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  1. Helloooooooo~ everybody. my real name is John Patrick Paragna, 21yrs old. I live from the Philippines, YES! its Asia. hahah I played RO before last 2000 I think. It was Pre-renewal. I'm currently new here at Renewal so much things have change and new weapons, gears and dungeons to explore. I never knew that it was fun playing on RENEWAL. I've met new friends, new teammates. and its exciting coz of the instances. but on the day of Aug.22,2016 I stopped playing RO. I was so depressed and felt sadness inside of me, I lost someone whom I cherished & love. I lost my beloved woman. she was in a state of comatose. I lost hope.. but in that day I was thinking, while looking at the stars at night, where ever she is I will still love her no matter what. this 2018 I tried to be happy because I remembered that she doesn't want me to be sad. I read all off our past conversation through mail and read all his writings at her note book. I felt a hope then one day I started playing RO again. I never try to find a new girl. or a new someone to love again. but instead I imagine that she is still with me. I name my character BloodyRanger because there are some bloody days and depressing days that have come to me in the past. I chosen the job ranger because in my own belief , like a ranger he can fly any arrows in the skies. like me today I'll be the ground (bow) she will be my sky (arrows) .