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    Hi I don't know why I'm making the guide (I'm really bad at it) but if anyone wants to read enjoy. I'll share with you the little knowledge I have of this way-to-chanic. There are better guides you can refer out there in the internet too (like the excellent Mallinock's guide which has in-depth info about most of Mechanic's mechanics). This is in progress so don't mind some random comments please As for the build's PROS: Its CONS, which aren't few: The first thing i'd suggest to get for this build, is having the skill instacasted. For that, you require first to remove the Fixed Cast (1.0s on lv1, 0.5s lv2-3, 0.2s lv4-5), THEN you'll need to get rid of the variable cast. In Niflheim it's not that hard since you can use Soul Control to get a few stat points, but in Helheim, you'll mostly require A LOT of points in DEX and INT (prepare your eyes to suffer) My suggestion of course is trying to get rid of the Variable Cast via stats since you dont really need spend that much points in other places. Almighty shadow set will help you to achieve this, Almighty food, and Biscuit Bag foods. Also +20 foods if you're rich or make your own foods. I personally have around 120 INT and 130 DEX to avoid using Almighty food since its stock ends really quick in my hands After you get rid of the cast time, the next barrier is the After Cast Delay. In Helheim, the recommended ACD reduction for Arm Cannon is ~83%, which is a lot having in mind you need a lot of equipment slot to cast time. In Niflheim i dont remember but since the ACD is halved, the reduction you need should be around 50-60%. You can spam Level 2-3 Arm Cannon when you instacast with that amount of delay reduction, which isn't a bad dps, and also has a decent AoE (and never misses, get dunked MvPs). In Niflheim, the skill can CRIT, so most of the skill damage can be boosted with Critical Damage and Critical Rate. You can ignore some of the After Cast Delay reduction (since it's halved and there are more options to go for) equips and get Critical Damage/Rate instead (Middle Costume enchant, Lower Costume enchant though the 20% ACD reduction enchant is too juicy). Old Driver Band can also get enchanted with Expectation which will boost your crits A LOT so you'll want this for sure. This is a quick list of equipment that could help you reduce each of this problems: For After-Cast Delay: And for removing the Fixed Cast: As for equipment, here's my thoughts on most of them: Weapons: Shields: (in case you're going for one) Headgears: Armors: Manteau: Shoes: Accesories: Shadow Gears: Costume Stones: Costume Enchants (Niflheim): Now, for playstyle: I'd recommend having one low level of Arm Cannon (lv2 or 3) to spam it on a target that stands still (aggroed by tank or w/ever), and lv5 if you'll be constantly moving, or don't have enough ACD reduction. While soloing, you'll mostly hit AC & run (in hard dungeons/instances/cases), control your movement with Back Slide/Front Slide (and /bingbing /bangbang) if you have enough after cast delay, spam repair to fully heal yourself. (spam time) Here's a solo playthrough on Fortessa Dungeon 3 for example, kind of rushed In parties you'll want to buff everyone with the Whitesmith skills (which you can use with Madogear), repair armors/weapons with repair equip, and mostly protect with Neutral Barrier if in case of danger (earthquakes, rangers, thistles, max pains, spiral pierces etc) though careful of not ruining your ranged dps (since any ranged skill which doesnt ignore FLEE from inside the barrier will miss, and ANY ranged damage to targets inside the barrier will miss too). You can also use repair on your tank which is probably a mechanic. Here are some sample builds I've been using recently: Anyway, if you're interested in playing Madochanic Arm Cannon build, welcome to the Any question or suggestion about the guide feel free to ask me in discord bauti777#6387 or just ask people inside SM Discord
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    Hello! Im Lewdness and i will present myself firt, i've been playing performers since the max job was just dancer, i've seen many changes and did many builds, from woe tank troll to single target dps. In this guide i wont go into detail on how to level, i will just give you an overall building guide. First of all, these are my stats, im doing an hybrid all around stat build but you might want to play a bit with these if you want to focus only on one build. Also im lazy to reset :3 Stats: Archer Skills: Solo Performer Skills: Gypsy Pros: - More Crit and Crit Damage dance. - Mp reduccion dance. Clown Pros: - 30% After Cast Delay song. - Attack Speed Song (yeah... you wont use anything but bragi most of the time tbh). - Max HP enchance and small heal song.
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    Because that manteau increase more the dmg of the skills you use, way more than Dex, i dont even know a build that use dex tbh
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    The path of the Genesis Ray Royal Guard build for solo/party content, so you can farm your stuffs and still be a good choice for party farming in Fortessa Pit, Bio5 or any instance since you can deal a little amount of damage while tanking more than any other hybrid build. So first of all, let’s talk about the most important items and skills for this build, since it uses the name of the skill on the build name. And they are: Divine Guard[1]-(Headgear), you can get it on the main office for 1k instance points or on cash shop for 5000cash points and I’ll be more precise about it later on the gear session. Genesis Ray-(RG Skill) needs to be maximized since its 99% of your damage output. Now that we already told you what you need to know to deal 50k DPS, let’s talk about the gears to maximize it and reach about 2m~3m DPS on dummy without element advantages: Equipments: Cards: Costumes: Costume Stones: Shadow Gears: Skill Tree Consumables: Hotbar Example: Stats:
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    Severe Rainstorm: This focus on doing tons of AOE DPS, you're not a SS ranger, but its good enough for a semi-support forgoten by gravity job. Since this is your leveling skill, Get the noble gear from @go exchange and get a narc bow and refine it until you get the 2 seconds delay. Skills: General Gear: Costume:
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    Arrow Vulcan: This build focus on doing a single target burst dmg semi spamable (1s Hard Delay) with Arrow Vulcan. You want to have Severe Rainstorm always on cooldown to proc HE on your temporal boots. Also might want to throw some throw arrow inbetween depending on your ping, but if you dont time it correctly, it might be a downgrade in dps. Skills: General Gear: Costume:
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    WIP. Cards soon™ RIP, keyboard. RIP, mouse. RIP, fingers. Welcome to a (hopefully) brief lol guide to KA sura. Not shown: GT Change Fix, Schmidt Insignia, Fighting God's Bandage, Temporal Circlet. Give me your Kiel. PROs -Incredibly high single target DPS. Can surpass non-unlimit rangers at equivalent equipment. -KA and snap is fantastic for farming non-mobby, medium to high HP monsters. -KA can be used without spirit spheres or fury, meaning dispel doesn’t cripple you as hard as a Tiger Cannon or Rampage Blaster build. -Does not require 193 aspd. There’s hardly any animation on KA to reduce. CONs -Heavily dependent on having decent ping. -Due to over-specializing in KA, other damage dealing options can be mediocre. -Some monsters, especially those in Fortessa Pit, have wonky clickboxes and can cause you to KA towards them and initiate unwanted aggro or throw off your DPS. -Without any SP drain equipment/pets, SP is consumed extremely fast. -Despite doing ranged damage, KA causes you to be right next to the target the entire time, making you vulnerable to large damage monster skills that may come out with no notice. -Knuckles have a 75% damage modifier against large sized monsters, meaning you’ll have to compensate. -Monster uses agi up = ur fuk’d. Tiger Cannon becomes the only option available to you. %ACD REDUCTION, PING, AND YOU I personally run with 89% ACD reduction and it’s what I usually recommend to other people. I’ve also noted 86% being not too bad as well, and I’ll swap around between the two. The thing is, I have decent ping (assuming my flatmates aren’t streaming Netflix) so I’m able to spam KA rather well. !!! High ping significantly affects how much you can spam KA. Almost to the point where KA may not be worth using !!! If you usually have high ping, I recommend testing by stacking as much ACD reduction as you can, especially with Bragi, to about 89~90% and seeing how well you can spam the skill for yourself before going in deep for KA equipment. STATS STR 120 to combo with Brown Rat Card and Temporal STR Boots AGI Get total 100 agi, to be sleep immune VIT 120 for more HP for survivability, and a stronger TC for clearing mobs/enemies that use agi up. INT 90 or more for higher SP pool since KA spam takes a heavy toll on your SP. Also useful for faster TC cast time. DEX 100 or more since KA still depends on hit for accuracy. Also useful for faster TC cast time. LUK 3 luk = 1 atk. I usually go for about 90 luk. Headgear (Top) Racing Cap (Sura) [1] - Increases Knuckle Arrow damage by 110% with level 3 enchant and lowers SP cost by 5 with maxed out Raging Thrust (aka Combo Finish). Nigh irreplaceable for KA damage. Until OGH Challenge mode, anyway. Temporal Circlet (Sura) [1] - At refine +12 it gives: +90 atk, +8% Max HP, +80% KA damage, +40% TC damage, +15% Long Ranged damage, +5% Atk. Along with the new Temporal enchants plus Ambition enchant straight outta bio5, this will be a way better alternative to Racing Cap. Headgear (Mid) New Wave Sunglasses - 10% ACD reducs. The slotted version is a meme. Victorious Wing Ears [1] - Optimal enchants are either +6% ACD, +3% ACD and +3% atk, or +3% Long Ranged Damage and +3% atk. Headgear (Lower) Spiked Scarf - +30 atk, -2% MaxHP. Delicious Lollipop isn’t recommended because KA doesn’t need aspd. Armor Illusion Armor A-type [1] - Enchanted with 2x Power Module and ACD module. The best in both ACD and atk, at least till 17.2 Illusion armors + modules. Weapon Safety Knuckle [2] - At +12 it gives: +40 atk, +25% KA damage, 10% atk, chance to do +15% on all size for 10 seconds, 20% ACD reduction. Quite possibly the best weapon for KA. Unless… Fighting God’s Bandage [2] - At +12 with Chen’s Memory enchant gives: +48 atk, +68% KA damage, +8% Long Ranged Damage, and 7% ACD. Damage-wise, a massive upgrade to Safety Knuckle at the cost of 13% ACD. MIght be hard to justify losing all that ACD for stronger individual KAs. Shield Purified Knight’s Shield [1] - Gives 5% ACD with a host of other great defensive effects. Can also be enchanted with ignore boss DEF. SHOULD I GET NULLIFY SIZE ENCHANT? Because of the negative damage modifier on knuckle weapons, Nullify Size enchant may seem like an appealing enchant to have on your PKS to allow the use of Almighty Shadow Accessories for a maximum +20 to all stats, along with possible enchantments to atk or long ranged atk. That being said, KA does not scale with raw stats. Instead, I recommend getting Ignore Boss DEF enchant, combined with KA Shadow Shield + Sura Shadow Weapon, this gives 100% DEF pierce on bosses. Almighty Shadow Accesories can still be used to great effect against small or medium sized monsters but I recommend using Infinity Shadow Accessories for general use since the damage difference against small/medium is negligible. Garment Temporal STR Manteau [1] - At +12, it gives: 60 atk, +6% atk, +15% All Size damage. Enchanted with +15% ACD or as close to it as possible. Shoes Temporal STR Boots [1] - Preferably enchanted with Expert Archer and Bear Power. Bear Power actually works rather well for KA sura since you will be hit by monsters rather often, increasing the proc chance of Bear. With Strong enchant on Schmidt Insignia, gives +25% damage to all size as well. You can also use Hawkeye or Lucky Day for a more consistent proc rate of getting a bit of atk, but these enchants have rather useless Insignia combination effects. Accessories Illusion Boosters [1] - Can be enchanted with Expert Archer and Drain HP/SP Modules. Any other enchant doesn’t significantly benefit KA sura, aside from common rarity stat modules. Expert Ring [1] - Gives 5% ACD reduction. Generally not preferred due to losing out on the large damage modifiers on Illusion Boosters and the increased SP cost of skills will take a larger toll on your SP pool. King Schmidt’s Strong Insignia [1] - +10% atk. The perfect enchants are Expert Archer 5 and Strong to combo with Bear Power. Costume Equipment Stones Sura Stone II (Garment) - +15% KA damage. Reload Stone (Upper, Mid, Lower) - Total of 5% ACD reducs on the full set or 1% ACD reducs each. If you don’t need the ACD, you can also go for Champion Stone II (Upper, Middle, Lower) - +30% TC, +10% MaxHP. Enhanced SP Absorb Stone (Upper) - 2% chance to absorb 1% damage as SP. Helps mitigate the massive SP drain while spamming KA. Shadow Equipment Knuckle Arrow Shadow Set (Armor, Shield, Shoes) - Gives 15% ACD reducs, the same as a full +9 Reload Shadow Set, and buffs KA, All Size and Long Ranged damage. Sura Shadow Weapon - Combos with KA Shadow Shield to give up to 60% DEF pierce on all races. Also greatly shortens the CD on Rampage Blaster, making it decent at clearing trash mobs. Infinity Shadow Earring & Pendant - Up to +4% Damage on All Size and nullify size penalty with total +15 refine rate. -or- Almighty Shadow Earring & Pendant - +20 to all stats. I generally prefer using Infinity for general use/MVPing. When going to Fortessa Pit or Bio5, I’ll use Almighty since Nullify Size will be useless.
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    Can an expert genetic help and post a guide for Genetic
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    It really depends on which server you are playing in due to the availability of the items. Genetics will fare better in Niflheim due to the availability of items such as Harvester Hat, Cylinder Headband and etc. Cart Cannon is using this skill formula (I'm not sure if there are anymore changes to this since the old days) Damage (ATK) = [Base_Damage + {(Cart_Remodeling_Lv × 50) × (INT ÷ 40)}]% That means weapon attack + int are one of the biggest factors for your CC damage but you also need to consider agi and dex for the cast animation and the cast time. I'm currenly playing in Helheim and if I ever get time to build my Genetic there I'll try to post a mini-guide (I'm just started playing in this server)
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    This guide is written for Helheim, but should adapt 1:1 to Niflheim untill max level. Ok, so you came here because you have no idea how to get started? Then there's good news! I strongly suggest you start as a Rebellion, because you level really easily and can be quite good even without any gears dropped by monsters. You can rely completely on NPC sold stuff - isn't that nice? Still reading? Good! Let's get it on! Also, important sidenote: Make sure to always have @autoloot 100 on, @go 0 and click the healer for free Agi and Bless before heading out on the fields! This gives you extra stats to help you kill things easier. Step 1: Charactercreation and settings Step 2: The short life as a Novice or "How do I get my guns?!" Step 3: Gunslinger untill Jobchange to Rebellion or "But I wanted big guns!!!"
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    Hey everyone, I known for Lisya in ShininMoon, and I love using Arch Bishop, back in Pre-Renewal i was using HP as my main job and Sniper for alternate 2nd job. I just falling in love with this job because it has good skill and ofc I don't need do anything hard like killing since I'm in love for support role. Before we start you might want to see my other guide [NIFLHEIM] FULL SUPPORT ARCH BISHOP ================================= 1. Introduction 2. Stats 3. Skills 4. Equipment & Cards 5. Costume Enchant & Stones 6. Misc 7. Heal skill Screenshot ================================= INTRODUCTION Let me introduce you what's is Arch Bishop, their role, etc. Arch Bishop or AB is advanced class (3rd job) for High Priest (HP). Back for few years before renewal, HP has major role for being support or exorcist. While a good party always composited HP with them (or AB in renewal). Back now to renewal almost all char have 3rd job, make them easy to solo hunting, farming, even for leveling, make AB useless. There are some build that could make AB doing solo farm, but since AB need decent gear to make them a bit viable for solo farm most people prefer support. Being a support means your survivability comes first then your party-mates second, without that tagline mean you're not fit to become a support. ================================= STATS the main primary stats of FS AB is INT, DEX, VIT. I'll try to explain it detailed as much as I could, but considered I'm human just like you, I might done some mistake as well. This stat shown from my AB 183/65 INT 120 Intelligence (INT) is very essential for your AB because INT cover for your Sp pool, recovery skill effectiveness, MATK, MDEF, resistance and cast delay. The more you put int the more Sp pool you got, so make sure you maxed it to 120 (not recommended max the stat to 130 since you will lost a lots of status point). DEX 120 Dexterity (DEX) also essential, which you can't missed it. Aside DEX will reduce your cast time drastically, DEX also used for gear requirement. Temporal Dex Boots [1] will reduce your fixed cast time by 0,5 sec when your base dex reach 120. make sure you don't miss this too. VIT 120 Vitality (VIT) is the last essential stat for your build. Vitality gives you Health pool, DEF, MDEF also some debuff resistance. It's recomended make it to 100~120, the more the better. --- Where do i put rest of the stat? For the rest stat you can go for STR and AGI, but never tried to put it on luck. STR gives more weight since you're support you considered to bring some blue gemstone, holy water, and some buff food. If you got some gym pass to throw, you can use the gym pass and put another point from STR to AGI. AGI gives your aspd for spamming and flee. LUK you might want it to get negate amount (minus). When you get it to minus you'll get anti cursed resistance. ================================= SKILLS & HOTKEY here's the main skill for your support ab Acolyte Job Tree Heal lv 10 : You should max it to lv 10 because your Caluceo Heal affected by your heal skill level. Blessing lv 10 : Same goes for Canto Candidus affected by Blessing skill level. Increase Agility lv 10 : Same goes for Clementia affected by Increase Agility skill level. Divine Protection lv 10 : Pre-requisite for blessing but also good skill for survivability Ruwach lv 1 Teleport lv 2, Warp Portal lv 4, Pneuma lv 1 : Pneuma definitely you will need it for ranged attack, while others are requirements for the skills. Angelus lv 2 and Aqua benedicta Lv 1 used for pre-requisite HP skills Holy Light lv 1 : This one is quest skill, personally i never used it so you can ignore. High Priest Job Tree Increase SP Recovery lv 10 : This skill is essential since your skill will much consuming SP and furthermore it will be more useful when you're the only support in party Assumptio lv 5 : Gives 250 Def at max lv also can be used with Prefatio. Best skill for you and tanker Status Recovery lv 1 : Basic skill for status recovery Resurection lv 5 : Max it...! You will never know when your teammate will be wiped while running dungeon/instance. Need blue gemstone. Magnificant lv 5 : Double your sp recovery rate (basically arch angeling cards with duration) Kyrie Elesion lv 1 : Used for pre-requisite, just put 1 lv for it Lex Divina lv 5 : Same as above, only used for pre-requisite another skill Sanctuary lv 3 : Same as above, only used for pre-requisite another skill Safety Wall lv 10 : Max it since it have good durability when maxed and have high duration. Need blue gemstone. Meditation lv 10 : A should Max skill. gives max sp pool and recovery skill effect. Aspersio lv 5 : Situational skill, 3 minute duration at level max, you can save up holy water at maxed lv. Need Holy Water. Impositio Manus lv 5 : Good skill gives flat atk. Only for non magic class. Suffragnium lv 3 : Very good skill for party and your self. -20% variable cast at max level. Redemptio lv 1 : This one is quest skill and used in a very dire situation. Never used it unless give your party chance to rise once more, or you will make situation more worse. Arch Bishop Job Tree Caluseo Heal lv 3 : Heal party with wide range, heal based on your heal skill level. See Acolyte skill description. Canto Candidus lv 3 : Cast bless on party with wide range, bless based on your bless skill level. See Acolyte skill description. Renovatio lv 1 : Used only for pre-requisite skills. Highness Heal lv 5 : Heal your party with x3.2 amount normal heal at max level Offertorium lv 5 : Increase the efficiency Heal, Sanctuary, Highness heal, and Caluceo Heal by sacrificing your sp cost 300%. Dangerous skill if you don't bring any item Sp Recovery, eat your sp faster. Clementia lv 3 : Cast increase agility on party with wide range, agi increased based on your heal skill level. See Acolyte skill description. Ancilla lv 1 : Create magical stone that could help your party. Need cast Epiclesiss afterwards for it to work. Epiclesiss lv 5 : Summon tree of life that could revive the dead and gives sp and hp by 4% and 5% every 3 second. Prefatio lv 8 : Cast Kyrie on party member, the shield summoned didn't affected by your K.E skill. Oratio lv 5 : Used only for pre-requisite skills Convenio lv 1 : Very convenient skill, especially if you run in map don't have teleport restriction. This skill will teleport your party member to your location. Need you to be party leader. Dupple light lv 5 : Used only for pre-requisite skills Expiatio lv 1 : Used only for pre-requisite skills Sacrament lv 5 : Reduce your fixed cast time to -50% at max level Lauda Agnus lv 4 : Gives 10% max hp, and recover them from status ailments. Lauda Ramus lv 4 : Gives 20% Crit dmg and recover them from status ailments. Clearance lv 4 : Dispel any buff and debuff from monster/player. some party need you to cast it periodically. This is the hot key I used for FS AB Sometimes people always ask me how do i manage to memorize all skill i put above, and all i can say is just do it and do it, your body will remember the position of hotkey. ================================= Equipment & Cards ================================= COSTUME ENCHANT AND STONES Upper Headgear Costume Flat HP 4,7~5k (1st and 2nd Enchant) MDEF 9~10 (1st and 2nd Enchant) Middle Headgear Costume Flat MATK 48~50 (1st and 2nd Enchant) MATK 4%~5% (1st and 2nd Enchant) Lower Headgear Costume Heal 14~15% (1st and 2nd Enchant) Garment Costume Reduce Medium Size Dmg 5% Reduce Large Size Dmg 5% Reduce Long Range Attack 10% INT 4~5 VIT 4~5 STONES ================================= MISC Mora Mandarin is the best SP Recovery item for now, aside it light this item also easy to farm (farm it when gramps in eden point you to bif_fild02) ================================= HEAL SCREENSHOT Callueco Heal and Highness heal amount (without buff) Callueco Heal and Highness heal amount (with buff) Callueco Heal and Highness heal amount (with buff+Offertorium) ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Also I gives My thanks to Remy for guiding me to be one of good AB here
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    Hey Thanks for the Guide, but i would recommend some changes. Skills Expiatio lv 1 : Used only for pre-requisite skills >>>>>>> Should be on lvl 5 it gives 25% armor pen/magic pen and stacks with other gear pen like magic glove. Epiclesis lv 5 : Summon tree of life that could revive the dead and gives sp and hp by 4% and 5% every 3 seconds. >>>>>>> Maximum on lvl 1 since its to static and the heal is not very sufficient for the skill points you put into it as well as the range of the AoE is quite minor. Prefatio lv 8 : Cast Kyrie on party member, the shield summoned didn't affect by your K.E skill. >>>>>>>Definitely should be on lvl 10, more Blocks more effect Renovatio lv 1 : Used only for pre-requisite skills. >>>>>>>should be lvl 4 since its a stacking AoE Heal DoD with % heal for the whole party very useful with combination with Coluceo Heal. Offertorium lv 5 : Increase the efficiency Heal, Sanctuary, Highness heal, and coluceo Heal by sacrificing your sp cost 300%. Dangerous skill if you don't bring any item Sp Recovery, eat your sp faster. >>>>>>> i wouldn't recommend a higher lvl then lvl 1. It drains too much SP and most of the time it's not worth it since your party members don't even have that much HP to make Offertorium efficient. Additionally, i would put some lvls in Vituperatum, especially if there are more than 1 FS AB it adds a nice DPs bonus if you are able to mob and Cast AoE Lex. Gear Middle Headgear Costume Flat MATK 48~50 (1st and 2nd Enchant) MATK 4%~5% (1st and 2nd Enchant) Not needed at all, Matk is a 1:1 scale for heal effects. That means if you have 100 matk more u heal only 100 more. So don't spend your money on flat matk or % matk since the effect is so minor that you don't even feel it. Even with perfect gear it doesn't change the outcome at all, rather spend your money otherwise and get for a costume which fits your Style. Only get MATK costume if u have literally everything on +20 and nothing else to burn money with it. For Card in the Boots, i would rather recommend Lichenyies Card. It gives a nice 5% Heal boost. For Garment, I would rather recommend a nice Giant Snake Skin [1] with 3x Int Enchant. Since Int has a much higher value for Heal increase then Matk does. Its a bit of a grind but worth it. As well it gives a nice 15% Hp Bonus and as well a 5% sp Bonus since there is a combo with Temporus Boots.
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    To maximize the damage, with autumn headband, you may option for Tengu Mask and Scroll set with 120 STR, instead of the Imperial Feather and Necklace; Refining more and more your Bow using Limited Bradium over +14, from 10 to 14 I recommend using HD Bradium (It won't break, it will downgrade if it fails, but not below +10); Refining more and more your White Wing SUIT (armor), same process as the bow, but Using Limited Carnium or HD Carnium; Using damage cards, such as Porcellion, Blut Hase, White Knight Card, Abysmal Knight Card (Bosses), or Skeleton Archer/Enhanced Skeleton Archer cards; Using Double FLAT Atk Middle Costume 45+ on both enchants; Using the Ranger Class Stones; And that Damage you saw is with Unlimit, my damage with Unlimit and full buffs is 1.4m currently, and I'm not full gear per say. Ranger have huge burst damage.