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  1. Renewal and smRO's guide for dummies

    Akechi/Leonidas's Guide on Renewal and Shining Moon Ragnarok Online BUT LEO THIS GUIDE IS TOO LONG! Then I have bad news for you: You'll struggle a lot later on. The structure of this guide is like a Question/Answer format. The guide will be split in 4 parts: Part A - General Explanations, Most asked Questions and stuff. Part B - So you're new to Ragnarok Online? Part C - So you're new to Renewal? Part D - So you're new to Shining Moon, our server? You can talk to players ingame using #Main, and ask for help from anyone using #Support on the PM chat box. This guide will be updated as the time goes on and depending on what happens on the server. Who is this guide for: -New players to shining moon RO. -New players to renewal. -Players who have no idea what to do. -Players who don't know how to search for stuff. -Players who asks a lot of questions that's been asked a thousand times before. -Players who need assistance and preparation to run content. -Players who may want to get some extra information. Who this guide isn't for: -Players who want a cookie cutter ready build. -Players who want to half-ass their way to victory. -Players who believe randomly doing stuff works well. -Players who are already prepared and play for a while. -People who know their way around. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PART A- GENERAL EXPLANATIONS, MOST ASKED QUESTIONS AND STUFF WHERE SHOULD I PLAY? NIFLHEIM OR HELHEIM? Helheim is more recommended if you want something closer to how the current developers want the game to be experienced. Items and some mechanics are restricted to kRO only variations. The builds and item choices will be closer to the ones seen on videos about kRO, and knowing their current metagame can help you know what to look for without getting lost or sidetracked. Niflheim is more recommended if you want more choices and doesn't worry too much about following kRO Only structure of gameplay. iRO and jRO items are also available, along with a special costume enchanting system and +20 items are possible (with given money, effort and time). I personally advise against playing solely based on server population, as no matter how many people are with you, if you don't enjoy the game on a personal level. It'll wear you out eventually: -You want to work and play as much like the people on kRO do and their current metagame under the same concepts and systems? Helheim brings this to you. -You want choices, experimenting and weird builds based around different skills/concepts only available on specific grounds and the sky being the limit? Consider Niflheim. HOW SHOULD I LEVEL? Easiest/most common way is leveling at 100x/100x exp/job, getting some reasonable gear, then making a x1/100x exp/job rate character for the 50% drop rate bonus. leveling at 10x is also very reasonable if you want some bonus but don't want to commit as much time, and it keeps the bonus at 30%. Job rate doesn't break the rewards so can be set to 100x with no issues. You can always check if you're eligible for the rewards with @ratecheck. WHAT ARE THE x1 EXTRA REWARDS? At level 175 you get 10k cashpoints, and an alternate outfit ticket. It must be a main class and not an alt class (the extra ones you can buy at the office, and swap with the skill) IF I RESET A x1/x10/x100 CHARACTER's LEVEL TO 1, DO I LOSE THE BONUS? Obviously, as that would completely defeat the purpose of the system. But If you level a main class to 175, the second and third classes for that character also keep the extra drop bonus. DO I GET A GARMENT FOR LEVEL 200 at x1? You can receive 20k Cash Points for leveling to 200 at x1 rate. keep in mind its once per account/person, not per character. And you'll need to contact Lunar through PM on discord (which may take a while) DO COSTUME DROPS GET AFFECTED BY BUBBLE GUM? Yes. WHAT IS BETTER? KATAR OR DUAL DAGGER? Katar is more acessible and will win 95% of the time. Daggers win only if you can afford the absurdly higher cost as well as understand the difference may not be worth it as they require a massive optimization of attack bonuses. On Niflheim, Katars always win if you have Juliette D Rachel (Sky Fortress Instance rare drop from boss)+ Immortal Dog Tag( @go 46 Otherworld NPC) WHERE CAN I FIND THE JRO GEAR IN NIFLHEIM? Either from Fortessa Dungeon/Fortessa Pit, Otherworld exchange or Bio 5 MVP Drops. HOW DOES THE NIFLHEIM COSTUME ENCHANT WORK? Check the forum for other, more detailed guides on this specific subject. WHAT ARE OTHERWORLD FRAGMENTS(NIFLHEIM)? When you clear any instance on hard or higher difficulty, you have a chance to drop a otherworld -Instanceboss- fragment (15% in hell difficulty), those items along with some others can be exchanged for jRO gear at @go 46/exchange. Keep in mind this is one of the highest endgame goals and require time and planning. I FOUND A BUG! WHAT DO I DO? Submit a ticket on the forums, or PM a GM Ingame/Discord. Depending on the bug's severity, it may be fixed in an emergency maintenance or next patch. WHAT'S A RECOMMENDED PROGRESSION FOR ME? HOW CAN I FIND/GET STUFF? -Use @go Market, check npcs, items, and such, understand what's in there, some consumables and such may be avaliable, as well as all the choices on the special tool dealer NPC in every town. -Eden Quests get you some basic, usable gear all the way to 3rd class. -You can try the room of counsciouness at Easy after level 110-ish, even dying and taking multiple runs, you can clear it since the npcs can kill the bosses for you, and buy Imperial or Noblesse gear with the tokens at @go 46/@go exchange. Doing Royal Banquet quests also works. -After Level 150, you can also get Unknown Parts and Cor Cores(at @warp sp_os) for Grace set. Grace set is the best mid game set, so you can get ready for proper,specific gearing. The monsters at sp_os are very weak and easily doable after level 120. You can buy the gear and the "Instant +9 armor refine ticket" that's specific for grace equipment at @go 46 as well (center left of the area).Also get an Illusion OS weapon, farmed at the same map and exchanged at the same @go46 area, south npc. -Good weapons for starting are the Thanatos themed weapons from Ghost palace, a very simple instance that can be cleared at level 120+ just remember to loot the shards, the Illusion OS weapons also are very nice and reasonable. The Einbech Weapons also are very possible. -For endgame, it depends on your character, when in doubt, you can farm "Temporal Items" Specifically the Manteau and Boots using the glast heim themed instances. check requirements on @go 46 npcs. Illusion OS equipment also works, and requires the same items as the grace set, but in variable amounts and chances and can be enchanted as well. -Refining: You can farm diabolus manteaus from incarnations of morroc at moc_fild21~22 and exchange for +7 refinement tickets with the girl beside the blue door at @go eden if you don't want to depend on lucky 3 spins for +8 