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  1. Meteor Storm procs from items

    Oh, I honestly didn't realize it was Crimson Rock since I rarely play Warlock and relatively new to renewal. Which is also why I wasn't sure if it's a bug or actually intended change with 17.2 Thank you for your answer, I will try filing a bug report.
  2. Meteor Storm procs from items

    Any updates regarding this question? I just checked again and it's still dropping the same small meteors.
  3. Hello, ever since the 17.2 update the auto Meteor Storm procs have been dropping a single small meteor instead of the regular Meteor Storm skill from the Wizard class. The two items I tested out were +12 Patent Madogum and the Bloody Knight Card. As shown in the screenshots, it's a small meteor that does 3 hit damage, weaker than the regular meteor. Not sure if it stuns or not. The character also says "!!" when the skill procs instead of "Meteor Storm" Is this change intended to match kRO after 17.2?