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    Class Update - Warlock Reading Spellbook Is now a passive skill. Enables players to use new type of spellbooks. Player can click on spellbooks to memorize skills directly. Release Refactored the skill. Level 1 will release the memorized skill only. Level 2 will only release the balls on the targets. [ Changes to the skill damage formula of Release level 2. ] Summon Fire Ball Summon Water Ball Summon Lightning Ball Summon Stone Ball Reduced the max level from 5 to 2. Level 2 will summon 5 balls instantly. (If you have 2 active Water Balls and then cast level 2 Summon Fire Ball. 2 Water Balls will be replaced with 5 Fire Balls) Soul Expansion New skill formula: (750+(skill level x 150))%Matk Earth Strain New skill formula: (1000+(skill level x 600))%Matk Reduces the cooldown from 10 seconds to 7 seconds. Reduces delay after skill from 1 second to 0.5 seconds. The equipment divesting effect has been removed. Frost Misty Is now a target skill. Deals damage to target and nearby enemies. Has a chance to inflict the status effect "Frost" on targets. Target under Frost effect will take more damage from Jack Frost for 10 seconds. Changes damage from 7 split hits to (skill level) cumulative hits. Damage per hit: (200+(skill level x 100))%Matk) Jack Frost Is now target skill. Deals damage to target enemy and nearby enemies. Area of effect: Level 1-2 : 7x7 Level 3-4 : 9x9 Level 5: 11x11 No longer deals more damage to targets under Freezing status. The skill will deal more damage to targets under Frost status instead. Improves skill damage formula. Normal Formula: (1000+(skill level x 300))%Matk) Damage on Frost Target: (1200+(skill level x 600))%Matk) No longer causes the target to get frozen by chance. Now has 4 seconds cooldown. Crimson Rock Reduces delay after skill from 2 seconds to 0.5 seconds. Improves skill damage formula. (700+skill level x 600))%Matk) Improves damage scales on base level. Removes Stun inflicting effect. Hell Inferno Is now an Area of Effect skill. Deals damage to target enemy and nearby enemies. Area of effect Level 1-3 : 3x3 Level 4-5: 5x5 Improves skill damage formula. Fire Damage: ((skill level x 400))%Matk) Shadow Damage: ((skill level x 600))%Matk) No longer has a chance to inflict Burning on the target. Now has a 3 second cooldown. Reduces delay after skill to 0.5 seconds. Increases SP consumption. OLD: 30+(5 x skill level) NEW: 58+(6 x skill level) Comet Removes partner benefits. Removes Red Gemstone consumption. Reduces SP consumption. OLD: 400+(80 x skill level) NEW: 50+(20 x skill level) Fixed casting time is 2 seconds regardless of skill level. Changed from (1/1.5/2/2.5/3 seconds (level 1-5)) Reduces variable casting time. OLD: 10/11/12/13/14 seconds (level 1-5) NEW: 6/7/8/9/10 seconds (level 1-5) Reduces cooldown from 60 seconds to 20 seconds. Reduces delay after skill from 2 seconds to 1.5 seconds. Removes Burning inflicting effect. Inflicts new status effect "Magical Intoxication" on target for 20 seconds. Targets under Magical Intoxication effect will take more damage from all property by 50%. Reduces number of hit from 20 hits to 10 hits. Reduces Area of Effect from 19x19 cells to 13x13 cells. Removes damage variation depends on distance from the center. The skill will deal the same damage to all over the area instead. Improves damage scales on base level. Mystical Amplification Increases Damage Amplification. OLD: (5 x skill level)% NEW: (10 x skill level)% Increases SP Consumption. OLD: 10+(4 x skill level) NEW: 30+(5 x skill level) Skill Changes/Fixes Poem of Bragi Removes Variable Cast Time correctly now. Rampage Blaster Wrong calculation with the damage formula fixed. Wind Blade Wrong calculation with the damage formula fixed. Catnip Meteor Description has been changed from Ghost to Neutral. Call Storage Is able to call guild storage too now Added functionality for the Key of the Treasury Basilica Grants physical damage bonus to Shadow and Undead element now. Fixed icon Gravitational Field Now applies all damage counts at the start of the cast Assumptio Fixed icon Tuna Party No longer dispellable Summoner's HIDE No longer dispellable Arclouse Dash No longer dispellable Stoop No longer dispellable, will still be removed when knockedback though. Angel HELP me ! Fixed icon Fixed Duration of the skill Fixed Cooldown of the skill Lite Graphics Plugin Information RCX analogue which is fully integrated into the Gepard Shield Client. Utilizes plugin.ini in the Ragnarok folder. square_color = 0x7746ffde circle_color = 0x7700ff00 RCX Color Setting 0xAARRGGBB AA:Alpha 00-FF (00:0% 7F:50% FF:100%) RR:Red 00-FF (0-255) GG:Green 00-FF (0-255) BB:Blue 00-FF (0-255) Commands @lgp <on/off> Enables/Disables LGP. @square <on/off/1-14> Display square around the character. It is possible to change the size. @circle <on/off> Displays circle around the character. @aoes <on/off> Displays colored areas of skills: Storm Gust, Lord of Vermillion, Meteor Storm. @shake Enable/disable shake effect Pet Evolution & Pet System adjustments [ https://www.shining-moon.com/helheim/index.php/Pet_System ] New Pets that does not have evolved forms or have quests are the following: Leaf Cat Roween Willow New Pets can be tamed with their respective taming items. Added all taming items to mob drops. Her Heart is dropped by Bongun. Luxury Whisky Bottle is dropped by Dullahan. Charming Lotus is dropped by Evil Nymph. Magical Lithography is dropped by Golem. Knife Goblin Ring is dropped by Goblin (Dagger). Flail Goblin Ring is dropped by Goblin (Flail). Hammer Goblin Ring is dropped by Goblin (Hammer). Staff of Leader is dropped by Goblin Leader. Tantan Noodle is dropped by Green Maiden. Aircraft Part is dropped by Gremlin. Very Soft Plant is dropped by Leaf Cat. Fan of Wind is dropped by Mao Guai. Delicious Shave Ice is dropped by Marionette. Splendid Mirros is dropped by Medusa. Girl Doll is dropped by Miyabi Doll. Miraculous Bandage is dropped by Mummy. No Recipient is dropped by Munak. Hell Contract is dropped by Nightmare Terror. Sap Jelly is dropped by Nine Tail. Little Unripe Apple is dropped by Novice Poring. Stinky Rotten Meat is dropped by Roween. Kuloren is dropped by