tickets. HD ores, Limited Ores(niflheim) and Blacksmith Blessing (helheim, sometimes niflheim) may take a while longer but can also be bought from other players. Most builds are perfectly serviceable with a +7 set and you can focus on cards and stuff after it. -Shadow Equipment: it's VERY recommended to farm your job's shadow set as soon as you can kill the monsters, even if slowly, or buy from players (asking for the set pieces on #trade and paying a small zeny cost for someone to get them to you don't usually take long, and some people are always willing to make quick money). You can also check the IDs and pieces (to then use @whodrops -ID-) at the battlegrounds NPC (if you take your time, you can even buy them with the daily badge rewards). -Always hit the world boss, even if once, and get the rewards on rodex. -If you type a skill name on the "search" box on top right or the "description" box of any item search tab on divine pride, you can find item support for a specific skill build you might be interested in. Example: typing "Cross Impact" will show you items that have this skill on them. typing "Fire" when searching for a card will show you cards that have different effects and synergies with fire element. -Read Stuff. Pay attention, check the market, take your time on the game. The most fun is on the journey, not the destination! -If you have lag, use !ping ingame to check your data, if it's too high or you have packet loss (common for SEA players), consider using a VPN, server is hosted in Canada. Good Gearing Ideas and choices(doesn't include all of them, but most mainstream ones): https://www.shining-moon.com/helheim/index.php/Episode_Equipment Example Divine Pride Search page, looking for "resist" on a card: https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/card?Name=&Affix=&Description=Resist&function=&Location=&find=Search Best Way to look for drops/spawns and such ingame: -Use @ii (part of item name) or @ii2 (id) to get more information on items, the ID can always be found on the item descriptions. -Use @whodrops -itemid- to find who drops the items, if nobody drops it, it might be a reward or exchange from [email protected] 46, lucky 3, world boss- or such, if after checking all choices you can't find the item, ask the community. -Use @whereis to find where the monster spawns. -Use @warp/Warper npc to the spawn point mentioned. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PART B- SO YOU'RE NEW TO RAGNAROK ONLINE? WHAT? WHERE AM I? Welcome to the world of Ragnarok Online! one of the most complicated but satisfying MMO's to play nowadays. WHY IS IT COMPLICATED? Because the game has absolutely zero effort in helping you actually play it effectively and 90% of the information requires external databases and information SO SHOULD I JUST GIVE UP? Hell no! It's a very good game and if i've been playing it for the past 16 years, it's well worth it, but the learning curve is harsh. HOW HARSH? It's more like a learning canyon. That is, if you try to go in blind. OH MY GOD! WHAT SHOULD I DO FIRST? Well, the first thing you can do is choose a class! GREAT! WHAT IS THE STRONGES~ - faceslap- Cut it off! You don't choose the strongest class! choose the one that seems the most interesting! Some classes do have an easier time around the early game, but how good is it if you despise your class? BUT MAH EFFECTIVENESS~ -faceslap- Trust me! the fun is on the journey, and there's nothing worse than me saying "So, you gotta play this class you don't like for 50 hours before you can start enjoying your class". SO, HOW DO I CHOOSE A CLASS? Well, the classes in ragnarok are split mostly into 3 groups: Melee , Ranged and Magic Users. Some of the classes can cover 2 or all 3 of these playstyles, depending on your choice. WHAT ABOUT THE MELEE CLASSES? They usually have a higher sustainability, can take some more hits, and dish out some decent damage. One of the advantages of it is the flexibility and versatility of these classes, since they can have some ranged choices (Like the Soul Destroyer Guillotine Cross, Spear Rune Knight or Knuckle Arrow Sura) or magic ones (Genesis Ray Royal Guard, Autospell Dagger Shadow Chaser). Some of these classes are: Rune Knight, Sura, Guillotine Cross, Star Emperor, Royal Guard or Mechanic. Ease of access: In general, Melee classes have an "okay" early game, a solid mid game and a very expensive end game. AND THE RANGED CLASSES? They usually are the easier ones to build at first and have a VERY good damage potential, due to a higher amount of ranged modifiers available around gears, but they have a MUCH lower survivability along with weaker versatility. If something's resistant to them, there's not much you can do. Some of these classes are: Ranger, Minstrel/Wanderer(Gender Locked), Shadow Chaser (Bow Variation), Rebellion. Ease of access: Ranged classes are very easy to gear at first, can have issues getting required gear for mid game by themselves (Require some grinding to buy from others), and solid, reliable end game. MAGIC CLASSES? They usually are more technical classes, have massive AoE(Area of Effect, hits multiple targets)options along with special defensive and control options. They usually are locked to elements and require some preparation to work well in specific scenarios. Some of these classes are: Warlock, Sorcerer, Oboro (Magic Variation), Arch Bishop. Ease of access: They require a better knowledge about elements, positioning and stats management, but are overall cheap and simple to gear for general use, but very expensive end game. WHAT SHOULD I PLAY? Google "Ragnarok Classes" and read a bit about them and some of their skills. Then read a little about a specific class you may want. Recommended classes for starters: Rune Knight (Melee, Bowling Bash/Wind Cutter), Rebelllion (Ranged, Desperado/Round Trip), Arch Bishop (Magic, Magnum Exorcimus/Adoramus). WHAT ARE THOSE WEIRD NAMES ON THE PARENTHESES? Those are some recommended skills for you to use while leveling. Read their description, google their name or give them a try. OK. I CHOSE MY CLASS AND NOW IM INGAME, WHAT SHOULD I DO? Read the beginner manual you've received, don't throw away anything from the freebie boxes you receive and store them untill you know what to do. These things will be covered in part C. First thing you should know is about the @ commands. Check the UI in the game, open all the windows, check what's around on them, specially the stats window (alt+a shortcut as well), if you hover the mouse on the stats, it shows what they do in general. WHAT ARE @ COMMANDS? These are commands specific to ragnarok servers. They allow ease of access and "bending" of normal game rules. like using @go shows you a list of cities you can then use to move around the cities ingame (like @go 2 takes you to geffen, using @go geffen also works) or using @autoloot makes you automatically get item drops. The most important place is @go office for a new player. WHAT IS THIS OFFICE? Walk around and check what's here... talk to npcs, read what they say, if