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  1. You bored play solo? You want to make frens? You want to try party content like instance Purgatory mode and Fortessa Dungeon but people always recruit utility class like Cardinal, Night Watch, Imperial Guard, Spirit Handler, Soul Ascetic, and other? You want to play dps class but you not confident about it? You want to break free? You want to breakfree? You want to breakfree from the lies. You’re so self satisfied I don’t need you. Whatever your reason, welcome to my guide __________ Overview __________ Hi, Im Nerei. I play and tried most of classes to understand their skills. I usually like to play Elemental Master in party content. Why? Is it fun? Not really, I just don’t wanna bring consumable and can play while watching vids or eat lol. Theres 2 type of class in Purgatory mode and Fortessa Dungeon. Utility slaves and Dps slaves. What is that Utility classes? In purgatory mode theres 3 main utility classes : Cardinal, Elemental Master (personal thought : I call my self the babysitter when I play this 2 classes) and Arch Mage (this class can be a dps if geared). The other classes based on their utility is : Soul Ascetic, Spirit Handler, Night Watch, Performer(Troubadour and Trouvere), Devoman, Meister, Hyper Novice , Abyss Chaser, Biolol, and Shadow Cross (I know). In this section I only mention some general lv4 weapon and lv1 armor that can work for multiple class so you can fill the party. Thing you must is reach close to / insta cast. To reach instant cast we need Variable Cast Time (VCT) and Fixed Cast Time (FCT). And some skill have global cooldown which can delay us to cast another skills, we call it After Cast Delay (ACD). Theres other item that can be use, like Violet Halo, Ancient Stalatic Golem card for acd, Rough Core, or etc which imnot mention it because its not popular. __________ Equipments __________ Headgears Armor Shield Garment Shoes Accessories Weapon Cards Headgear Armor Weapon Shield Garment Shoes Accesories Costume Stones. Shadow Gears. MaxHP and VCT ACD Better MaxHP Increase Stats VCT and Nulify Gemstone VCT and FCT Note : -Hyper novice can use lv 4 weapon from other class with soul link buff. -As item description said, you can stack FCT with 2 spell caster shadow set. -When you use Arch Angelring Balloon, you can get Ressurection skill (check etc tab in alt+S), remember to bring Blue Gemstone or use nulify gemstone item like True Gemstone shadow set, or Mistress card. Or bring yggdrasil leaf from tool dealer to help ressurecting fallen member. -Dont forget to bring your own yggdrasil berry (farm in lasagna dungeon) or yggdrasil seed (farm in EDDA Biolab instance) to refill your HP and SP during purgatory run. -You can use excel to do some meth to calculate Variable Cast Time(VCT), Fixed Cast Time(FCT), and After Cast Delay or global cool time reduction (ACD) from gears. Check it with @bs in game for result. -If you dont reach instant cast, use item that have uninteruptible cast like Mad Bunny, Sweet Nightmare, or other item or consumable that i dont mention here. Status STR : 1 (buy gympass man) AGI : 99 in total to immune Sleep (MUST HAVE) VIT : 99 in total to immune Stun (MUST HAVE) or 120/130 INT : 99 in total to immune Silence (MUST HAVE) DEX : 1, just reach 100% VCT from gears LUK : 99 in total to immune Curse (MUST HAVE) Trait POW : STA : physical ressist WIS : magic ressist SPL : CON : CRT : 100 for heal skills Heres the example to do meth vct, fct and acd with excel, this one is for cardinal : And here is the example where i put the status and trait points for cardinal