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  1. Should ECA continue?

  2. Happy Chinese New Year 2021 Screenshot

    In Game Name: Illuminus Realm: Helheim Title: S T O M P ! Lets stomp this year with strong and hope Note: i know, is late, only want participate uwu
  3. Love Letter Event

    In Game Name: Illuminus Realm: Helheim Title: Two legged rat <3 Music here! translated to english uwu
  4. Valentine's Day Screenshot Event

    In Game Name: Illuminus Realm: Helheim Title: What kind of Tinder is this?
  5. New Years Contest 2020/2021

    In Game Name: IlluminusRealm: HelheimTitle: A year of lessons 2020 was a very hard year in all aspects, anyway i learn something that my grandma and mother tell me every time and is the most important is be healthy and thats right. In Mexico family is the most important, and regardless of distance and the rule of stay home we are aware of us, since our family in mexico to our family in UE and Germany. Every new year our family get together to talk and celebrate with a lot of food, music, drinks and funny games, this year we didnt that, we decided to lose our family reunion than to lose a family member. Unfotunately we lost 2 members of our big family and yes was very sad, but anyway we still here, we still together and we still have hope. This pic was of our familiar meeting in 2019-2020, we ate a lot including the delicious Mole of my aunt that dedicates to make banquet food uwu I want to say thanks to SMRO and SMRO STAFF to help us endure this situacion, and thanks to CROWDS, FC, Royal Flush and all community for gave me funny moment.... aaa and ERUDY! Thx
  6. Winter Screenshot event!

    In game name: Illuminus Realm: Helheim. Title: Star of the beginning, We look up at the sky
  7. 2019 Halloween Screenshot Event

    Well, i had a problem uploading, so im disqualified because i needed to edit (uploading again), but anyway im going to share my pic because i like these events and only i want to participate uwu IGN: Illuminus Realm: Helheim Tittle: You'll float too. -Hi, Georgie! Aren't you gonna say hello? Come on, bucko. Don't you want a balloon? -I'm not supposed to take stuff from strangers. My dad said so. -Very wise of your dad, Georgie. Very wise, indeed. I, Georgie, am Pennywise, the Dancing Clown. You are Georgie. So now we know each other. Correct? - I guess so. I gotta go. - Go? Without this? - My boat! - Exactly! Go on, kiddo...take it. You want it, don't you, Georgie? -Of course you do. There's cotton candy, rides and all sorts of surprises down here. And balloons, too, all colors. - Do they float? - Oh, yes. They float, Georgie. They float. And when you're down here with me... ...you float too! And here other one because i love HAAALLLLOOOOOOWWEEEEENNN AND I LOOOOOVEEEE THIIIISSSS SERVER UWU!!! Tittle: Demon God Illuminus
  8. Zeny Zeny Zeny

    I dont know what implications each option has, so ill cancel my vote for now.