you have no idea what it means, that's because you still shouldn't worry about it. Keep in mind the job changer npc (near the center) and the reset npc (Top Left), as well as the daily reward npc, check in on it everyday! SO, WHAT DO I DO NOW? Ragnarok doesn't have a main storyline or the regular questing structure. the only really recommended ones are the hunting quests. The best way to get started to the game is using @go eden, and speaking with the npcs around the eden and figure some stuff out. One of the NPCS on the counter will get you registered to the group and get you some good direction on where to go, or what to do. follow their recomendations and quests and you'll have a easier time getting around. ANY OTHER TIPS? Use the WARPER npc in every town to get around the maps. you can use /where to know where you are and then use @warp "/where map name" to bypass the warper npc. It takes some time, but eventually you'll prefer tu use this command (It doesn't work to every place through) WHAT ARE CARDS? Cards are extra effects you can apply to equipment(A Knife[3], has 3 weapon card slots), they can be removed through the npc on the office's second floor. Keep in mind the cost and usefulness of the card/equipment. Never sell those. In general, if you read an item description and it shows something vaguely interesting, keep the item until you get to know it. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PART C- SO YOU'RE NEW TO RENEWAL? WHAT THE HELL? THE MAX LEVEL IS 200/70? Yes. WHAT'S THE BIGGEST DIFFERENCE? One of the biggest changes is the addition of the 3rd classes, as well as the Instances, restricted dungeons and missions you can do, with a daily/time limit, and specific rewards. WHAT INSTANCE SHOULD I DO? Use the Instance UI (Button on the Corner Icon Menus), read the Level requirements and just try them. They can give you a very good exp. You can also ask other players about them/check on google. THERE's SO MUCH NEW GEAR! HOW CAN I FIND WHAT ARE MY CHOICES? Take a look at https://www.shining-moon.com/helheim/index.php/Episode_Equipment You may get an idea what to work on. More information on tips and tricks. Keep in mind some items may not be there and still be useful for you, those are only the mainstream items. WHAT'S THE CURRENT BEST DATABASE TO USE FOR THE GAME? Divine Pride, its not perfect, but it's very serviceable. Make sure to change the server/language on the upper right corner. You can also use the server's database, with mixed results. HOW TO REFINE STUFF? NOTE: In Nflheim server, Blacksmith Blessings have 2x requirement but 100% refine success, and also have limited ores, with no downgrade or breaking chance(failure= no change), allowing for +20 gear possibility. Usually go: Refine ticket +7/+8 -> HD ores to +9 -> BSB/Limited to +10 -> Hd Bradium/Carnium (+13 and above use limited ores for niflheim). WHAT IS SHADOW GEAR, COSTUMES AND STONES? Those are extra equipments from the second tab, shadow gear usually grant an extra smaller bonus (specially as a set), costumes can change your appearance without affecting stats (on nif, you can enchant those, check wiki), and stones can be inserted into costumes for extra effects). Those are more focused on endgame. WHERE DO I GET MONEY? Geffenia maps get you reasonable, consistent money, as well as Thanatos Tower 9F~11F. If you have mild, low end gear, you can run Sarah's Memory at level 100~110 for over 6m (lookup a video or guide if needed), or Horror Toy Factory if you're mid to reasonably geared, for decent money. You can also farm Brasilis dungeon for acessible farming since level 60-ish. NOTE: a VERY common issue is running horror toy factory 10~15 times a day, and believing it's worth it... even if the money is nice, it can lead to massive burnout(being one of the biggest reasons for quitting) and I personally do not recommend it. Look for what people are willing to pay for, and try to farm those. Or farm the items you need yourself instead of buying it! HOW CAN I LEVEL? Look for the Bounty Boards around the towns or [email protected] Eden-. There are many choices of monster hunts you can take. Also, check Gramps if on Niflheim. you can use @whereis -monster name/id- to find your way around. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PART D- SO YOU'RE NEW TO SHINING MOON? WHO THE HELL IS LUNAR? He's the Admin and main developer of the server. SHOULD I PM OR TAG HIM AT DISCORD OR INGAME? You can try. Keep in mind Lunar is usually very busy and most times, he gets a flood of PMs with useless stuff. Most(if not all) issues can be solved through a GM (such as myself) or the community. WHAT'S THE SERVER ABOUT? Shining Moon's biggest difference from other servers is the extreme focus in making everything accessible in the most updated way possible. There's multiple ways to get any kind of rewards and focus on any style of play. You can get EVERY ITEM just by farming and making parties. You can get a pretty decent +8 set with under 50M investment and some farming time, if you know your way around. Just buy the certificates for refining from other players/exchange at eden or get them from the lucky 3, using our special coins. WHAT ARE THESE SPECIAL COINS? Moonlight Coins(MLC) are the ingame, special currency on the server. They are used to spin the lucky3 slot machines on every city. These machines grant most buff foods, refining special ores, rare shadow refining gear and such. Moon Coins(MC) are cash shop currency, used mainly for the SpecialSlot items (1000 cash poins price, or 10 moon coins) for their rare rewards. ALL the rewards from that item are available through moonlight coins as well (and some are moonlight coin exclusive, like shadow refine hammers). 95% of the time you "can't find where to get a specific consumable/etc useful item", that's where you get it WHAT's THE BEST WAY TO GET UPDATED TO THE CURRENT SERVER CONTENT AND PATCH? Read the very detailed patch notes, and the wiki HEY THIS SERVER HAS BUGS AND SOME WRONG INFORMATON! Keep in mind the server has a small staff and every server has some bugs. most of them are old bugs not even solved in officials so far. It's quite a lot of work that is kept by a very small team comparatively speaking. You can help reporting any bugs through the ticket system (make sure to get the most information you can) as well as wiki issues on the server's discord. WHERE CAN I FIND MOST STUFF? Try to talk to every npc in fortessa (@go 0), check the wiki, look around the office. most exclusive things we have are located there. Warp around the destinations on the Warper NPC, take your time. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. Zeny Zeny Zeny

    Look at those people voting "but mah zeny" and wanting every farming option without thinking about inflation. Im sure MCs going from 600k to 1500k (in helheim's case) wasn't enough to warn you guys about inflation... good luck everyone on hel! The Abyss between new players and old players will be even bigger. Gonna need some endgame sinks, like the envelope idea.
