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  1. are you getting tired of always dying in AMON RA?? or Nightmare AMON RA??? Well here's a TIP and save spot for ya It will help you specially LONG RANGE characters like Ranger,GUNSLINGER and etc. How you enjoy my very BASIC GUIDE on how to eliminate AMON RA. so fast <3 <3 Lots of love <3 -BloodyRanger
  2. are you getting tired of always dying in AMON RA?? or Nightmare AMON RA??? Well here's a TIP and save spot for ya It will help you specially LONG RANGE characters like Ranger,GUNSLINGER and etc. How you enjoy my very BASIC GUIDE on how to eliminate AMON RA. so fast <3 <3 Lots of love <3 -BloodyRanger
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  5. Swordsman/Knight GUIDE for Pre-Renewal

    This is a basic guide to one of the more popular classes in RO, the swordsman. Swordsman/Knight are usually found in the frontline of every party, siphoning aggression away from members while also dealing decent damage. Swordsman/Knight have the highest HP out of all the classes and are capable of equipping items with high defense. A good knight knows when to go aggressive against mobs and also knows when to pull back to get patched up or protect the backline. Suprisingly enough, the Swordsman/Knight is a very flexible class and there are a dozen variations to its stat and skill builds but we will only be focusing on the general build outline. As a knight you have a choice to go Agi Knight or Vit Knight or any combination in between. Overview: Fast damage dealers and capable mobbers. As two-handed sword users their high damage output, lightning-fast attack speed, and decent flee mean that they can take out an enemy before it can do any significant damage to the knight or the party. Under skilled hands, agi knights are capable of quickly taking out a large number of monsters at once. BB Knights are very simple to use in PVM. Activate your two-hand quicken and kill everything around you, one by one. It’s highly recommended to use Awakening or Berserk Potions to increase your attack speed even more! You always want your ASPD to be as high as possible so you can kill single-targets faster. And when you find yourself surrounded by a group of enemies, go wild with bowling bash. Note that Dex also affects the delay of bowling bash. Having high dex also makes you effective in PVP/WOE so you can hit those high-agi players. Currently, my Knight has 20 int + 10 with blessing so I get +5 SP regeneration every 8 seconds. Also, At 20 int, Blue potions heal 40% more. That means you could save 40% more blue potions. Your supposedly 1.4m BSB investment would only be 1m. I also don’t recommend going lower than 30 Vit as it saves a lot of potions and decreases incoming damage. VIT Def is more important than Hard Def since it’s hard to improve Hard Def in this server except with Over-upgraded UPG Equips. PvP: 4/5; PvM: 5/5; WoE: 4/5; Recommended for: Rich mainstream farmers… Not recommended for poor newbies since equips are EXPENSIVE. 2 Spring Rabbit Cards Equipped on a Belt[1], Brooch[1], Clip[1], Skull Ring[1]. could save you millions of zenies in a week. Suggested Stats: Str 60-90, Agi 30-90, Vit 30-70, Int: 0-30; Dex 40-50; My Plan Stats: Str: 70; Agi: 70; Vit: 70; Int: 20; Dex: 51; Pros: Insane damage potential due to high attack speed; Will not require too many potions to level-up early-on due to high flee, Will gain access to the excellent mobbing skill – Bowling Bash; Cons: Mediocre PVP Damage, but who cares? You can kill anyone anyway… except Tanks. EXPENSIVE EQUIPS. Required Equipment: Ice Claymore, (Any Element) Full Plate[1], Immune Manteau[1], Green Greaves[1]; *Next is the Spear knight PvP: 1/5; PvM: 4/5; WoE: 5/5; Recommended for: Tanks, Role-Players or those who love being in a Party. Damage reaches up to 4.5k with 80 base STR and these Equips. Substitute with Shield[1] and +10 Quad Zipper Pike[4] when Tanking The highest HP out of all the classes and builds in Ragnarok which is why they are the most popular tanks. Choosing to mainly wield spears