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  1. Help for Battle Archbishop (Armour and Accessories)

    Small equipment update, since I messed up my Hell Mode recording today. It is also my favourite magic autocast Duple Light build at the moment.
  2. Help for Battle Archbishop (Armour and Accessories)

    Here is my unfinished auto-Adoramus build in the tournament (Hell Mode). I will mention that at this point in time, the Kyrie Eleison auto-spell is bugged as the Brooch of Hero is supposed to disable it. I wouldn't recommend auto-Grand Cross myself, unless you like doing things for the heck of it, too. Password: Geffen
  3. Help for Battle Archbishop (Armour and Accessories)

    Here is my test run of what I am using so far for my incomplete critical build in the tournament. I wouldn't say I got it down myself, but I am grateful I managed to make it through without being disconnected. I also realized that I could have used IC the whole time. Password: SMRO Password: Build
  4. Help for Battle Archbishop (Armour and Accessories)

    Still experimenting...
  5. Magical Tanking Cat Help, Anyone?

    My equipment is not the best right now, but has anyone tried making a Tanking Catnip Meteor summoner? Here is my current gear.
  6. Help for Battle Archbishop (Armour and Accessories)

    Here is a mini-update (Niflheim gear) but I mean, the Brave Judgment Shawl should be usable for both servers (I call it the tanking shawl - no good for bosses though)... Yeah...as you can tell, I don't own the correct book. ^^'
  7. Any Adoramus Priest Build guides?

    Disclaimer: I am NOT a professional (Adoramus spammer) For those who are having trouble with this build...this is my Niflheim equipment atm. Cards (mines are all non-MVP): Headgear uses Kathryn Keyron for casting time. Headless Mule is pretty much the go-to card for accessories I think, due to 20% more holy property damage. I was looking into that new Pitaya combo thingy, but I dunno if I want to use that card combo personally whenever 17.2 hits. The card in my shield if I recall correctly is Charge Basilisk atm. I'm sure there are other ones you could use depending on what you want it to do (element reduction, monster size reduction...) Gear: I notice that for Helheim, you guys seem to use Illusion gear/INT Soutane/Dragon Plate and accessories or the Schmidt insignia stuff, so my equipment and cards might seem pretty old-fashioned/dated. With the temporal circlets and rubber hammers/Bio Edda stuff, you could probably use those later when it's an alternative to the current Amistr Beret/Holy Stick combo. For lower headgear, I used to use the Delicious Lollipop when I had it, though the Foxtail could be an option. I dunno if there are any better lower headgears though... I don't have a PKS (Purified Knight's Shield) and I can't afford one anyway. Mad Bunny does what a Sweet Nightmare card would usually do, but I rather keep Angeling card because of a certain instance requires it...Temporal equipment seems to be the best option atm that's affordable, unless there's something that's just as affordable I missed *shrugs* For shadow equipment, I find that I do better damage with my class Shadow gear, so there you have it. That and since I don't have a PKS, I'll need that 50% whatever from the class set anyway. To spam Adoramus, you'd need a sufficient amount of AGI, but since I wanted to make use of crit magic in Nif, I went for LUK instead. VIT for immunity, and tweak the rest to your liking, I suppose. Currently, I'm attempting to enchant an Old Mitra so I can do decent damage with Magnus Exorcismus as an alternative to Adoramus spamming.
  8. Help for Battle Archbishop (Armour and Accessories)

    Here are some additional gears I've found that might be suitable for Duple Light builds. They are limited to Nifheim though, and they can be preeetty much a pain to get =p Note: I don't own any of the items myself, I just simply @ii2'd since one of the items' description was not available on Divine Pride. Probably good for Psychic Wave/Duple Light/Celine's Brooch (alt.)/CD in mouth combo = which means you'd hitlock anything you'd probably target? See above. Possibly good with...auto-Adoramus/auto-Judex Duple Light build, assuming you own a Hero Judgment Shawl/Robe. (I'm used to the term robe, shawl reminds me of something you'd drape over your shoulders...hehe) I did notice that there is an enchantment that resembles the 17.1 enchants that boosts DL damage floating around on Divine Pride that suspiciously looks like a 17.2 (?) update (with the new cards using the same monsters as 17.1 and all) with new armor, but I have no idea how good it'll turn out. I can only hope they'll be worth the trouble ^^' https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/1000178/automatic-module-duple-lica
  9. Help for Battle Archbishop (Armour and Accessories)