  3. How to make a build from scratch

    @Nyaa fixed. that was an old mistake i forgot to fix, omg '-'
  4. PvP Event - Warring Triad

    Hello everyone! Tomorrow at 12:00 (Servertime) we'll have a PvP event! It will be a test event so issues and bug may happen The event will have a few rules to make it more reasonable: -Parties Must be made of 3 classes, 1 Magic, 1 Ranged and 1 Melee. The party must have a name. -You can use skills from different branches with no problem, such as cross ripper slasher on a guillotine cross or genesis ray on a royal guard, even if its a different skill from the original group. Magic Jobs: Warlock, Sorcerer, Doram, Soul Reaper, Wanderer, Arch Bishop, Oboro Ranged Jobs: Ranger, Maestro, Shadow Chaser, Rebellion, Kagerou, Genetic Melee Jobs: Rune Knight, Royal Guard, Star Emperor, Guillotine Cross, Mechanic, Sura Free Job - can fill any slot Super Novice Rules: -Parties with less players or missing a player can participate no problem. every party must be present at event start time. regardless of match time. maximum tolerance: 3 minutes. -The matches will be a Best of 3. Win 2 to pass to the next stage. Leaving the arena or map at any time automatically counts the player as dead. There will be a countdown before the fight. -No item consumption is allowed inside the arena, if you wish to buff yourself with food and others, do so outside. -Damage will be halved compared to other situations. -battle system will follow battlegrounds ruleset regarding movement skills, knockbacks and such. -You can resurrect fallen team members. -You can apply any negative status effect, use any equipment, cards or autocast effects. shields such as safety wall and pneuma are allowed. Every skill is allowed. Any attempt to abuse bugs, tricks or trashtalking/rage on other players will instantly cause a mute of 30min~6H on the offending player. This applies for both participants or people watching. Friendly banter is allowed (and encouraged xD). Party Registration: Must be sent to me on discord. ExSoldierAkechi#4620 - Or as GM Leonidas on the server's discord. It must countain: PARTY NAME MAGIC MEMBER - NAME - JOB RANGED MEMBER - NAME - JOB MELEE MEMBER - NAME - JOB Rewards and Prizes: Any participant party will receive 15 moonlight coins for each member. regardless of winning any matches. The party leader will receive 45 moonlight coins and must share it with party members. 3rd Place: 20 Moonlight Coins, 6 blacksmith blessings, 2000 War Badges for each member. 2nd Place: 30 Moonlight Coins, 9 blacksmith blessings, 3000 War Badges for each member. 1st Place 50 Moonlight Coins, 12 blacksmith blessing, 5000 War Badges , 3000 Valor Badges, 1 Upper, Lower or Middle Headgear Costume of choice for each member. Keep in mind this is a test event, so issues may, and probably will happen. Good luck everyone! OBS: This event will run only on Helheim due to custom costumes causing some unexpected bugs. Niflheim will have a PvM event instead.
  5. The Weekly Cross Server Event Niflheim vs Helheim What is it? The Event is a competition event between Helheim and Niflheim. It's composed of 3 Rounds (and in rare cases, 5 Rounds) of challenges between both servers. Tasks must be completed on their own server, and who gets it done better, faster or any other way, wins the round. The server who wins most rounds is crowned "Server of the Week". Cool! What are the rewards? The server who wins the round gets a massive foxring/moonlight coin wave spawned in Fortessa, the server who loses a round gets a smaller one. The server who wins at the end also gets bonus waves when the event is over, as well as a random spawn of foxrings/short bonus event during the week. When does this event take place? The event happens always on a saturday or sunday. at a random, variating time. The reason for this is that eventually, everyone will be able to participate regardless of their global location or schedule. The event will always be communicated 1 hour in advance. So, stay tuned to the server's discord and watch out for "KingLeonidas" GM showing up. Anyone can participate? The Rounds were made with cooperation in mind. even new players can help coordinate or work on some rounds. Crazy stuff may also happen between rounds, such as a random invasion or a double world boss spawn. What are the rounds? There are 10 different rounds. Among those, 2(sometimes 4) will be chosen every week, and the final round will always be the "Dummy Challenge". ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 100 Bloody Branches Battle. This Round requires power and speed. High level is recommended but not required. -A map will be filled with 100 random, bloody branch based, MVPs, the players will be allowed to warp to the map 3 minutes before damage is allowed (they can't be attacked during this preparation period). When the map damage is unlocked, they have to clear the map as fast as possible. First server to clear the map wins the round. All levels are welcome, as every little damage counts. Power Level Race. This Round requires coordination and knowledge. Anyone can join, efficiency is recommended. - The GM will give a specific job and required term to be in the nickname. The server will have to coordinate to power level 1~3 characters as fast as possible to the given conditions. All manuals, shadow equipment, boosting, rates and such are allowed. In case specific gear is requested, the players must also coordinate to get it. Example: "I require 2 Super Novices, their name must contain "Supah" as part of the character name, they must be exactly level 90." or "I require a Lv80 Ninja with "Kotaro" in the name, wearing a shinobi garb," First server to fullfill the conditions win the round. Hardcore Find the GM This round requires attention and luck. Anyone can join. The GM will be hidden in a specific place in both servers. The map will not be mentioned but tips about region, location details or such will be given. First server to find the GM wins the round. World Boss Rush This Round requires power and luck. Anyone can join. Recommended to use your best character. A Random world boss will be spawned. the first server to kill their world boss wins. double world bosses might be spawned and hard world bosses might show up, thus, some luck can help. Collection List This Round requires coordination and speed. Anyone can join. The GM will request a high amount of an item, always 3x the number of players currently online. The players must drop/get on storage the item and deliver it AS A SINGLE STACK. Delivery is made by linking the item and dropping it near the GM for pickup. Themed Screenshot This round requires creativity and costumes. Anyone can join. Costumes are recommended. Servers will have 10 minutes to post a screenshot at #general on the server's Discord. the best themed UNEDITED screenshot choosen by the GM wins the round. The screenshot can be taken anywhere in game and contain speech bubbles, or skills/monsters. Instance Clear This round requires speed and coordination. High level and consumables are recommended. The players will have to clear an instance and pm the GM when done. The GM will warp to the player and check if the conditions are met (Example: Be at Amdarais room at OGH Nightmare or Defeat Charleston 3 At Charleston Crisis), any party size is allowed, and multiple parties are allowed to participate. First server to PM the GM and confirmed to have fullfilled the conditions wins the round. Legendary Equipment This round requires storage management and coordination. Anyone can join or help. The GM will require a given character job wearing specific equipment (Example: "A Royal Guard with a +11 Imperial Spear with a Drops card slotted in it and +7 Shoes[0]"). First server to bring the character to the GM for checking, and complete the conditions wins the round. The Spy This round requires patience and attention. Anyone can join. A map will be FILLED with immune monsters, ONE of these monsters will have a different name. first server to find the monster wins the round. Dummy Challenge -Always the final round. Players will have to coordinate to get the highest, single hit (yellow numbers, crits and "blue crits" also count) on a dummy. All classes can help and coordinate debuffs and skills to achieve the highest damage possible. Example: Use comet(Warlock), Lex Aeterna (Arch Bishop) and Dark Claw (Guillotine Cross), to boost the damage of a Tiger Cannon (Sura) buffed with Striking (Sorcerer), Gospel (Royal Guard) and Soul Link ( Soul Reaper), while under marionette control (Maestro/Wanderer) to hit a shadow form(Shadow chaser) wearing a strong shield with alice card (to receive more damage) through @duel. (This is an extreme example and i'll HONESTLY be surprised if someone manages to pull it off). The server who gets the LOWEST damage will get some minutes to recoordinate their efforts to try to beat the other server's damage. This will continue until one server cannot compete any longer or can't provide an answer. Helheim will have a multiplier on their damage if they lose this round for the next week, (2x, 3x and so on) and the multiplier will be decreased if they win. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Past Results: Week 1 : Niflheim 2x2 Helheim - Draw on the delivery at the final event (there was no dummy challenge yet.) Week 2 : Niflheim 1x2 Helheim - Helheim's multiplier was 2x. Week 3 : Niflheim 4x1 Helheim - Helheim's multiplier was 3x. Week 4: Niflheim 1x2 Helheim - Helheim's multiplier was 2x.