Shinobi. Oilpalm Coconut is dropped by Stone Shooter. Small Needle Kit is dropped by Teddy Bear. Tikbalang Harness is dropped by Tikbalang. Vagabond's Skull is dropped by Wanderer. Old Wood Dew is dropped by Willow. Ghost Coffin is dropped by Whisperer. Removed all food from pets, every pet will require food as Pet Food only. Evolution Pets are the following: Yoyo > Choco Wanderer > Corrupted Wanderer Teddy Bear > Abandoned Teddy Bear/Aliot/Alicel Savage Babe > Savage Rocker > Metaller Poring > Mastering > Angeling Peco Peco > Grand Peco Orc Warrior > High Orc > Orc Hero Nine Tail > Cat o' Nine Tails > Moonlight Nightmare Terror > Rigid Nightmare Terror Mummy > Ancient Mummy Lunatic > Leaf Lunatic Isis > Little Isis Gremlin > Hodremlin Green Petite > Earth Deleter Evil Nymph > Bacsojin Drops > Eggring Dokebi > Am Mut Deviruchi > Diabolic Bongun > Yao Jun Alice > Aliza The quests can be found at the main office from the NPC: Nurah Quest Master. Quests are implemented for the following: Powerful Soul Essence Christmas Snow Rabbit Egg Marin Egg New Year Doll Egg Phreeoni Egg Rice Cake Egg Scatleton Egg Skelion Egg Spring Rabbit Egg Sweet Drops Egg X-mas Goblin Egg World Boss Changes: Improved the functionality of the World Boss killing counter. Adjusted the World Boss killing counter to only update itself with the database once every 10 seconds. Rewritten the World Boss system inside the server to allow further implementation of new World Bosses with more ease. Shalltear Bloodfallen Increased the HP to 3,000,000,000 Ains Ooal Gown Increased the HP to 2,500,000,000 Skeleton Queen Information Skeleton Queen can summon a skeleton once every 3 seconds using the corpse of a player. This skeleton will grant the Skeleton Queen a 5% damage reduction which stacks with its basic 50%. After 10 skeletons are alive, Skeleton Queen is fully immune to any damage until one or more skeletons have been killed. Items: Headgear - Helheim Engineer Cap Headgear - Niflheim Work Cap Eyes Of Illusion Spirit Kings Crown Triangle Shadow Armor Triangle Shadow Shield Triangle Shadow Shoes Shadow Spell Shadow Weapon Shadow Spell Shadow Pendant Shadow Spell Shadow Earring Menace Shadow Armor Menace Shadow Shield Menace Shadow Shoes Feint Shadow Weapon Feint Shadow Pendant Feint Shadow Earring Rolling Shadow Armor Rolling Shadow Shield Rolling Shadow Shoes Katar Shadow Weapon Katar Shadow Pendant Katar Shadow Earring Slash Shadow Armor Slash Shadow Shield Slash Shadow Shoes Ripper Slasher Shadow Weapon Ripper Slasher Shadow Pendant Ripper Slasher Shadow Earring Dust Shadow Armor Dust Shadow Shield Dust Shadow Shoes Grave Shadow Weapon Grave Shadow Pendant Grave Shadow Earring Psychic Shadow Armor Psychic Shadow Shield Psychic Shadow Shoes Varetyr Shadow Weapon Varetyr Shadow Pendant Varetyr Shadow Earring Item Changes/Fixes Lapine Boxes During enchants the item will now automatically be forced to preview itself. All enchant boxes now contain a clickable link in their descriptions which forces your default browser to open the box information and its enchants upon clicking it. You can now preview the enchanting table ingame by clicking the book icon 'Read' in the top left corner. Fixed several bugs in the combination bundle scrolls Cashshop: Removed the previous RE/PRE category limitations. Moved some items around and added new categories. Added 8 new Costume Garments to the cash shop. Added every existent item from the Cash Shop Expert NPC into the Cash shop. Costume Converter Stones can no longer be used as a card but only through the NPC: Costume Converter in the Main Office. Ultralight Magic Shield Fixed scripts and description. Immortal Shadow Pendant Now gives the correct amount of Mdef per refine. Archer Shadow Earring can be dismantled now. Thief Shadow Earring can be dismantled now. Perfect Size Shadow Armor correctly adds and shows all size reduction now. Acolyte Shadow Earring Now reduces SP cost of healing skills by 20%, instead of increasing it. Mechanic Arm Cannon Shadow can be used by baby mechanic class now. Arm Shadow Set Now grants the correct defense piercing effect Boomerang Shadow Earring can be used by its respective class and baby class now. Boomerang Shadow Pendant can be used by its respective class and baby class now. Duple Light Shadow Shield fixed. Exceeding Shadow Weapon can be equipped by all classes at level 1 now. Minstrel Shadow Shield script formula division by 5 fixed. Wanderer Shadow Shield script formula division by 5 fixed. Sea Otter Mini Fan Added missing enchant. Modification Module (Drain Life) Fixed the proc chance. Modification Module (Drain Soul) Fixed the proc chance. Modification Module (Magic Soul) Fixed the proc chance. Electric Fox OS Weapon can be enchanted now. Illusion Wing B-type Fixed a translation error on the description. Champion Middle Stone script fixed. Tidung [1] description fixed. Keris can be worn by the appropriate classes according to its description now. Immune Shield Script and description is updated to the latest version. Costume Class Dismantler Box weight description fixed. Costume Dismantler Box weight description fixed. Shadow Enchant Box weight description fixed. Girl's Naivety restriction removed. Can be traded, stored, dropped now. Boy's Pure Heart restriction removed. Can be traded, stored, dropped now. THIKK Battle Manual states the right restrictions now. +1-10 Foods weight updated to match official kRO values. Each food weight is 5 now. Their description has been updated to match this change as well. Gallium Treasure Key restrictions are removed. Costume 12 Anniversary Elf restrictions are removed. Costume Khalitzburg Knight Helm can be used with Costume Dismantle Box now. Cutlas Box restrictions are removed. Several items name showing up "HEX Color" numbers removed. Unidentified new costumes have been renamed to Unidentified Costumes. Fixed a bug with Small Life Potion and Medium Life Potion effect not disappearing upon death. Infinite Concentration, Infinite Awakening, Infinite Berserk Potions Fixed description for the applicable job usage. Almighty Corrected status effect Corrected icon Red Booster Corrected status effect Corrected icon Limited Power Boost Corrected status effect Corrected icon Infinity Dagger can be equipped by Oboro/Kagerou now. RWC RWC Dagger combos with RWC Rings now. RWC Weapons can be used by baby classes now. RWC Mace is added to Lucky 3 drop table. Mercenary Ring Type B can be equipped by a Super Novice now. Fixed a bug with Royal Knight's Lance where it didn't let you use skills. Fixed Royal Guard Racing Cap enchant. Anubis Helm [1] Fixed wrong name showing up when the item is created through combination scroll. Card slot shows now. Rabbit Magic Hat [1] card slot shows now. Broken Heart + Gentle Heart Combo Script has been updated. It will trigger Kimi's Mind Confusion state now. Fixed Chaotic Killer Mantis + Angra Mantis Card combo script. Fixed Corrupt Life Card Combo Now applies the card combo with: Orc Baby Card Orc Warrior Card Orc Zombie Card Phen Card Desert Wolf Card Baby Desert Wolf Card Verit Card Megalodon Card Magma Dungeon - Lv 03 Added missing Lava items as drop Added the enchants on drop Added Green Aura ( 90% damage reduction ) Contaminated Muspelskoll Glast Heim - Abyss Increased the spawn of Corrupted Wanderers Added Green Aura ( 90% damage reduction ) Contaminated Dark Lord Contaminated Spider Queen Ice Ghost Card can be sold to card exchanger NPC now. Fixed a bug with Agony of Royal Knight Card where it didn't drain 4444 HP when unequipped. Menblatt Card description is updated OLD: "Each 10 pure DEX points increase damage by 1%" NEW: "Increases long-ranged damage on targets by 1% for every 10 base DEX" Fixed Manteau of the Fallen item bonus. Harden Breastplate gives Earth Armor Element now. Fixed Golden Ninja Suit enchants showing up as an apple. Fixed Vigilante Suit enchants showing up as an apple. Fixed Onimaru range. Umbala Spirit can be equipped at level 1 now. Ceremonial Sword can be equipped by its respective classes now. Fixed Costume Mermaid Longing decreasing HP/SP when equipped. Rebellion's Ammo Case can be put on quick slot now. Illusion Skull Ring Fixed Curse status proc chance. Combo with +9 Illusion Book of the Apocalypse gives immunity to Curse now. Fixed Cursed Lyre Bow [1] curse status proc chance. Fixed a bug with removing Malangdo Enchants for Twin Edge Sword of Naght Sieger (Red) and Twin Edge Sword of Naght Sieger (Blue). Vicious Emblem now weight 1 Added Card Removing Matrix to the droplist of Special Lucky 3 Other Changes/Fixes Preview Information: Usage: @preview <ItemID or Item_Name> Example: @preview 4001 Command short forms added: @battlestats- @bs @autoloot - @al @aloottype +- / @alt +- @alootid +- / @ali +- @whodrops - @wd @battleinfo - @bi @showexp - @se @showdelay - @sd @jobrate - @jr @baserate - @br @changeleader - @cl @nolootid +- / @nli +- Added a new client: This client is still dated 2018 It will resolve a number of issues: Removed the 3x same message limitations Allows smoother gameplay @whobuy / @whosell Updated the command to no longer require you to close the shop before typing the command for another id. Added a message to display which ItemID you're searching for. Guild House Housing Manager Giselle can no longer be accessed without being the Guild Leader of the house owning guild. Fixed a bug where the savespot would bug after the server has been restarted if you have saved inside the guild house. Fixed a bug where dummies would not respawn inside a Guild House. Fixed World Boss NPC's inside Guild Houses not displaying the kill counter. Fixed PvP NPC's inside Guild Houses not displaying the player count. Added a display of current settings of the NPC you're intending to change on Housing Manager Giselle. Added RWC Exchanger and Enslaved being to the list of possible Housing NPC's. Added vending block to Coliseum Added vending block to all house maps Fortessa Dungeon: Removed Fortessa Dungeon 4 from the Warper and @warp Moved the MvP from Fortessa Dungeon level 4 to level 3. Adjusted the skills of several monsters in Fortessa Dungeon level 3 and made these more likely to cast them. Added some new elemental skills to the monsters of Fortessa Dungeon level 3 Added a new shop: Vicious Emblem This shop will allow you to trade in your Vicious Emblems for other items. Skeleton Key Fortessa Box 1 Fortessa Box 2 Added a blockage to decarding any and all current existing enchant items. Added item preview on any Lapine Enchanted item. Headgears that occupy several slots now can have several costume stones that match the equipment slots be input. Example: Top+Mid can have Top+Mid stone inside. Skeleton Key Shop changes: Added Items: Shining Defense Scroll Red Booster Limited Power Boost Mysterious Water of Life Small Mana Potion Instances Swapped the menu of Instance difficulties around that Normal is the default selection. @instances Will now display your current amount of Instance Points in the end Old Glast Heim Changed some parts when moving from Floor 1 to Floor 2 that caused it to sometimes get stuck Sarah & Fenrir Changed the portal that leads upwards to only spawn at a certain time Changed Sarah to not be attackable until Fenrir puts her at 100 HP Temple of the Demigod Adjusted the Boss monsters inside the instance a bit, for some reason they were knockback-able. Increased the maximum display of commands such as @whodrops, @idsearch and such to 20. Increased the chance of the NPC Illusion OS in @go exchanger rating between 10 and 15%. Re implemented 17 Carat Diamonds into Kafra Removed the service fee cost Changed the Diamonds to work like a usable item. Added Garlet, Scell and Zargon to Pet Supplies shop. Added all new Warlock Spellbooks to the Special Tool Dealer and replaced the old ones. Added grave stone for Venomous Chimera. Venomous Chimera can be detected by using Convex Mirror now. Fixed a bug that made auto bonus not refresh themselves while it is active if the % chance proceed. Fixed a bug with when Pet Incubator is used and the pet is summoned, the UI not closing itself. Removed the entire Exchange category from Instance Manager. Moved the fortessa dungeon damage reduction on Dragonbreath on the Rune Knight monster's a little bit around, because damage reduction skills considered the original damage instead of the reduced damage. Causing skills such as Tuna Party to disappear before they're supposed to be. MvP