    For anyone who wants to try DL Magic-based AB in Niflheim, you can alternately use these for Mid and Low headgears. https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/19138/seraphim-coronet https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/19327/seraphim-feather (I forgot about the existence of the coronet entirely =p) On the Helheim side, I'm using the Grace Duple Light combo atm =p
  10. Help for Battle Archbishop (Armour and Accessories)

    Here's my semi-updated STR-Crit Duple Light equipment on Niflheim. I don't know much about ATK boosting cards for accessories, though =p My abusive robe is enchanted with STR Lvl3/Lvl 1 runes. I'm still working on my Duple Light AB on Helheim on my budget wallet though.
  11. Help for Battle Archbishop (Armour and Accessories)

    Not exactly complete, but here's what I have for my Duple Light magic build, without the Ultio-OS. Been wanting to compare Empowered Mace of Judgement (I have Spell 2/3/2) with the Bible for a while, and failed to make it +13 last time.
  12. Help for Battle Archbishop (Armour and Accessories)

    About my build, I rely on a bit of both, but I lean more towards the critical damage side. As you can see, my equipment isn't optimal, but it's working fine. I'm still in the middle of tweaking my skills as well as my stats, too. I've been testing on the Glast Heim Abyss mob with the melee damage. I think I do around higher end 3k- lower end 4k without my Critical damage enchanted costume (+25% critical damage) with all buffs I have available intact. Instead of Adoramus, I went for max Angelus and Basilica. I'll see how that goes...once I get enough WB points or money to get myself a Duple Light shadow set or some tempest shadow gear.
  13. Help for Battle Archbishop (Armour and Accessories)

    If anyone is interested in my stats for my STR-Crit build atm...here's what I have. Note: My AGI is locked to 120 base due to the Royal Guard Necklace and Imperial Feather combo. After testing out my build with both the Exorcist's Bible and the Illusion Iron Driver, I think I'll keep that True Seyren Windsor card. In my case it deals around 65k-70k+ damage for Ignition Break, which would make up for my overall lower damage with Duple Light. Here is my collection of Duple Light weapons thus far. I think that if Lucis Flail becomes available with the rest of the Bio5 weapons, I'll probably go for that. https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/16095/lucis-flail-2
  14. Help for Battle Archbishop (Armour and Accessories)

    I actually have an Exorcist's Bible sitting in my inventory. I think it's more of a preference, since I want to get as much free CRIT out of Mace Mastery. I feel that the Bible makes good use of the Matk side of Duple Light much more effectively, and since I'm already racking up CRIT and Critical damage %, I might as well use something a bit more STR-oriented. That, and my INT stat for this build is a grand total of 1. I don't mind trying out the Bible every now and then, but in all honestly, I just like maces over books. Since Duple Light only targets one monster at a time, I also like the option of mobbing. I checked my CRIT count last time and it hit 94 for me (Edit: I was using the incorrect DL build to calculate this before. This should be more accurate). Maybe I'll focus more on fixing my garment enchants, before aiming for a Racing Cap and the shadow set. I'm actually thinking of combining the Duple Light set with the Adoramus set in the future.
  15. Help for Battle Archbishop (Armour and Accessories)

    My build is...nowhere close to completion, but here is what I have right now (though I must admit that I haven't used my hat before lol). I'm also not familiar with melee setups in general, so...yeah, there is that for me to consider as well. Build-wise: I'm going for STR-based Crit Duple Light with autoskill and it's been really fun to use. My current goal is to get my CRIT chance as high as I can possibly can. For gears: generally I go for ATK-increasing or CRIT-increasing ones. ASPD is important, but if you can get that via foods, then I personally feel that you don't need to max if it's close enough to 193? I may want to replace that card which increases Ignition Break damage with something more general...