  6. jRO, kRO, iRO gears list atm (Niflheim / Helheim)

    Nice list, well done!
  7. World Boss - Widescreen Dispel

    keep dispel, rangers are VERY reliant on unlimit, would make them absolutely unreachable on ranks.
  8. [Table of Contents] [1-] The Shadow - What is a Guillotine Cross[GX] and what is this guide [2-] While you were shooting arrows, I studied the blade [DPS and build optimization] [3-] The Path - Build Options [4-] The Master - Gearing Guide and Explanation. [5-] The Arsenal - Weapons [6-] The Armory - Armors and Acessories [7-] The Core - Shadow Gear and Costumes [8-] The Tricks - Cards [9-] The Soul - Mechanics and Skill use [10-] The Persistence - Difficult Situations [11-] The Final Harmony - Counter Slash/Critical Dual Dagger mixed build [12-] The Future - Future Content and expectations on it. [NEW][12.1] - Guillotine Cross Rework [13-] The Teacher - FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions The [NEW] (200/70 content)and [NEW] (GX Rework) Tags can be searched for to find information related to the latest patches! Additional comments on existing sections will be in BOLD. [1-] The Shadow - What is a Guillotine Cross[GX] [2-] While you were shooting arrows, I studied the blade [DPS and build optimization] [3-] The Path - Build Options The GX has many choices about how to build, depending on your resources and play style. I will present every reasonable build with a grade from 1 to 5, based on -MY- opinion about the class. The builds will also receive a [Tag], that will be used on items and atributes to show if that item is usable on a given build, along with average DPS for reasonably geared with Dark Claw/Elemental Advantage. [NEW] - Since many new equipment change and improve all builds, I'll only mention new items that directly boost a given build here. [Ckt]Critical Katar Build: [CDD] Critical Dual Dagger Build: [CI] Cross Impact Build: [RC] Rolling Cutter Build [SD] Soul Destroyer Build - THIS SKILL WILL BE REWORKED SOON AND IS NOT RECOMMENDED FOR NOW [MA] Meteor Assault Build [CRS] Cross Ripper Slash Build [CS] Counter Slash Build - Guide Highlight [SBA] Sonic Blow Autocast Build [4-] The Master - Gearing Guide and Explanation The gearing method is based on a cost/benefit priority, most items do have a "perfect, Best in Slot (BiS)" possibility, but sometimes it's not needed to have a decent or very usable result. You should also keep in mind that some builds may require MASSIVE investments to be viable (Cross Ripper Slash), or no investment overall after a single item (Meteor Assault on Niflheim). Be aware though that some builds are ABSOLUTELY different under a "close to perfect" vs a "perfect" situation and may require a full build planned for it. (Counter Slash 95% acd is MUCH slower than 100% acd). The Items will be in 3 colors. [Green] Items are easy to get, and shouldn't take too much effort or money [Yellow] Items require some planning or specific enchants, and can be worked for with enough effort. May require some market dispute. [Orange] Requires extensive farming and may take a while to get, but its attainable with hard work, very difficult to find on the market for any non-overpriced value. [Red] Items that are unreasonable expectations, and although they can easily make your results better, they are NOT realistic or reliably farmed short term and may lead to frustration if too much time/money is spent on them early on. One thing that won't be mentioned further ahead and is very important : Nullify your size penalty. Specially with daggers. Daggers have reduced damage potential on anything but small size enemies, and katars also deal reduced for large/small size. It's absolutely the must have bonus regardless of your build. There are several ways to attain it: 1- Drake Card, the best choice most of the time 2- Vicious Weapon Enchant, on first slot, usually good but 11~15% ATK enchant may be better due to how it works. 3- Infinity Shadow Earring + Pendant, a very cheap choice, and one of my favourites. Works for most builds without any issues. 4- Infinity Shadow Weapon, VERY EXPENSIVE due to +10 refinement required. may work very well on some builds that have no shadow weapon requirement. 5- RWC knife proc chance. unreliable and very outdated. used on swapping, making everything slower and requiring more hotkey work. Not recommended on most cases. Acess to Dispel can also make your life very easier. On niflheim it's easier to have with a Randgris MVP or Bio 4 Celia through "Soul Contract", since the slave versions also dispel their targets, or through Randgris card on both servers, with some luck or high investment. Due to the problem with Agi UP making your attacks miss, and Reflect Shield making you spam so much healing or not leeching enough. As a final advice, don't decide your build only on numbers, if you like flashy crits, go for it!, if you prefer to cause massive damage on a single cast, focus on that, and so on, there's a build for everyone! [5-] The Arsenal - Weapons -Katars- Katars are the signature weapons of guillotine crosses. their biggest difference are an extra, weaker hit, as well as a double critical rate chance, making them MUCH easier to attain 193 ASPD as well as 100 crit compared to daggers. As another bonus, katar users have access to all class skills. [Ckt][CRS][RC]Thanatos Katar: Easily the BEST starting weapon due to the life leech effect, as well as the very strong bonus enchants. can rival good katars all the way up with a Ruff Officer Hat at +12 (granting 120 extra attack). [Ckt][CRS][RC]Juliette D. Rachel : By many, considered the best katar in the game, the fact it works with essentially any build makes it a very good katar to have. when in doubt, go for it. Usually going for Sharp enchants is better than Fighting Spirit, due to the very small attack bonuses, and extra crit helps on every build (what will your Rolling Cutter do if it can't hit the Garm MVP with agi up and 2% HP left? You crit it to death.), can also be enchanted with expert archer for old fashioned Cross Ripper Slash damage bonus. [CRS]Meuchler-OS and Ripper Cross: Both are VERY good choices for Cross Ripper Slash, with a slighty edge to Ripper Cross on general use and Meuchler-OS on DUMMIES (and one of the reasons I hate dummy damage building). [Ckt]Illusion Sharpened Legbone of Ghoul Lv5/Lv5 Acute Enchant: Probably the BEST critical katar weapon, can even surpass Juliette D Rachel with Dog Tag (Under +14 Upgrade), too bad it requires absolutely PERFECT enchants and is unreasonable to get. [RC]Blade Katar : General use for Rolling Cutter, good damage, no leech potential, makes it a good "benchmark" katar for rolling cutter. Outclassed by Ruff Officer + Thanatos Katar combo by usability. [SBA]Krishna : Due to the autocast property, it's a core weapon on the build, sinergy with Assassin Handcuffs is incredible for it.Can also