slaves Removed the possibility of loot from any type of MvP slave Removed the possibility of card-granted drops from any type of MvP slave Dummy and damage tests Information: The dummy displays any damage it has received from yourself in an interval of 5 seconds. It'll show this information only to yourself. It will also automatically fully heal itself every 5 seconds. Other Replaced every existent Dummy with the new kind. Added an automatic re-spawn function to every dummy including in guild houses. Costumes https://www.shining-moon.com/helheim/index.php/Costume_Drops#Next_Update_List Information The current monsters and droplist has been fully adjusted and been newly randomized. Over 100 more Costumes have been added more to normal monsters. PS: This change was applied some weeks ago and is merely being recorded here. Edit 2019-08-01: The droprate has been fully adjusted 0.03% for all new costumes. All existant boxes that can use these costumes have been adjusted to the new ids. Added the possibility to add costume drop events in the future which raises their basic drop chance from 0.03% to any number preferred. Updated the new styling shop at @go styling to preview the newest costumes Shadow Equipment https://www.shining-moon.com/helheim/index.php/Shadow_Equipment Information The current monsters and droplist has been fully adjusted and been newly randomized. Over 100 more Shadow Equipment have been added more to normal monsters. PS: This change was applied some weeks ago and is merely being recorded here. Edit 2019-08-01: 50 new Shadow Equipments have been added as drops from monsters Critical Hit Shadow Armor Hasty Shadow Shoes II Bearer's Shadow Pendant II Gemstone Shadow Earring II Spellflow Shadow Shield II Spiritual Shadow Weapon II Malicious Shadow Armor II Sigrun Shadow Armor Sigrun Shadow Shield Force Executioner Shadow Weapon Spirit Magic Executioner Shadow Weapon Reload Shadow Armor II Critical Shadow Shield Critical Shadow Shoes Gemstone Shadow Weapon II Gemstone Shadow Shield II Bearer's Shadow Armor II Bearer's Shadow Shoes II All Race Shadow Shoes All Race Shadow Shield Plasterer's Shadow Armor II Insomniac Shadow Shoes II Peerless Shadow Armor II Adulate Shadow Shoes II Unfreezing Shadow Weapon II Vitality Shadow Earring II Neutral Shadow Weapon II Uncursed Shadow Pendant II Sentimental Shadow Weapon Sentimental Shadow Earring Sentimental Shadow Pendant Enchanting Shadow Weapon Enchanting Shadow Earring Enchanting Shadow Pendant Infinity Shadow Weapon Beginner's Shadow Armor Beginner's Shadow Shield Beginner's Shadow Shoes Beginner's Shadow Weapon Beginner's Shadow Earring Beginner's Shadow Pendant Physical Shadow Shoes Physical Shadow Shield Physical Shadow Armor Magical Shadow Shoes Magical Shadow Shield Magical Shadow Armor Immune Athena Shadow Shield Hard Champion Shadow Shoes Kingbird Ancient Shadow Armor Shadow Enchant Box The list of possible equipment has been updated based on all latest Shadow Equipments Random Shadow Equipment Box The list of possible equipment has been updated based on all latest Shadow Equipments Niflheim Changes/Fixes Only The following items have been added: World Boss addition - Skeleton Queen Eyes of Illusion Work Cap Spirit King's Crown New Matrix Powered Chip Devil's Hand Brooch of Hero Kardui Robe Fafnir Skin Strawberry Mouth Guard These items have been added to the droplist of the existant monsters in Fortessa Pit. Armor of Purple Thread Mighty White Threaded Armor Ice Prison Dress Circlet Of Phoenix Nameless Assassin Muffler Gray Wing Boots Black Feather Hat Sting Silk Ribbon Glastheim Observer Celestial Woman's Flower Mechanical Plant Hat Ritual Robes Nature Dress Khalitzburg Knight Armor Fixed Emerald Earring not decreasing Metallic Sound cast time correctly. Fixed Long Black Scarf equipped position. Updated Captured Souls list. Added missing .bmp and .spr files for Feather Hat. Fixed Avenger Destruction Staff's demi-human bonus. Updated THIKK Battle Manual restrictions, can't be stored anymore. Fixed Save the King item script. Fixed Bunker Shield effect for "increase physical damage inflicted on all monsters". Fixed Metallic Shadow Shield Combo script. Added all World Boss Headgears to the World Boss shop
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    Chain Lightning Warlock Guide I have noticed a severe lack of warlocks on this server and I hope to change the mind of everyone around. All About Warlocks First off, what is a warlock? A warlock is the third job of the magician class following the wizard line. It specializes in a wide variety of offensive magic of almost every element along with a plethora of AoE skills. They also boast the strongest self sustain in the game with an infinite supply of SP and easy healing though drain life along with gear that can help them tank even the hardest content with ease. Warlocks however aren't popular compared to the Oboro or Adoramus Archbishops for several reasons. The biggest reason is the amount of gear required for a warlock is much more expensive than the previous two mentioned classes. The chain lightning build has a lot of requirements with very few flex slots. I wouldn't recommend going chain lightning warlock as your first character unless you are borrowing someone else's wealth. We'll get into the gear later. The second reason is without insane MVP cards the damage is just nowhere near the damage the other two casters can push out, especially when spell critical is involved. Warlocks don't have the luxury to stack spell critical as we're too busy getting after cast delay reduction. If you want big damage this isn't the class for you. If you want to be an immortal tank that shoots magic at everything then read on. Making A New Warlock Note: This is for 100x rates. If you are doing 1x rates then you should be doing bounties and gramps and there is probably a whole other guide for that so read that instead. Step one. Go into character creation and make a new character. If you're having issues at this point this class is too hard for you. After getting your first character its time to level. There are two main ways to level up as a mage. The first and simplest way is to just learn firebolt and burn some plant