instead of swords, the vit knight can shell out decent burst damage to single-target foes while taking tons of damage without batting an eyelash. These Peco-riding behemoths are expected to be in the frontline in any engagement and are always first to lead the charge. VIT knights are more skill-reliant since they can’t depend on their normal attack speed to quickly kill enemies. Rather Vit knights choose to pierce enemies to kill them fast. You’ll find it easier and faster to take down a high HP monster so long as their size is large (case in point: with the right equips you can kill a High Orc with 2 Pierce). Mobbing is a good option too, since Brandish Spear consumes less SP than Bowling Bash. In WOE a good tank is necessary to succeed. Suggested Stats: Str 80-90; Agi 1-30; Vit 80-90; Dex 40-50; My Plan Stats: Str 80; Agi 30; Vit 91; Dex 50; Pros: Against the proper enemy, can deal high damage to single targets with Pierce, Great survivability due to high HP and defense; Cons: VERY reliant on Potions or Party (both HP and SP), Slower attack speed compared to the Agi Knight; Required Equipment: (Elemental) Full Plate[1], 3x Minorous Trident[3]. Immune Manteau. *next on our list is the CRIC KNIGHT. Which I like the most. (wahhahahahha) PVP: Refer to BB; MVP: Refer to BB; WoE: Refer to BB; Recommended for: WoE BB Knights with Muramasa and are in the Mood For Lazy Leveling… Crit knights rely on the two-hand sword Muramasa (Critical rate + 30, ASPD + 8%) to deal critical damage to single-target enemies. This stat build used to be really popular back in the day but now CRIT no longer ignores defense but instead deals 1.4x damage. However since the advent of the Sage class and the ability to endow weapons with an element, Muramasa Knights can now stand toe-to-toe with the BB Knights in terms of DPS. Take note that Bowling Bash does not deal critical damage and this stat build is highly focused on getting fast single-target kills. Luk is actually an underrated STAT. In revo-classic, Luk is boosted as it gives ATK, MATK, and resistances to Status Effects especially Curse. At 30 LUK, according to my experiments to renewal Private Servers with 255 Max base Stat, 300 LUKgives immunity to FREEZING. Seriously, no one gets frosted there, the thing is it does not stack with Note Headphones 10% Resist or MDEF Freezing Resist. Therefore, at 30 LUK, you get +10 Attack, 30% Resistance to Curse and +10% Resist to other Status Effects such as Stone Curse and Freezing (doesn’t stack). Suggested Stats: Str 60-90, Agi 60-90, Vit 30-70, Int: 0-30; Dex 30-50; Luk 0-45; My Plan Stats: Str: 70; Agi: 80; Vit: 60; Dex: 42; Luk: 31; Pros: …You can just hit and Kill. Cons: You should avoid getting mobbed or else you should BB them. Required Equipment: Muramasa, Snake Head Hat[1] or +7 Skull Hood or even better +9 Wanderer’s Sakkat, 2x Kobold Brooch Recommended Gears Headgear Upper Snake Head Hat – chance to perform Double Attack level 5 with every attack. Makes AGI Knights very very deadly. Also very useful in levelling-up in the early stages. Peco Peco Headband – increases movement speed and attack speed. You may want to use this if you’re going for a Bowling-Bash oriented build since it allows you to accumulate mobs faster (yes, it stacks with your movement speed bonus while on a Peco Peco) Zaha Doll Hat – allows you to cast Magnificat (increases HP and SP recovery rate). If you don’t want to spend so much on blue potions, you can give this headgear a try. Middle Angel Spirit – Hit +15 STR +2. The bonus hit definitely helps conserve putting points into DEX. Lower Fish-in-Mouth – increases the heal amount from Delicious Fish and gives a chance to drop Delicious Fish from each kill. This should replace your HP potion needs. Scissor Hand Model – AGI + 1 Rock Hand Model – STR + 1 Garment Pantie (with Undershirt) – Equipping Pantie with Undershirt (armor) gives you +10 flee and AGI + 5 so it more than makes up for the low defense; the two items themselves are relatively cheap so you can target this as your initial investment. VIT knights don’t need to bother with this item. Mocking (Whisper Card) Hood/Muffler/Manteau – Flee +20; Just don’t expect to dodge everything especially when being mobbed. Immune (Raydric Card) Hood/Muffler/Manteau – Damage from neutral-property attacks -20%; This would be a better late game choice since you can’t dodge everything in the higher levels and the damage reduction helps when you’re being surrounded. An absolute must for VIT Knights. Armor Undershirt (with Pantie) – Use this only when you have Pantie equipped (see above), Hard (Pupa Card) Chain Mail/Full Plate – Pupa Card will give you +700 HP Ares (Peco Peco Card) Chain Mail/Full Plate – Peco Peco Card will give you Maximum HP + 10%. So only use this if and when your base HP hits 8000, otherwise you’re better off with the +700HP from the Pupa Card Soul Collector’s (Earth Deleter) Chain Mail/Full Plate – Natural SP Recovery = 0 but gain 10SP each time an enemy is killed. Drains 100SP as the armor is unequipped. This is a very good alternative to blue potions, especially if you’re mobbing monsters. Carded Elemental Armors – research what monsters lurk in the area you want to go to and buy the appropriate armor for that place. Yes, you have decent HP, but it’s still always best to minimize damage from spells. Take note that these armors reduce the damage from spells, not from the normal attacks of the monsters. So if you have Water Armor equipped, the Swordfish’s Water Ball spell will deal less damage to you but the armor will not reduce the damage from the monster’s normal attacks. Footwear Soul-Enchanted (Sohee Card) Sandals/Shoes/Boots/Greaves – Max SP + 15%; SP Recovery + 3%. Budget carded gear; I’d just go with sandals if you want to wear this. What you’re after here is the Max SP + 15% Fledged (Verit Card) Sandals/Shoes/Boots/Greaves – Max HP and SP + 8% Green (Matyr Card) Sandals/Shoes/Boots/Greaves – Max HP + 10% AGI +1 Sandals/Shoes/Boots/Greaves of Hermes (Male Thief Bug Card) – Agi +2 Accessories Matyr’s Leash – Agi + 1; very cheap Belt/Clip of Mustle (Mantis Card) – STR+3 Kukre Card or Spore Card Belt/Clip – Agi + 2 Belt/Clip of Flash (Yoyo Card) – Agi + 1, Perfect Dodge + 5 Roast-Scented (Spring Rabbit Card) Belt/Clip/Brooch – increases the heal amount from Meat and gives a chance to drop Meat from each Brute Monster killed. A good alternative to potions or the fish-in-mouth Weapons Elemental Claymores/Lances – Make sure you research beforehand what elemental weapon you need for a certain area. Using elemental claymores will greatly increase the damage you deal to certain monsters, so these are definitely worth the investment! Afraid that you may not be able to afford one? Fear not, Loki’s community forger is here to help! Note that you don’t have to buy VVS (very very strong) elemental weapons as the damage difference between the VVS and non-VVS is rather small. Muramasa – the weapon of choice of CRIT Knights, ASPD+8% CRIT+30 Very Very Very Strong Claymore/Lance – VVVS weapons have no element but do gain +40 ATK (plus an additional +10 if your forger is in the top 10) Properly-Carded Two-Hand Sword/Claymore/Halberd/Trident – Some monsters don’t have an elemental weakness so you’ll have to research on what cards to place in your weapons for maximum damage in the area you’re trying to level in. For example: using 2 Orc Lady Cards on a Two-Handed Sword [2] means I can now deal greater damage to Orcs. If I miss something please do comment and help. Thank you for reading <3 <3 Other Info: My Youtube channel :https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVmi-2C-xqnI9idLT5OGU0A My Discord: https://discord.gg/XEP794R Server I'm playing Shining Moon RO Download it here: https://www.shining-moon.com/
  6. After creating your character.You will be born in Beginner Instance MEMORIAL DUNGEON and start playing as a character called NOVICE . *For newbie please read everything. NPC will teach you How to play Shining Moon Ragnarok.* First time in-game you will see yourself on a small island then teleported to MEMORIAL DUNGEON . where NPC OLIVER BALMER is there to help you, * For newbie please read everything. NPC will teach you* : Oliver Balmer will ask if you will play Renewal or Pre-Renewal. (After you have chosen your in which you like the most Renewal or Pre-Renewal, Oliver will ask what BASE RATES & JOB RATES would you like to be?., x100 to x1 rates.) : Setting your BASE RATES and JOB RATES on what you like most. (After you have chosen your RATES. Oliver Balmer will ask " do you want to be a baby or Normal character?.) : Choosing whether baby character or normal character. *When you have finished choosing on what character you would like to be. Oliver will ask one more time. (I suggest you press "Yes, continue the prologue." for additional Exp and Extra items will be given later when finishing the mission." Oliver Balmer will change class to Archbishop to help you boost some of his skills & you were given a task/mission to kill 10 Pandarings. [NOTE: Oliver Balmer will follow you and give you blessings,agi,healing and etc.) Killing 10 Pandarings When you done to killing 10 Pandarings, Oliver Balmer will ask you to kill 10 Foxrings. : Killing 10 Foxrings When your done killing 10 Foxrings, Oliver will start speaking about Instances,Soul System and etcs. then Oliver will teleport you to the main office. which you can teleport by typing "@go office". Rewards – Level up rewards. 1 ea – Bowman scroll 1 : 3 ea –Cutlas box: 1 ea – Grape box 5 ea – Moonlight Dagger Box 1 ea – Wrench box: 1 ea – Solar sword box: 1 ea –Rudra bow box: 1 ea –Poll Axe box: 1 ea –Field Manual: 3 ea –Class Mastery Book: 1 ea : Use your STAT points and SKILL points. for opening the skill points use ALT+S. for Stat points ALT+A When your Finish setting up your Skill points and Status points. go to step 7. : Talk to NPC, JOB CHANGER ELAINE. SELECT a JOB. That's it you have Finished the JOB OF THE NOVICE!!!!... CONRATULATIONS Your learning fast!!! your becoming your way to become a great RAGNAROK PLAYER. GOODLUCK TO YOU.
  7. Missing Kafra NPC @go manuk. I suggest we must have a kafra NPC manuk to save storage & to save place when logging in or reviving back to place.
  8. Pet evolution would be nice.

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  9. Pet evolution would be nice.

    Getting bored at your pet? or your pet is already too LOYAL hahah or your not satisfied with the stats of you pet? wait no longer PET EVOLUTION is here. much more cutier & stronger hahaha
  10. Arrow Storm Build for Beginners

    I mean your stats, containing the flee, critical, hits , mdef & others
  11. Helloooooooo~ everybody. my real name is John Patrick Paragna, 21yrs old. I live from the Philippines, YES! its Asia. hahah I played RO before last 2000 I think. It was Pre-renewal. I'm currently new here at Renewal so much things have change and new weapons, gears and dungeons to explore. I never knew that it was fun playing on RENEWAL. I've met new friends, new teammates. and its exciting coz of the instances. but on the day of Aug.22,2016 I stopped playing RO. I was so depressed and felt sadness inside of me, I lost someone whom I cherished & love. I lost my beloved woman. she was in a state of comatose. I lost hope.. but in that day I was thinking, while looking at the stars at night, where ever she is I will still love her no matter what. this 2018 I tried to be happy because I remembered that she doesn't want me to be sad. I read all off our past conversation through mail and read all his writings at her note book. I felt a hope then one day I started playing RO again. I never try to find a new girl. or a new someone to love again. but instead I imagine that she is still with me. I name my character BloodyRanger because there are some bloody days and depressing days that have come to me in the past. I chosen the job ranger because in my own belief , like a ranger he can fly any arrows in the skies. like me today I'll be the ground (bow) she will be my sky (arrows) .
  12. Arrow Storm Build for Beginners

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