be enchanted. [All]Vicious Mind Katar : the flexibility as well as the very high damage potential makes it one of the best weapons in the game with the right enchants, but also unpredictable in farming. [NEW] [All]Bolt Crusher: The new katar has massive enchants, good ACD and versatility, a must for Rolling Cutter, a good choice for everything else. -Daggers- Daggers are the heavy hitters of the weapons, they have a big versatility, many slots and build choices. Also require higher investment and preparation due to the more difficult ASPD requirements and double the weapon cost. [CDD][CI][MA]Scalpel: Very cheap, very weak "WTF do you use it?" Weapon, due to three slots and Lv4, it can hold its own very well against other weapons. [CDD][CI][MA][CS]Sandstorm: Best Left hand weapon for slots. has very low attack that can be outclassed by other more focused choices. Valkyrie Knife is a better option on Niflheim only(massively for cross impact). Due to the lack of complementary stats,it is recommended only on fully prepared builds. [CDD][CI][SD][CS]Vicious Mind Dagger: The best counter slash dagger, requires after cast delay enchants to be usable for the build. The good attack potential, ASPD enchants and ease to obtain also makes it very good for a critical build main hand weapon. [CDD]RWC Memory Knife: At +20 on ring combo in niflheim server, can bring your attack up by -370-. better damage potential than ANY mainhand dagger other than +20 vicious mind dagger, however, even with a compromise on the accessory slot the drake effect procs can make it very worth it. can be used overall before you have acess to better weapons, even at +9, its nothing terrible and cheap to make. [CDD][SD][MA]Faceworm Queen's Leg: Has a good damage power, the proc is a nice bonus and the 120 extra MATK makes it a very good main or offhand weapon for soul destroyer. [All]Ice Pick: Both versions, due to enchants on the non-slotted version with sharp. a very old weapon and stills very much usable nowadays, can deal higher damage than others on enemies with 300+ def. A good weapon for swapping. [All]Krieg: The eddga drop is often overlooked, is also a good weapon with enchants as extra options for left hand, is very easily outclassed by expensive cards or high refines. [SD]Illusion Bazerald: The best Soul Destroyer dagger, can easily out DPS other choices by over 20%. Can be worn with the Illusion Flower combo for a very weird and usable, low cost, combo. A pain in the ass to farm. [CS]Thanatos Dagger: Good leveling dagger for 1x rate with counter slash. due to the slow but strong hits the leech procs MAY help a bit, along with the enchants. recommended before you can wear something better. [NEW] [All]Metal Detector Mk47: The dagger that everyone ever wished for. good attack, two slots, strong bonuses and the 20% acd on EACH. Did I mention it can be enchanted? -Swords- [CDD]Vicious Mind Saber: A very strong, hard hitting weapon for the left hand. The massive ASPD penalty might easily make it garbage unless built for it. [CI][SD]Twin Edge of Naght Sieger : Best weapon for main hand and off hand Cross Impact, has decent attack, Lv4 and 3 slots, as well as enchant options, can also work on soul destroyer, barely. [SD]Old Parasol: It's the best MATK option for soul destroyer builds along with Illusion Bazerald, has a massive potential and can be very unpredictable and surprising, worth a try. [SD]Excalibur(Niflheim): Has 3 slots and decent MATK, can be used in right hand to save on aspersio costs and reliability. [CI][SD]Byeollungum: Good weapon, very overrated, nothing special, can be enchanted according to use. Niflheim version is better but stills nothing special. [SD][?]Elemental Sword: Makes autocast GX a possibility, very weird. Can be used on Soul Destroyer as well. [CI]Blade[4]: Very old weapon, better than sandstorm for offhand if you have size penalty,usable if you don't have 2 Naght Sieger weapons. -Axes- Yeah, GX can use some, like Orcish Axe[4](Lol at Cross Impact Axe), all are garbage. 2x Axe GX build when gravity???? [6-] The Armory - Armors and Acessories [All]Lava Leather Set: Recommended when you hit lv175 and still needs to gear up. the After Cast Delay combo can be worn for Counter Slash permanently if you're willing to sacrifice damage for survivability. Ckt][CDD]Sapha Armor Set: Very good starter critical set. can be enough for quite a while and before you start running harder instances. Sapha Armor is specially effective in bumping crit rate with enchants. [ALL]YSF Armor Combo: Even with the very steep stats and refinement requirements, can be very good for a focused build, either for the raw attack power, good after cast delay reduction or the defense pierce proc. VERY expensive and stat hungry. [ALL]Full Temporal Set (Armor+Manteau+Boots): Due to the lack of synergy between the items, the full set isn't recommended in some situations, but separate pieces might be worn according to stats requirements. Specific gear pieces will be analyzed on their sections as well. [NEW] [ALL]Noblesse/Imperial/Grace Sets: Are GREAT choices for those still leveling or gearing up. Can be farmed easily on Room of Counsciouness with some patience. The Grace armors can hold their own against some endgame armors as well. [NEW] [ALL]Clergy/Soutane Sets.: The armors by themselves are VERY good choices, as a full set, unless you really need 20% extra ACD, pass. The armor has a nice enchant as well. [NEW] [ALL]Dragon Sets.: The armors by themselves are pretty good, not as much as the Soutane armors, but as a full set if you can make use of the set bonuses they can be INCREDIBLE. Keep in mind the procs are WHEN RECEIVING DAMAGE. 200/70 ARMOR TIP: If going for the new armors, use Soutanes if you plan on using only one piece, Dragon if you want to use the full set. -Headgears- -Middle and Lower Headgears- -Armors- -Garments- -Shoes- -Acessories: Both Servers- -Acessories: Niflheim/jRO Items- [7-] The Core - Shadow Gear and Costumes Shadow gear can be worn in different situations depending on your build needs, you also have different cost/benefit variations to consider when building your shadow arsenal. It's important not to ignore the combination of infinity shadow for drake effect, or almighty's +x stats on refine. All sets will be considered as +9. It's important to remember that all non-class named shadow gear can be enchanted. enchant it according to your needs. usually 3% ATK or Long Range 5% for skills, and 5% critical damage for auto attack builds. [ALL]Guillotine Cross/Assassin/Thief Set: The basic farmable set. can't be enchanted and brings good bonuses for general everyday use and when you're starting to gear your characters, a very good starting set, easy to farm and soon to be replaced. The combo is specially strong for the Sonic Blow Autocast build. Costume Stones and Enchants: [8-] The Tricks - Cards Only