monsters. Muscupilar and Drosera are easy targets. These monsters don't move and can only sit there and take your firebolts to the face. Another way is to take advantage of a very powerful mage spell called firewall. Against normal enemies it will deal damage and knock them back giving you a buffer to bombard them with firebolts to the face. However against undeads (and bosses) they will walk though them taking all the hits instantly. In this case the way to level is not to cast a wall normally in between you and the enemy, but by utilizing vertical firewalls you can force them to take the entire firewall damage and kill them at incredible speeds. Glasthiem monsters are a good place to level with this strategy. After getting to wizard you'll notice that you suddenly have a lot of AoEs but at the same time they are incredibly slow and almost impossible to use. You don't have the int/dex to use them currently. Don't worry about those skills because you'll never cast them. Follow the same way you've been leveling as a mage and continue on until you become a warlock. As a warlock you suddenly have a variety of good attacks to choose from. You will notice that the cast time for warlock spells are fairly short compared to wizards but come with long cooldowns. Crimson Rock will be your primary AoE while Chain Lightning will be your go to single target ability. Just follow the standard Infinite Dungeon at 100, Airship at 125, Charlston at 130. You should hit 100-175 within 10 minutes. After 175 your main way of leveling will be through MVPs or Illusion Dungeons. Variable Cast Time Cast time is the amount of time it takes for your spell to finish channeling before going off. During this time you can be interrupted by damage. However you may have noticed no matter how much int/dex you add, the cast times remain relatively long. Thats because most warlock skills have a fixed cast time that works independently on how variable cast time works. We will get into that later. The formula to reach instant variable cast time is a total of 530 int/dex with dex adding twice as much per int. There are also gear that reduces variable cast time by a percentage but the reduction is multiplicative to your stat cast time. In other words, you should only focus on one rather than both. Percentage reduction is fairly common and to reach instant cast requires an obvious 100%. Reaching 530 stats is harder but more ideal because it opens up your gear. Fixed Cast Time Fixed cast time is harder to reduce as there is a very limited amount of fixed cast time reduction. Flat reduction stacks multiplicatively with percentage however it will only take the highest percentage of fixed cast time. A Fenrir card does not stack with a Celine's Set to give 100% fixed cast reduction as the 70% from fenrir will overwrite the 50% from Celine's Set. Therefore to reach true instant cast, you must reach a flat fixed cast time of at least 1 second. The most common source of flat reduction are temporal dex boots, garment stoness, and a variety of headgears. After Cast Delay The bane of all warlocks. After cast delay is the amount of time it takes for one skill to finish before you are able to cast another skill. So the more reduction you get the better it is. If you ever get to a point where you have to choose between more or enough the answer is always more. This however shouldn't be confused with animation delay that is based on your attack speed. Until you get to the point where you have enough after cast delay reduction, attack speed isn't a big issue. Once you do though, you want to get as much attack speed as you can. Note: Warlocks can use infinite berserk potions for a big aspd boost. Main Skills Chain Lightning - 5.5 second variable cast time. 1 second fixed cast time. 3 second after cast delay. Wind element. This is your main single target attack. It bounces a maximum of 9 times but is halved when there is only one target. More than one chain can be active at a time so after cast delay reduction won't hinder you at all. Ideal damage is when hitting two targets for full damage. Crimson Rock - 5 second variable cast time. 1 second fixed cast time. 2 second after cast delay. 5 second cooldown. 7x7 AoE. Fire element. This is your main AoE attack. Fast casting and decent AoE with a short cooldown. The cooldown can be further reduced by Old Magic Stone Hat, which happens to be your best in slot hat. The damage can be further increased with True Kathryne Keyron cards with upwards to 60% damage increase per card on a level 4 weapon. A valkyrie knife has 4 sockets and is a level 4 making it the ideal weapon swap for crimson rock. The cooldown can also be bypassed entirely with reading spellbook. At max level, you can cast a maximum of 7 crimson rocks without cooldown. Earth Strain - 6 second variable cast time. 2 second fixed cast time. 1 second after cast delay. 10 second cooldown. 15x9 AoE. Earth element. This is your secondary AoE attack. Because of its long fixed cast and low damage this skill is not used very often. Its added damage if crimson rock isn't enough or you need to cover a large area. Jack Frost - 4 second variable cast time. 1 second fixed cast time. 1 second after cast delay. 19x19 AoE. Water element. This is your main farming skill. A single click will completely wipe out everything on screen and make you one of the fastest farmers in the game. With its low delay and no cooldown you can spam this all day long. Soul Expansion - 2 second variable cast time. 0.5 second after cast delay. 5x5 AoE. Ghost element. This is your secondary single target attack. Its a low damage fast spamming skill. This skill gets weaker as you get more after cast delay compared to chain lightning. Damage can be further increased with Intensification. Upwards to 200% bonus damage. Mainly used against wind targets or finishing off weak enemies. Drain Life - 4 second variable cast time. 1 second fixed cast time. 2 second cooldown. Neutral element. Your sustain skill. A high damage neutral damage attack that heals you for 30% of the damage dealt. With enough damage this will fully heal you with a single click. Upwards of 100k heal per cast. This is also used to kill holy enemies immune to elemental magic. Gearing Warlock gearing is very strict with very few flex slots. There are three mandatory items for this build to function and others are best in slot with no alternatives. The Mandatory Survivor's Rod - While this weapon itself doesn't bring a lot of base Matk or have many sockets, or even a high weapon level. It is a needed piece for the other survivor gear to function. Its the easiest of the three pieces to get as it drops 100% of the time off Kiel D. Survivor Shoes - This item along with the rod will give you very powerful buffs. The first one is obvious, the 50% Mdef piercing, which cominbed with a magician's glove will give you full magic defense pierce. This will greatly boost your damage against anything with reasonable amounts of Mdef. The second one is the chain lightning damage. The last one which is often easily forgotten is the 80% neutral magic damage increase. What neutral magic is there even? Easy, drain life. When combined with with a warlock shadow weapon drain life because a big hard hitting spell and heal you up instantly. This item is challenging to get as it only drops in fortessa pit 2f making this one of the hardest items to acquire as a new warlock. Cloak of Survival - The item on divine pride doesn't show the full stats. When combined with the rest of the survivor set will give a decent amount of Matk% as well as a huge amount of survival hence the name of the set. With the huge amount of resistances along with an open shield slot and massive healing from drain life, you are in no fear of anything in the game. The base item is a survival manteau dropped by Ktullanux. While the quest is annoying to do, it has a guaranteed spawn in endless cellar and is easier to find it there. Once you have the manteau take it to the socket NPC and punch a hole. Survivor Orb - This is probably the most offensive of all the survivor items. It adds a plethora of effects when used in combination with the rest of the set, mainly the massive flat matk and chain lightning damage%. The other stuff isn't anything to sneeze at either but the biggest unfortunate gripe is the difficulty for this piece is astronomical compared to the other three. This item requires 5 Naught Seiger fragments to exchange a regular survivor orb into the alternate version (this one, the good one.) This requires running Endless Tower on hell difficulty for 15% chance (non boostable from 1x drop bonus or bubble gum) to get a fragment from the final boss. Having to go through green aura MVPs with 90% reduction stacked with hell difficulty's 70% reduction on a 3 day cooldown. Other Gear I will go though the slots for potential gear to use. Weapon Survivor Rod - 120 Matk. Weapon Level 3. 1 socket. (mandatory) Sunflower Boy - 320 Matk. Weapon Level 4. 2 socket. Matk% and after cast delay reduction per upgrade. 2 handed. (Use until you have survivor set) Crimson Rod - 70 Matk. Weapon level 3. 2 socket. Matk per upgrade. (leveling weapon) Shield Mad Bunny - Matk% and uninterruptable at +12 (Best offensive shield) Immune Shield - Neutral% resistance and elemental resistance (Best defensive shield) Purified Knight's Shield - Good stats and enchantable Armour Flattery Robe - 150 matk at +12 along with combo with cloak of survival. Can be enchanted for even more matk% (best in slot) Sea Dragon Armour - -10% variable cast, 20% boss damage (early game item until flattery) Medical Scrubs - Big defense, increased healing recieved, -10% after cast delay (if you are tanking) Garment Cloak of Survival - Read above (mandatory) Fallen Angel Wings - 3 spell enchants for decent Matk and -30% variable cast time (until you get survivor set) Boots Survivor Shoes - Read above (mandatory) Temporal Shoes (dex) - -0.5 second fixed cast (until you get survivor set) Headgear Old Magic Stone Hat - Magic essence enchant gives you -0.5 fixed cast at level 5 along with Matk% (best in slot) Celine's Ribbon - Big Matk, set with Celine's brooch (best in slot until you need fixed cast time) Spell Circuit - -0.5 fixed cast time at +15 (too expensive for its use) Kardui Ear + Tree Sprout - Bunch of Matk Survivor Orb - Highest damage (best in slot) New Wave Sunglasses - -10% after cast delay Cyclops Eye - Cheap slotted midwear (if you have some good cards) Accessories Magician's Glove - 50% Mdef pierce (best in slot) Celine's Brooch - 50% boss damage and stats Spirit King's Ring - -5% after cast delay Blacksmith Gloves - -10% after cast delay White and Blaze Magic Ring - -15% after cast delay on right slot Cards I'm not going to bother mentioning MVP cards as they're almost always best in slot and extremely overpowered. Weapon Immortal Wind Ghost - 10% Matk (usable everywhere) Colourful Teddybear - 15% Matk to large Soul Fragment - 15% Matk to medium Shield Alice - 40% boss reduction -40% normal reduction (normal monsters don't hurt you enough to not use this all the time) Khlatizburg Knight - 25% large/medium reduction (if normal monsters hurt too much) Armour Angeling - Holy element (most useful) Bathory - Dark element (fortessa pit) Marc - Freeze immunity Evil druid - Undead element (only use when solo) Garment Nightmare Ancient Mummy - 15% neutral resist 3% fire damage per refine (recommended only because no wind alternative) Raydric - 20% neutral resistance (only if you need more survival) Marsh Arclouse - Matk and Aspd (full offensive) Boots Nightmare Verit - 10% matk (offensive) Green Ferus - 10% hp (defensive) Headgear Tikbalang - 10% wind damage (best element) Red Lichtern - 10% fire damage (crimson rock) Kathryne Keyron - Variable cast time reduction (only if you are forgoing dex) Accessories Elvira - 20% wind/ghost damage (best in slot) Mavka - 20% fire/earth damage Shadow Gear/Costumes Shadow gear are a second set of gear you can wear which all give powerful stats. Costumes are items with custom bonuses unique to this server. The three stats you want on costumes are as follows. Flat HP on upper always. Flat Matk or Matk% on middle and After cast delay on lower. Flat Matk and Matk% are interchangeable with flat Matk being slightly stronger because of all the Matk% items you have on your gear. If you are unsatisfied and want to see it for yourself, use @battlestats