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  1. Automatic

    Giev episode 17.2 main quests to obtain varmeals! They'd give 175 Varmeal Tickets in total if I'm not mistaken? Alternatively how about the Illusion Stone route? Unless d-p is wrong about it illusion dungeon monsters normally don't drop illusion stones, but they do here (except illu of twins). They're apparently supposed to just be hunting quest rewards? Maybe add Varmeals to drops, too? Would at least make people play some of these 17.2 maps more than they do now. Maybe you could start a "I want to farm Varmeals" quest that makes the 17.2 monsters drop char/acc bound varmeals directly into inventory and equipment gained with them becomes acc bound. possibly increase varmeal daily rewards as compensation to not having the main quests?
  2. multi multi multi

    Inb4 people who love running instances with multiple accounts also love voting on polls with multiple accounts. :^) Multi clienting being the solution for a player to anything in an mmo seems stupid. And it obviously makes it more difficult for the normal player who just wants to have some fun in the game to compete. Imo making multiclienting in instances basically the same as field partying in terms of usefulness with multiclient is it. was just wondering: "no longer gives quest or item rewards to them " is not the same as " but no rewards " ? as in first: "not getting in instance npc rewards aswell as not getting instance coins" and second: "not getting instance coins"? under this assumption i went for: " You can bring an alt into any difficulty but it no longer gives quest or item rewards to them. Hard = 1,2x Nightmare = 1.5x, rewards, Hell = 2x Reward " If the "no reward" means the same as "no quest or item rewards", my vote would go towards: " You can bring an alt into any difficulty but no rewards. Hard = 2x Nightmare = 2x, rewards, Hell = 3x Rewards, Purga = 4x reward "
  3. Experience

    Seems like you can use manuals on kRO with booster chars, so I went with yes. I know the end rewards are probably not the same and that made me a little hesitant. But generally official servers often also come with premium subscriptions boosting the exp anyway (by 50%, 100% or 150%), so it's probably still a bit more difficult here on locked 1x. We also start as non-trans, so we got an extra 98 level ups to go anyway. Even though it seems iRO booster also starts as regular novice, a kRO booster introduction video on yt started with a high novice. But then again iRO Thor apparently has a 250% exp rate anyway? And booster chars even receive exp manuals in the booster box. videos I looked at for that iRO thor booster introduction (starting as regular novice, high exp rates [not sure if event tho, can't access iRo since region ban]): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nc1lGU62-k0 kRO introduction (starting as high novice): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DxkSys-zbV0 kRO booster player with manuals on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y9MDxYofDEY
  4. Achievements

    I'll create a lfew lists here and shuffle the entries around when needed. So I can also keep an overview of what has been tried / done / confirmed to avoid doing things multiple times. Untested: Trigger works: Doesn't trigger: Other:
  5. Achievements

    I was just trying to see If achievement hunting was a viable option to spend time here, but I quickly had to realize many achievements don't trigger correctly. So I checked if there was already any mention of this problem and found this thread. sadly already months old with no signs of improvement of the situation. Would it help to compile a list of achievements that don't work? Or would it just be wasted time on my part?
  6. Loading/Login Screen Contest

    Hope this complies with all the rules. Talking about " don't use official Ragnarok Artwork/Picture and simply edit ", was wondering about the "and simply edit" part, since without it would be outright banned in any way. And since i saw official artwork and character sprites in other submissions I hope how I used it is okay. If not I would have to see what I can do about it, my character drawing skills are... not the best, let's put it that way. Character Name: Cyber-Chan Server Helheim smRO-Loading-Screen.bmp