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  1. Arch Mage build guide

    Never had this much fun playing mage class for the first time. Thank you for the guide, I had to try it. I leveled my booster to 100 by killing: Ant Egg until Firebolt skill @10. Then Sandman, Sleeper, Drosera and Muscipular.. Spamming Firebolt and Meteor Storm left and right got me there quick. Went to lasa_dun03 until I maxed out Crimson Rock !! Wreaked havoc at ba_bath until level 150 using Reading Spellbook x2 --> Teleport --> Release onto mobs. Rinse / Repeat. You can cut short "Read time" with Infinite Fly wing, skill won't get cancelled, this helped a lot with leveling. Early to Midgame gears Drooping Thanatos / Poring Sunglasses Arch Angelring Balloon / Robust Magical Armor 2012 RWC Memory Staff --> Aeon Staff (at lvl 100) Candy Bag Backpack (magic) --> Temporal INT Manteau Booster Shoes --> Temporal INT Boots (at lvl 99) Chambered 2012 RWC Ring and Pendant Cards Lichtern Red / Fillia Sweet Nightmare Red Pitaya / Red Pitaya --> True Kathryne Keyron x2 Deep Sea Witch / Nightmare Verit Berzebub x2