in game. Reload stone for -5% after cast delay Fixed cast time garment stone for -0.5 fixed cast time Reload Set - With +9 on all 3 pieces gives a total of -15% after cast delay (best in slot) Warlock Shadow weapon - Good drain life damage for damage/sustain (highly useful) Almighty Set - +1 stats per refine (best in slot) FAQ Q. Stat or Variable instant cast? A. Stats. There isn't enough variable cast time for instant cast without giving up other pieces of gear such as costumes and armour. Stats however requires food investment. Q. Do I add luk? Crit? A. No. There isn't enough free slots or stats to add crit. Unless you have something like an Infinite Phreeoni Card, you're not going to reach 100% crit without some serious investment which will cause your other stats to suffer. Q. Celine Set or fixed cast hats? A. Depends on your after cast delay reduction. Without after cast delay reduction Celine set will do more damage overall. Once you have after cast delay reduction and can chain casts back to back, instant cast is mandatory. Q. What are the best MVP cards to look for? A. Gioia, Kiel D, Nightmare Amon Ra. Q. Why are wind damage cards so hard to get? A. Gravity are a bunch of warlock hating jerks. Videos Fortessa Dungeon Bio 5 Sky Fortress Thanks for reading If you have any issues feel free to ask me in game at Platypus (or Cottontail if I'm on ranger) Special thanks to Lifestream for being my warlock mentor as I was struggling along with the class. Now that I have experience with the warlock class I wish to pass all that I've learned to the next wave of warlocks.
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    Record and make a video of your gameplay or even of your class with maybe some explanations regarding your class. Share that video in youtube / twitter and other sites like that and include the link of the server and a short explanation about it and get cashpoints! Every valid entry will get between 1,000 and 15,000 cashpoints!
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    This is addressed to whoever plays a Battle Archbishop (on either server). I'm having bit of trouble deciding what accessories and armour I should be using for my STR Crit build. Any suggestions for either equipment?
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    #soon™ give me a week or two to write it all down LUL
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    1.Introduction Hi i’m Morgana Le Fay and I’ve been playing as a reaper for some time. Hopefully this guide can bring some guidance and encourage players to play with this wonderful class. Despite having a bad reputation we can deal with new content quite well, you can think of a reaper as a jack of all trades. YES CAN WE DO DAMAGE!!! Hope you guys like it, first time making a guide. Thanks Elementia, Killpop, Wraithbones, Gatito and my other friends for the help. Our PATCH CAME !!!!(16/04/19) Heya guys, with this new patch reaper's life is much better. Guess which class is top tier magic dps now?Reapers >:D. Wanna survive?Go Reaper. Wanna kill mvp?Go Reaper. Wanna solo fortessa and most instances on hell mode?Go Reaper.We can do pretty much everything now, even tank fortessa pit.f Finally, now we're able to reach level 185. We got soul management improvement and much more damage. Best part of patch is Esma not consuming souls anymore andEswhoo soul consuption reduction down to 1. Also, we got out stones which helped enhance damage and to get rid of fixed stone 1.1 Pros/Cons Pros · Good survivability: we can heal hp as long as we have sp with Kaahi (Soul Linker Skill – everytime you get hit you heal) ,Soul Unity(Soul Reaper Skill – function the sames as Renovatio, you can heal every 3s), Kaute(Soul Reaper Skill– Exchange a % of your hp to give you sp), Golem Soul (Soul Reaper Skill –Increase DEF and MDEF by 300 – quite tanky) Only Magic Dealer that has acess to ALL ELEMENTS: All Soul Link and Soul Reaper Magic attacks can use it – Mild Wind (Taekwon skill – changes your attack element to any despite Neutral, Poison and Undead (If your weapon is already Neutral than no problem) Ressurects Alone: Kaizel (Soul Linker Skill – Allows you ressuct and gain a Kyrie Eleison buff) Sp is not a big problem: Kaina (Soul Linker Skill) – increase sp pool and reduces es skills sp consumption, Kaute(Soul Reaper Skill) · Can Avoid Skill: Kaite(Soul Linker Skill) – allows you to avoid some spells, but you will take 400% more physical damage ·Can Avoid Melee Attacks: Kaupe (Soul Linker Skill) – gives 100% evade on 3 hits (Max level) Souls management system: You collect souls to use attack and buff skills with the help of : Soul Collect Soul energy research(Soul Reaper Skill) – increase souls capacity, Soul Reaper(Soul Reaper Skill ) – increase a chance to gain a soul each time you attack, Soul Collect (Soul Reaper Skill ) – toogle skill to passive gain souls Strong AoE: Eswhoo – Can Deal 2500% damage in a 7x7 area Best Single Target Skill: Esma - Can Deal 3100% This beautiful skill with right stats no variable cast time, no after delay cast, no fixed time - reapers are the new mvp killer Cons · Longe Soul Reaper Cooldown (Really really really Long) – soul reaper shadow shoes helps to reduce it’s cooldown along with Soul Linker Racing Cap · Only one efficient damage dealing skill before 99 – Esma Skill · Might not be recommended for a first class – as a magic dealer really need items 2. Important Class Skills Skills to collect souls are obrigatory Mobility Skills High Jump – walls are not a problem anymore, just jump them Running – Sprint skill, good for when you forget your mount Buff/Survivability Skills (Most buffs skills faz Ka prefix) Tumbling– Helps dodging ranged attaks Get Ka Skills () Happy Break – Need to get lvl 10 for Racing Cap Soul Reaper Soul Links – Golem Soul for a must for survival/ Shadow soul for skill animation Attack Skills ( Es skills are usually attack ones) Estin/Estun– Gives low damage based on target size Esma – Hits 10 times Espa – Best Single target damage dealing Skill Eswhoo –Aoe 9x9 Curse Explosion – shadow magic attacks that does not consume souls (Not needed anymore) 3. Leveling Guide (leveling on 100x) Obs.:Bounties leveling quests can