Non MvP cards, lets be reasonable and go for farmable stuff. You may drop an MVP card, but it's not something you can count on short term. [9-] The Soul - Mechanics and Skill use -Back slide is a very good skill for repositioning by facing backwards and spamming it, as well as using it to reposition and avoid AoEs. -Cross Impact requires "dancing". since it has an animation lock, if you move during the animation, you can recast the skill with no delay, can be done with some practice. -Cross Ripper Slash causes the most damage by spamming 1~3 Rolling Counters and casting the skill, than stacking 10 counters each time. -Rolling Cutter's key can be held down, no need to spam press it. -Pick and Throw stone can be used to lure mobs from afar. -Soul Destroyer is a very good skill to have regardless of the build you have due to its perfect, piercing mixed hit properties, even at low damage, it might finish off an Agi Up/Reflect Shield MVP. -If you're going for dual dagger build, don't waste 3rd class skill points with rolling cutter and cross ripper slash. -Dead people can't deal damage, remember to get at least some defense/leech/both to survive battles. [10-] The Persistence - Difficult Situations -What to do when the MVP pops agi up? Go for some perfect hit skills and critical attacks. usually they do it when they are low on HP, so you can finish them off no problem with subpar damage if needed. If you have a verus core (niflheim), the 20% perfect hit chance ensures you can brute force the final phase of HP if needed. -And what if the MVP pops reflect shield? Use ranged skills like Soul Destroyer or Cross Ripper Slash, you can also hold your ground and dps slowly with leech gear/healing items. reflect is the bane of the guillotine cross overall, good thing on the class rework, Dark claw will remove reflect effects. -How to handle hard hitting bosses? There's no shame on using a shield sometimes, or changing to deviling, remember to be flexible on your gears, so you can adapt to diferent situations. -How do I solo farm fortessa 2? It's very difficult to solo there due to the many different enemy tipes, without gear swapping, critical builds usually cover every aspect with a mix of cursed water and aspersio scrolls. -Is solo Pit doable? Nowadays no, you may have some limited sucess with few enemies, but if you mob it, it's very overwhelming. You might kill an enemy here and there, but that's it. -What's the best build for bloody branch farming? Counter Slash for kill speed, Rolling Cutter for low cost. both with defense oriented items can ensure you survive multiple branches at a time (unless Ktullanux spawns, then its very sad). -If I can invest in a MVP card, whats the best card? Many people would say memory of thanatos or kiel, if you can afford then, and it's true, they are build changers and will easily boost your damage potential, but Randgris card ensures you can handle ANY situation with good preparation. If you have an insane amount of money or luck, the Lord Knight card for the critical damage builds destroys any alternative, just remember not to use it all the time recklessly. [11-] The Final Harmony - Counter Slash/Critical Dual Dagger mixed build Average Dummy DPS - Dark Claw/Venom Impress- No Pere/Jitterbug: Counter Slash: 2.300.000 Critical Dual Dagger: 900.000 It's my personal build on Helheim, stills not finished due to the small amount of time I have available to work on it, but it can handle all kinds of stuff. -It uses Counter Slash on most situations, can clear very well, leech, and tank most situations that are reasonable for a GX, the damage is amazing as well. The knockback can be annoying sometimes, but ensures i can survive difficult encounters as well by decreasing my received damage. -Gear is focused on usability, with a Hunter Fly card for left hand, rideword hat for leeching, and defensive card for the garment. As well as HP absorb stone on garment costume slot. -Previously I wore a full lava set, with very good results, although the damage was around 40% lower, the DEF of over 900 was very good in making sure i could be kept alive without major trouble. -The shadow gear is a Work in Progress, due to requiring 6 pieces of new sets to work as well as I expect it to. -Stills missing some enchants and refines, overall the build is considered 80% finished. DPS was sacrificed for extra utility but i consider it worth it. Dummy damage dealers hate it, but thats how I usually do it. Under specific situations, I use the Equip Swap button to fully change my build. 193 ASPD, 94 Crit Rate, with a very reasonable 40k per hit on this mixed build, the damage is very good to finish off bosses, clear weaker lonely mobs that can't proc weapon blocking for the counter slash build, as well as stills being fun and different to use. -The Critical stills isn't perfect, but its due to a lack of Critical Stone(Lower) for my costume, when I get it, i'll be able to relax with over 100 crit. -The damage isn't as high as a fully dedicated critical build, but it works well with the stats and mixed gear I can afford. -It's a mixed build, so the stats cover both sides, and as such, doesn't excell in any of those As For Niflheim, due to perfect hit gear from jRO as well as a Randgris card, I run a full Counter Slash build, with some defensive items for sustain: Average Dummy DPS - Dark Claw/Venom Impress- No Pere/Jitterbug Screenshot set: 11.000.000 One of the reasons I have an Enforcer Manteau is for support Soul Destroyer, since it can be used in some situations like picking off enemies. It's nowhere near its DPS potential though, but the biggest advantage is indeed the boosted resistances to magic and ranged, and the HP/ACD: Average SD DPS: 700.000 [12-] The Future - Future Content and expectations on it. New Patch gear will be reviewed and discussed here. And it's effects on the game and GX. [NEW Gear has been added to their respective sections with the arrival of the 200/70 patch] [NEW][12.1] - Guillotine Cross Rework NOTE: This information is currently on sakray and might lack some details or specifics regarding some things and can be changed anytime. [13-] The Teacher - FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions Any relevant questions people may have on builds I might add here to save on time and patience. It's important to know im not a mr know it all, nor do I have the best GX, it's just a lot of knowledge and research being shared with all my server mates, and to help everyone stop thinking GX is dead. If you have any questions, feel free to pm me on discord. ExSoldierAkechi#4620 A Special thanks to Drunk on EDPs on helping me record some of the footage for Counter Slash proccing and his Cross Impact Build with dancing on dummies o/
  9. What would you like to see?

    Even as main GX,I guess we should wait for the full changes i guess. specially the poisons.
  10. How to make a build from scratch

    While you were shooting arrows, I studied the blade. One of the BIGGEST problems in ragnarok online is how to make an EFFECTIVE build. Note how an effective build is not always noted by its actual damage, but by how good your build works in the scenario you want to use it for. This guide is a preview guide that will be part of the MUCH LARGER "Ultimate Guillotine Cross, All Builds" Guide that im finishing and hope to post on the following days. But since this version includes some examples that won't be present on the GX guide, i decided to post a longer and detailed version here. And specially since many people ask me "how to make weird builds that surprisingly work A- Is it a show-off build or an effective build? A show off build is a build created and balanced around -DUMMY- damage. They usually include Singing and Playing Pere Card combo (sometimes Jitterbug as well), specific formless/neutral boosting enchants and other stuff that you wouldn't use in any reasonable scenario in 2019. Some people live by it, some people use it and pretend they don't, among other reasons. This guide WON'T cover this possibilities. If you want big numbers, thats not the purpose here. B- What is an effective build? It's a build that ACTUALLY works in real use. You can dish out "25 million damage" and you have absolutely full damage gears, 1 vit, 0 resistances, no recovery or damage mitigation or any kind of reasonable defense that would enable you to survive different situations. You also might have a massive Nuke potential, and still have 0% after cast delay reduction, taking a LONG time between actions, and bringing down your ACTUAL dps just to achieve big numbers.it's also important to know how to adapt to party play vs solo play. Remember, dead people's DPS is always 0 C- What is actual DPS? It's the damage per second you can dish out. Having a massive amount of damage doesn't always mean you have good DPS. Example: You have X amount of zeny available to build a Sura. You can choose to make a full tiger cannon build for 8m damage each, or go Sky Blow for 160k/cast. you'd OBVIOUSLY go tiger cannon due to the massive damage difference. HOWEVER: Sky blow can be cast 6~7 times/second (either with a Focus Beret[1] in Niflheim for instant 100% After Cast Delay or gear stacking on Helheim), which would bring your DPS up to around 1M damage, and tiger has a 5 second cooldown, not counting the combo preparation time, it brings your dps down to 1,6m. Which stills quite a bit higher. And it's (Edit: NOT) single target. With a massive 5 second down time. Has no HP leech potential due to non-spammability, AND requires a target. Sky Blow in the mean time is a spammable AoE, with massive leech potential, full acd based and can be used at will, and ALSO has good potential to enable a Knuckle Arrow Build. And if you hit 2 targets with it constantly, your dps will ALWAYS be highers than Tiger Cannon PS: I do know its possible to get MUCH higher numbers with tiger cannon, but this is based on a comparative cost. Also, if you can instantly kill monsters with tiger cannon, its effective dps is absurdly higher. The same can be told if you only kill monster with less than 1M hp, wasting a lot of damage. The same can be said about many other builds, such as Full Buster vs Round Trip Rebellion, Hundred Spear vs Ignition Break and Diamond Dust vs Spell Fist. D- How do i make a build? There are 5 steps to create a build from the start: 1-What will be the skills the build will focus? 2-To what extent does the gear available support and buff this skill? 3-Is it viable to your objectives? Not always a Solo efficient build will help the party in Fortessa or Bio 5. 4-Can you afford it or should you make a less expensive one first? 5-Can you survive with the chosen cards and defensive itens? Example: a Diamond Dust build: 1-Diamond Dust, maybe some Psychic Wave for assistance, along with water elemental. 2-Chilly Spell Book, Faceworm Larvae, Headless Mule card among others. 3-It's water based, so it can't kill holy, water or wind monster effectively. 4-It has a reasonable cost, and can be mostly farmed and doesn't rely on MvP cards. 5-It's weapon is one handed, enabling use of a shield Dragon Breath build: 1- Dragon Breath and Water Dragon Breath 2-Few current gear on Hel, Many on Nif. Requires Tao Gunka card for maximum potential. 3- It can be spammed with enough after cast delay, but is limited to 2 elements. One being fire, effective against Undead. 4- It's very expensive and requires massive HP/SP/Ranged enchants. 5- It's one of the tankiest builds available. E- But Ranger/Soul Reaper/Star Emperor have more damage! Ranger is a mostly cheap character to gear compared to many others due to the ranged damage bonuses it has access to, and SR/SE are new classes, with current gear in mind and massive multipliers. Every class has it's ups and down, and what is amazing today, might change tomorrow, like EDDA weapon's Royal Guard and Maestro/Wanderer, or Temporal Circlet Guillotine Cross. And how it was with Adoramus Arch Bishop/Rampage Blaster Bug Sura some time ago. It's important to play what you like. F- Where should I start my build? 1- Decide the core itens around the build (Fafnir Scale(nif) for Dragon Breath, Scarlet Dragon Leather Bow for Aimed Bolt, Survivor Set for Earth Warlock (nif) and such. 2-What will be the other items? Do i need more damage or do i need more attack speed? 3-What about the stats? Do I need 120 for specific bonuses? can i skimp on Vit? can i get extra luk for generic smaller bonuses 4-How will I deal with counter situations? And enemy resistances? How about consumable upkeep cost? 5- Does it require farmable gear or limited ones? MVP cards are unreliable to get, and world boss specific drops (Looking at you, Gambler Seal on Niflheim) might cost an absurd amount or be flat-out unrealistic expectations. 6-What are some nice to have stuff on my gear? Pet bonuses, interesting alternative cards, consumables or specific enchants that change the costs and style. 7- Cheaper options? Maybe i can't afford Modification Module 15% After cast delay, but I can get Awakened Sarah Robe, with 10% after cast delay and less damage output, but it's an alternative. 8- Read, research, use keywords on databases and carefully read wikis and skill effects, you may find a hidden gem that completely changes your mind on something. G- What do you use? Currently I have: A Counter Slash Guillotine Cross, for Bloody Branch and general use. My Ace. Usually crashes my client when I exaggerate on BB spamming even though i have a reasonable PC A Knuckle Arrow/Sky Blow Sura, for fun/Instakill Fortessa Dungeon 1 speed clear, one shotting mobs by jumping around. A Trap Ranger, waiting on patch gear, 4fun, planning to break the meta of Aimed Bolt and bring something new (and unkillable) to the table (Did you know traps work with leech gear?) A Genesis Ray Diamond Royal Guard, for party play and support, with over 1200 DEF. Able to hold it's own for as long as it has SP A Crimson Rock Warlock for Instakill Bio 5/Fortessa Farming, Geared for instakilling anything not resistant to Fire and not wasting too much damage. A Metallic Sound Maestro, for no reason at all. Will be swapped for a Dragon Breath RK A Spellfist sorcerer, that autocasts as many skills as possible, hopefully crashing my client in the process. DPS ranges from 1m to 9m making no sense at all. But is flashy <3 As a final advice, Always aim for the lowest bonus you have when gearing, If you have too much ranged damage, dont stack MORE ranged damage, get some racial, or size. As a generic rule of thumb that works 90% of time. Always boost the lowest % bonus on @battlestats that is relevant to your build. H- Who are you and where can i find you if i need assistance? My discord is ExSoldierAkechi#4620, im one of the GMs on the server as well. KingLeonidas My ingame characters are (ExSoldierAkechi / UndeterredAkechi) on Niflheim and Ganryu(still gearing) in Helheim. If you need assistance or finishing touches with builds, I might assist you partially on what to use, or plan. But I WON'T explain things that are already on the guide, where to get items or how to farm zeny.
  11. -90% damage to other mobs.

    Unfortunately i can't test this myself, due to the update. but i believe the 90% damage reduction is also affecting other mobs, and was supposed to only affect the field mvps (and BB versions, etc). including fortessa mobs. If it indeed happens, it will create a MASSIVE gap between old players and new players. since they(we) won't be able to farm basic jRO gear on fortessa dungeons. Can you please check if its: A- if it really affected anything else besides the mvps B- Intentional, or a bug C- If intentional, the possibility of reversing this change for anything not official, since it breaks the mid game. Thanks.