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  1. Gene the Cannon build

    fenrir is matk and fct redux, gens use neither
  2. Guardian Angel Guide

    update to the guide will be focused on the wiki
  3. Automatic

    Personally prefer the original route taken with token of honor and Schwartz's Token; added as a reward to the instances.
  4. [MONSTER] I look exactly like a 'Dark Priest' but by another name. Who am I?Hint: This creature is only spawned in 1 4th floor dungeon. A: Hellion Revenant/hellion revenant/ Hellion revenant https://www.divine-pride.net/database/monster/1626/hellion-revenant-slave possibly this guy
  5. Automatic

    was worth a shot
  6. Automatic

    should we add a poe wep too?
  7. Food & Potion Creation Guide

    you can use illusion guard or silver guard with luk/dex/int rune enchants for shield if you reeeeaaaalllly wana torture yourself max out your stats
  8. assuming it stays that way forever (anyone remember broken weps/cor core/unkown parts dropping from fort dun/pit). There's precedence for these things changing, best to expect it will happen again I say.
  9. Tradeable, nontradeable buiscuits

  10. Guardian Angel Guide

    Guardian Angel is the new boss for the purgatory instance of Shining Moon. The fight is reminiscent of a raid boss, and scales with the number of players there, meaning it will be very difficult to carry undergeard people though it. During the entire fight, fires will travel through out the map, they will never hit a certain part of the map making it the safest place to fight the boss, unless you want to "dance". Additionally, these flames are reminiscent of the flames in fogh, meaning land protector will not stop it. Guardian angel will start with a barrier that you have to destroy before being able to actually damage him. The hp of the boss is the intiger cap. He is a small, ghost element monster. His race was up for debate, tho last heard he would be a fish Guardian Angel cycles between 5 modes in this order: Shield>Reflect>Berserk>Recovery>Magic>. There will be an announcement as to which stance guardian angel is entering, and will be marked by an icon ontop of guardian angel's head. Stances each last for a set duration (15 sec, 5 sec, 30 sec, 10 sec, respectively), during the time he is not in any active phase, he can randomly cast these skills: Rain of Crystal, Critical Slash, Stun Attack, Lvl 2 Soul Vulcan Strike, Lvl 1 Venom Swamp, Deadly Curse, Land Protector. During the entire fight, flames will spawn much like the flames in fogh, the difference is: these flames will 1 shot anyone they touch. The flames however will never touch a specific point in the map, so stacking there is a good idea, assuming you have land protector. Shield Stance: Shield mode is the first stance Guardian angel will enter. During this mode, it will cast several defensive skills reducing the effectiveness of physical damage (melee and range), while making magic damage stronger against it. Skills: Defender, Auto Guard, Piety and Stone Skin, Shield Chain, Shield Press, Shield Shooting, Shield Boomerang, Cross Rain Reflect Stance: MAX PAIN the mode Skills: Quagmire, Wide Stone, Wide Freeze, Wide Sleep, Nifflheim Requiem, Land Protector, Conflagration, Manhole Berserk Stance: RES and MRES of the boss will be halved during this phase. He will however attempt to wipe the entire party at the start of it with his wide grasp>lock on laser combo, and he will also receive buffs to his damage and aspd. Skills: Wide Death Grasp, Wide Lockon Laser, NPC Randombreak, Bodyrelocation (on random target), Masquerade Ignorance Recovery Stance: His Res and MRes will again be halved during this stance. However, he will also cast a special version of recovery conversion, turning all damage he receives into healing. Skills: NPC_ALL_HEAL Magic Stance: During this phase, guardian angel will begin casting several elemental master skills, along with skills that allow him to evade magic attacks at the cost of his physical defense. He will also cast ganbantein during this mode, so make sure YOUR land protector is up! Skills: Anti-Magic, Prestige Lightning Land, Diamond Storm, Terra Drive, Ganbantein, Land Protector Strategy Have a tank in your party to take the brunt of the damage. Tank can be any class as long as the can survive. 1-2 Cardinals for their buffs and 1/2 of the group's res/mres piercing. Performers will also be needed, as they are the other half of the group's res/mres piercing. A sorc will be needed, unless your group wants to "dance" around the fire due to the safe zone being dangerous due to the aoe skills of the boss. You can then fill the party with any dps class you desire afterwards, although bio might be a good idea to prevent random breaks, and due to the upcoming update to the sera hom.