be done and are recommended 1-20 Prontera Field 08 – Poring Farming 20-40 Poison Spores 40- 60 Orc Village 50- 70 Orc Dungeon 70- 80 Ground Petite Field; Glast Heim Abbey – Evil Druid e Wraith 81-120 Dark Priest/70 - 175 Piranha Bounty - Brasilis Dungeon 1 110-130 Magma Dungeon Bounty 121+ Scaraba Bounty Time or 141-164 Bifrost Tower 3 175+ Magma Dungeon 3 and abyss Glast Heim Castle 4. Gears When trying to get some gears for your reaper you need to think about two things: Reduce Variable Cooldown and remove fixed cast, principally because Espa and Eswhoo has 1s fixed cast. Also, focus on getting as much aspd as you can to be able to get a better skill animation cast time Wayst to get more aspd: Celermine Juice, +15/+20 Food, Almighty food, Berserk Potion. Obs.: WE DO NOT NEED ACD. · Headgears Top: +12 Soul Linker Racing Cap Max Class Enchant lvl 3(Hugel Race) Alternatives: Zaha Doll Hat - much less damage, not recommended or Top: +13 Celine's Ribbon Spell 6 or Matk % (need to test diference) Any Slotted one: Magical Booster (World boss and Fortessa Dungeon Enchantable headgear - %) Lower: Rainbow Scarf (Cash Shop) Cards: Rata Card (Increase Matk and gives a chance to reduce 50% fixed cast time - not so worth anymore) Isilla Card (Gives a chance to reduce 50% variable cast time)/ Gemini S58 Card or Arc Angeling Card – for survivability/ Weakened Fernir - gives rough matk, great card Obs.: Now with Celine combo it's worth to get celine's ribbon principally if you focus on killing mvps, fortessa mobs, and other instances that have demon mobs. · Armor +13 Flattery Robe Int 3 Int 3 (A true dream) +13 Agenda Robe Int 3 Int 3 (Gives %matk instead of raw matk - Gives less damage than flattery still - It's just easier to get and to enchant) Robust Magical Armor Excellion Armor Int Matk Matk Orleans Gown Card: Sweet Nightmare Card (can’t interrupt cast); Agav Card (5% Matk) · Weapon Over 10+ High Refined and well enchanted vicious rod (Sky Fortress) (Ex. +Matk or %Matk; Reduce Variable Cooldown; Increase damage or Bypass MDEF Boss) +12 Spirit Plumb (Fortessa Dungeon) – Best enchant possible: 20% Boss Matk Cards: Immortal Wind Ghost Card (Gives +10% matk);Dancing Marionette (More ASPD = Faster Animation Delay), Soul Reaper (Gives more damage on medium monsters) · Shield +12 Purified Knight Shield Enchant:High % Bypass Mdef on Boss mobs best enchant to get atm if you are going to use an almight set, %matk on demon is nice too +12 Bloody Knight Shield Enchants: just gives less aspd but still a nice shield - Bypass % Mdef on Boss mobs best enchant to get atm if you are going to use an almight set +12 Cursed Mad Bunny (Cash shop) Cheap Alternative to get more aspd +12 Mad Bunny (Cash shop) Cards: Khalitzburg Knight Card (Reduce damage taken by Normal Mobs based on size); Alice Card (Reduce damage taken Boss Type · Boots Temporal Dex Boots Spell 5 Runaway Magic (Old Glast Heim) – Need to Remove fixed cast +12 Ancient Hero Shoes (Bad alternative - Fortessa Dungeon) Card: Nightmare Verit Card Obs.: Despite Celine removing some fixed cast it doesn't remove all, even if you combo it with a lollipop, stick to dex boots. Also, if you plan on using %aspd on boots instead of spell it's not necessary you can keep aspd with other enchants, foods, celermine and buffs or (if you're lucky or rich) an almight set · Garment +12 Temporal Int Manteau - Gives more matk by far and no need about varible cast reduction you can get it by stats +12 Violet Halo ( World boss or Fortessa Dungeon) +9 Fallen Angel Wing Spell (Lucky 3) 6 Spell 6 Spell 7 Card: Marsh Arclouse Card · Acessories Celine's Brooch(Instance Points)+ Evil Spirit Gloves (Horror Toy Factory)= with combo gives +50 matk and +1 ASPD Magic Intensifier Ring Enchants(Geffen Magic Tournament) Enchants: 3% matk 3%matk RWC Pendant Spell 3 Spell 3 2 Pendant of Maelstrom - Just don't get it, when maelstrom procs everything enters in cooldown Cards: Scaraba Card or any element magic boosting card · Shadow Gear Armor: +9 Soul Reaper Shadow Armor (Buffs Espa and Eshwoo Damage) Weapon: Magic Shadow Weapons Set (Tempest Combo) Shield: +9 Taekwondo Shadow Shield - gives mores %matk Shoes: +9 Soul Reaper Shadow Shoes - helps reduce soul reaper cooldown Acessories: Tempest accessories set Enchants.: ASPD and +3% Matk depends if you are close to 193 aspd or not With this you will amplify your damage and bypass 100% mdef (Tempest Acessories + Magic Shadow Weapons) or (If you are going to use Purified Shield, if not stick to first option. Also this setup focus on boss types killing) Armor: +9 Soul Reaper Shadow Armor (Buffs Espa and Eshwoo Damage) Weapon: +9Taekwon Shadow Weapon - gives 2 free aspd on +9 Shield: +9 Taekwondo Shadow Shield - gives mores %matk( over 50% mdef bypass too) Shoes: +9 Soul Reaper Shadow Shoes - helps reduce soul reaper cooldown Acessories: Almighty (3%Matk)· Note: With this set you need to invest less point on aspd(agi) and can invest more on matk Armor: +9 Soul Reaper Shadow Armor (Buffs Espa and Eshwoo Damage) Weapon: +9Taekwon Shadow Weapon - gives 2 free aspd on +9 Shield: +10 Taekwondo Shadow Shield - gives mores %matk( 60%mdef bypass too) Shoes: +9 Soul Reaper Shadow Shoes - helps reduce soul reaper cooldown Acessories: + 10 Tempest accessories set Enchants.: ASPD and +3% Matk depends if you are close to 193 aspd or not Note: Cheaper alternative to almight and might even be better(Need Test). With Almight+ Taek shield = 60% bypass vs Tempest+ Taek Shield 80% bypass. Both reach easy 193, but tempest+taek combo is a much cheaper alternative atm. Costume Enchant Soul Linker and Soul Reaper Stones 5. Build/ Stats Stats (Can be Changed) Taekwon Soul Link Soul Reaper 6. Final Considerations Soul reaper has a good solo capacity due to it’s survival skills and deals a considerable damage. You can help your group as a damage dealer in instances, Bio5 and Fortessa. Obs.: Spirit Plumb and Vicious Rod are quite similar at damage and getting a good refined plumb is easier, but in the end vicious are better because of their enchants. (Thanks Elementia for the help) Obs 2: Give us a scythe please it would look so cool Obs 3: Feel free to pm me in game, i love to talk about soul reaper Extra Pictures: