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  1. What do YOU want? Nr 2

    How about all?
  2. Thanatos 9 Farm Loot

    Hey guys, back again this time for a @nolootid / @alootid for Thanatos 9. Make sure to loot cards and noloot the costumes once you have enough of them. As for the best class to farm there with Mechanic/Geneticist/Rebel, but really any class is fine apart AB (mobs are holy element) so long you enjoy spending time on it, a lot of time...
  3. Graymap

    A lot of people in my discord server have been requesting me a graymap so here it is : http://www.mediafire.com/file/ig9tv8j37f3pzgd/dark.grf/file New : https://mega.nz/#!BMF0VYiY!lYdgtwWlEaOHInDDFf0LNuCI_E4MCySvUzirm8U7anw Preview : To activate it just drop the file inside your Ragnarok folder, and open DATA file within and put value like this and save : If you want to remove/activate quickly your grf, delete the r like "3=dark.gr" and save. If you have any issues feel free to pm me on discord Tisak#1819.
  4. Bifrost Farm loot

    Hi guys, I just wanted to share this @alootid / @nolootid list for Biofrost farm. And don't forget to always : @aloottype + 6.