/database/monster/2286/kobold-abissal Second quest, is "Today, i Feel" Daily Quest This is a little weird since yesterday all NPCs were running normally when I was doing the quest for the first time, but when I tried to do "Today, I feel" in the next day (which actually is today, while I do this report) all NPCs simply do not have any dialog, this includes the NPC that should start this daily quest.
  17. Knuckle Arrow Reproduce Bug

    Reproduced Knuckle arrow doesn't give right skill's new update
  18. Flip Coin Bug

    Skill: Flip Coin - Job: Gunslinger Expected behaviour: -> Each time, you earn 1 or lose 1 coin. You can visually see the number of coins you have: 5 small circles = 5 coins, 5 big circles = 10 coins. (the animation each time you get or lose 1 coin is reseted, keeping a fixed position like the sura energy balls). Once you get 10 coins, you cannot cast this again. Actual behaviour: -> Visually: always get coins, the animation is not reseted so they just keep stacking around the character, you can get a full light circle. -> Functionality: You can ALWAYS cast the skill, because you can cast it even when you have the max coins -> you will loose coins (if you got 10 you cannot get more, you can only loose them) and you won t know. Other skills work with the actual coins you have, not the visual ones, so you cannot keep track of the skills use of coins. (you have 10 coins, use a skill and they will be consumed, but the old animation is not reset). -> Temporal fix: When teleporting, the coins get fixed visually.
  19. (Limited)Gym card box

    I'm not sure if it was just my character or not but after i got the (Limited)Gym Cardbox(10) when i tried to open it all it would give me is another 10 of the same box, and they would do the same until i ended up with over a 100 some of the same item. I tried logging out and back it, updating my game, and even trying on different characters; all with the same results. I asked Nuit if it was something that was a normal issue or if i just had bad luck and was told to come and log the comment here so that it could be looked into. Thank you for your time and I hope you have a pleasant day
  20. sunday WoE reward

    The reward is missing for participating in the second WoE.