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  1. general questions

    It depends but usually you want to make any of the following: 1) Make a 100x exprate char at max lvl to get initial gear. and enjoy high end content soon. 2) If you are playing at 1x rate, get to 175 as fast as possible (this one will get the 50% extra bonus drop) so it will make easier the farming process. 3) Join parties to make instances, many of them are daily so you can start getting good gears easily (even for other chars). In this server, there are a lot of parties. 4) Find a good build and slowly complete it, some ex: Sharp shooting ranger, soul reaper i think is espa or something the target skill, adoramus arc bishop.
  2. Fortessa Pit

    I think the best way to deal with this type of content while still being enjoyable is just to give bigger and flashier animations. Because even if the skill is unfair, at least you can see the mob is using it and still have the indicator that something changed thus you must change your tactics. A good example is HTF. place in which the kimi uses reflect, but everyone can still enjoy the content bcs when she is gonna use it, she cast it long time and then she has a yellow aura. During this time you can usually just heal + wait for it to turn off. Now, the yellow animation with kimi works bcs it 's only 2 mvps and usually a solo person hitting it so even if the change is little you can still notice it; I would suggest an animation like Kyrie Ellison with colors to be able to see what kind of inmunity the monster has at that moment; making it easier for new players to change targets depending on the current skill. The easier way is just to make it possible to counter attack that skill. If it's a skill that makes it go full hp, then it should make them vulnerable to another type. Like if you are inmune to magic then be weak during that time to melee (so the melee chars can see their numbers go up and tell the magic ones to stop if they don't notice). And make this change fixes, like melee -> ranged -> magic -> melee fashion. My last idea is to change the skill inmunity from -> ranged, melee, magic to elementals (so if you start healing just change to another element to still be doing dmg) while also adding the fixed resistance to each monster (like 100% ranged, but 25% melee, 25% magic). EX: A monster has a little shield sprite always so you know it has 100% magic, 25% melee, 25% ranged; but when you are attacking it it casts a little blue ball that follows it ; so you know it is now inmune and healed by water-wind-holy type damage.
  3. problem with refinement system

    To refine you need to: 1) Open the refinement menu (the one you are showing). By clicking on any ore. 2) Click on the item you want, it will be shown at the little box. 3) Click on one of the possible ores (choose wisely as each one has different rates and can break your item or be hella expensive). You only need one type; in my pic I choose the second one. And I can see already the sucess rate and the option to refine. 4) If you want, you can click on a blessing to use it too (prevents it from breaking or getting a lower refine). You can only use one type of ore + maybe bleesing. 5) Refine Now what's the cheapest way to refine? Always Refine when there is a refinement event (+10% success when using UI). +0 -> +7 or +8 Use a Safe certificate. +7 -> +9 Here use hd ores or enriched ore + bb, it depends on your money and how lucky you think you are. +9 -> +10 Use Old Enriched Ore (Can break item, but double success rate) + Blacksmith Blessing (Removes penalty on fail) = Doble success, but hella expensive way of refine. +10 -> +12 Use HD Ores.
  4. Horror Toy Factory Guide

    Hi, really nice guide!!! Giving you some edit and spanish translate for anyone who is interested
  5. Hi, I am just passing by to comment my experience. I have been playing at a lot of servers and I can say I find shinning moon like a perfect place for someone like me: Low paced, pvm, weird-builds lover who likes new hats kro stuff. A lot of the problems you are talking about is End Game like a Group of Hardcore Players , and everything will be a lot easier playing like that, even at full official servers. Now I think you can always do end game stuff here. For a PvM player like me, my end game would be getting my fav classes work. You could stop going for SR espa spam, Ranger SS crit, even Adoramus AB. All of them are popular because they are the easiest classes to get End Game damage or there is a lot of help to making them (like munbalance videos or novaro guides). I think you could actually go for your own min-max builds as a way to learn more about the different items that are available only to us for being close to Kro. EX: Sorcerer Spell Fist, Shadow Chaser triangle shot, Super Novice, etc... Another thing you could do is trying to get perfect stuff; like +20 something, perfect enchants, etc... Just because getting to +12 is easy doesn't mean it is supposed to end there, is like getting +7 on other servers. Speed run instances, solo hard MVPs, reading the main quests (RO has some of the Best story driven Quests and Mvp lores), getting rare hats, making contests for highest dps between your group, etc... You could even try getting all of the above without buying the stuff from the market, doing the quests yourself, not using x1 extra boost, trying to refine without safe certs, etc... Like any console game that has only 10hours of playing time, the rest is about achievements or doing whatever makes you happy while waiting for patchs or events; and RO has a lot of potential to make you spend your time in creative ways.
  6. Starting as a sura

    Always start with a ranger or gunslinger to farm (ranger is easier to get tons of damage at medium time, gunslinger has good damage at fast time (Round trip skill + tempest weapon) but has harder time to get to tons). Starting with a x1 is not recommended at all.
  7. 𝐻𝑒𝓁𝓁𝑜!ヅ

    Welcome mia, the forums are active but not used that much outside of guides, suggestions and mostly bug reports. I recommend using the discord server (https://discordapp.com/invite/8NuTZZZ) as almost all the community interaction is done there where you can post any question or talk with other players. If you want to know more about each server, go read the wiki of the one you will be playing at (hel or nifel) Good luck and have fun in here
  8. (Not 100% accurate questions) [Item] coat made from the fur of small animals? A: mink coat [Monster] I am an escaped prisoner looking to inflict the same behaviour to the ones who captured me A: ??? (not injustice, maybe rybio or someone from gl prison). 2)
  9. Leveling x1 Rate Character

    You can exchange battle manuals for them at eden group 2nd floor, there is a claw machine at the corner. You can also get them sometimes when the server has delays and they give compensations at the main office (click the poring at the left of the job npc).
  10. Some Star Emperor problem

    About the level, I think in heilhem some expanded classes are limited to 175. In nifelheim all should be able to go max lvl. (you can use @showexp to see if you are still receiving exp)
  11. I had another question saying something like: I could be confused as a kkk member who commited a murder. It may be Agav or Echio (needs to be confirmed) Wrong: